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Love, what is it?

Love is to give yourself up to another person so completely

For hope that they will do the same,

But sometimes what you thought was love

Was nothing more than a lie,

And you are left wondering what you did wrong

When it was your lover that destroyed you,

That broke you,

That left you,

Yet you still blame yourself

Because you don’t know what to do but cry,

And cry you do

Until you will yourself to change or be changed,

Good people are never the same

For they never want to be hurt again,

So the process continues

And love is lost.

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Fear not, I shall post tomorrow. Hopefully. Probably won't be anything for Anu though.
@Cyclone That was really good! But yeah, I hope for commitment as well, I feel like Godspeed suffered from that. Here's to better chances!

Never used a wiki before, but I am not opposed to the idea, could be fun.

@Frettzo Let me just say that I am so glad to see you back and well. I really enjoyed what Larwen and Aella had in Godspeed, and I really wanted to see what would have happened with them. I look forward to seeing what interactions our characters might have in the future!
@Cyclone Yeah! I would have liked to see what would have became of the Watcher that Promus sent to spy on Larwen. As I recall, he got a bit corrupted and would have slowly became 'perfected' or something along those lines. It's been awhile but I think we did discuss what would have happened.

I guess my only concern with Advanced is that many people don't use it a lot, and or are intimidated/afraid of writing lengthy posts. But at the same time, I feel like most rp's in casual could be considered advanced so who knows. As with any Rp I join, my biggest concern is player retention and I hate to see a good thing die out early.

I'm all for a rework of the prestige system though, I think it can only get better. As it was in Godspeed, I enjoyed it mainly because it was, to me at least, akin to a reward system for posting and delving into the character. And who doesn't like titles?

I loved Godspeed and was saddened when it died, I had a fun time with Larwen and Maeve (Thanks again @Kho that story was beautiful). So when I heard talk that one day there might be another Divinus Rp, I subscribed here in the hopes that it would come to fruition. I have patiently waited, and will continue to do so. I do love those God Rp's XD.

Anyways, I feel like Godspeed became advanced anyways, so I don't have a problem with one in the Advanced Section. I like the idea of spheres, reminds me of D&D a bit. Also another tidbit I liked from Godspeed was the Prestige system for heroes, any chance that might see a return? Everything else looks great and has my support, with what that's worth. I look forward to seeing what comes of this!
Happy holidays to all!

It's a busy time of year as always. Can't wait to get things moving again and let the new people join! Might post soon again, but I am anxious to read some new posts from others.

The Betrayed II

Our exile is long and fraught with hardship each passing day. We have to flee fast and far, the Fire-Spawn's words cannot be trusted. Their madness, her inhumanity, will not allow them to live contently with what they have conquered so far. The people they murdered along the way were only just the beginning. I know this, for their powers will lead them down a twisted path of misuse. They will kill for the thrill of it, and revel in those they burn alive. It makes me sick just thinking about it, but it also fuels my body to fight another day. For that, I hate myself.

My band is large, perhaps the largest that now remains, and we are heading south. To unknown lands. There we might seek refuge for awhile, and grow our strength, maybe even find allies. Rowri says he once met a traveler that had come from the south. He said the man was colored a dark tan, like that of a deer. When asked why he was darker then us, he laughed and pointed up at the sun. The man went on to say the lands down south were warmer, but also full of danger. When Rowri asked him about what dangers there could possibly be, the man looked grave and said no more. I don't know what to think about that, but for the future of our band, we must press on.

Many look to me for guidance now, and I wish they did not. I am no leader, no great chief, I have not even taken a wife. Yet, many of the warriors turn to me to give direction, and follow me without questioning if I am leading them to death. I doubt myself, even now. But a small part of me hopes I am doing the right thing, and if they follow me, then I will lead them. It is dark now but tomorrow I will teach the boys who have lost their fathers, to hunt. They are scared, like all of us, but when I look at them I only see the future. They must learn, even as we flee our home. We could all die tomorrow, leaving them with nothing. Another thought I cannot bear, so I will do this, like their fathers would have. They must learn, for one day, they will teach their own children. This gives me hope every time I shut my eyes to welcome the nightmare.

Undeath I

Tiok was thirsty, so desperately thirsty. His throat felt as dry and parched as a desert, and his belly felt as if it was eating itself. He struggled against the chains again, but he was weak and even when had been strong, he had not been able to do anything. Even with his new strength.

He had awoken several days ago, before a figure sitting upon a throne of skulls. Human skulls. The first thing he felt was thirst, then an emptiness inside of him, something he could not explain. He didn't know what to feel about it. He had been chained then too, but on either side of him were two demonic creatures holding the ends of the chains. Like he was some sort of animal. Dangerous.

Why was he chained? He looked up at the figure again, she was unearthly beautiful and her crimson eyes bore deep inside of him. Tiok begin to speak, only to find himself hit on the back of the head. He barely felt the pain, but grew annoyed. He turned back around to see another demon, wielding a strange weapon. It looked like an ax head, but far larger, had been fitted upon a staff of wood. The demon snarled at him, and Tiok turned back around to face the figure.

She spoke then, her voice alluring, like whispers all around him speaking in layered tones. "Pets are not to speak unless spoken to. Now, do you know who I am?"

He knew the voice, it was the same one that had come through Grambo's mouth. It was all coming back to Tiok now, like a flood breaking through a dam. He had been weak and broken then and he wanted to be strong, so that he could get revenge upon the men who killed...Dratiri!

Tiok began to panic as he remembered her death and how she was gone when he came too. He spoke frantically, forgetting what the figure had said, "Dratiri! Oh no, oh no! Where is she! What have you done with her!" he began to rise but was quickly hit again. Tiok growled, something he knew not he was capable off. But he shrugged it off as he remembered his goal, he had to find her body! He had to take her body to Ahael! He had to save her soul!

"Dratiri? mean the human girl? She is not far, little one. Only look and you shall see." Anu pointed laughing, and Tiok followed, his eyes going wide. Dratiri's body was strewn upon a massive spike, jetting out above a large pool of blood. He wanted to wretch at the sight, but there was nothing in him to throw up. But he did have anger, an uncontrollable rage began to boil inside of him and it burst. He roared defiantly, then stood with blinding speed. Far too fast for the demons, and Tiok then pulled upon the chains, sending both demons colliding into each other as he jumped backwards, over the other demon. Before the one with the pike could react, he punched it from behind. There was a sickening crack as bone broke as it flung forward crashing into the other demons.

Now free, Tiok took one look at Anu, to find the Goddess smiling at his defiance.

He screamed before flinging himself at her, fists clutching the chains to use as weapons. Time seemed to slow down momentarily, Anu was still smiling and Tiok was fast approaching, now swinging his arms down to strike her. Then Anu's eyes moved to look at Tiok, and in that moment, he knew it was over.

The Goddess grabbed him in an instant, and slammed him down into the ground, shattering the stone with the impact. Tiok gasped loudly as he felt multiple bones break. The force of the impact felt akin to a mountain bearing down onto him. He could not move in her grip, but only watch as she shook her head.

When she spoke, her voice was no longer alluring, but full of anger. "Such defiance, over what? A dead girl? You no longer have need of such a want. She is dead. Gone. You are alive because I allowed it. You have been given your gift, because I wanted it. To even think of striking me... I should kill you. But what purpose would that serve? Your soul belongs to me, after all. No... I am a benevolent God, death is not an option. But punishment is in order... Yes... Until you submit completely my little blooddrinker, you shall be punished."

He tried to struggle, tried to speak, but could not. The next thing he knew, he was chained again. This time by the legs, arms, and a metal collar was placed upon his neck. Then the Goddess had him suspended above the blood pool, right next to Dratiri. Both things he could not have, but so desperately needed.

He was forced to watch her corpse rot, a pain beyond pain. Yet still worse was his thirst, growing every day. But Tiok would not yield to Anu, he would have rather died then submit to her will. His fate was against him however, for even as Tiok grew weaker, he felt no closer to death then he did at all times. He was no longer human but a 'blood drinker' as Anu had called him.

Soon a choice would have to be made. Suffer eternally as a prisoner, or suffer as a slave. Both options were as equally horrifying.
@Stern Algorithm No worries haha! It'll be a very interesting conversation.
@Stern Algorithm I'm hurt.
The Betrayed

I still have nightmares from that day. It always starts the same, without fail. I find myself talking to my brother at our tent, but the conversation is always different. How can that be? I want to ask, I want to know, but then the shouting starts and Hesif runs off. We were unprepared of course, how could anyone be ready for such senseless cruelty? I am forced to watch them burn, the men, women and children. To watch them scream as the fire engulfs them, as it chars their skin and blackens their soul. I am powerless to stop it. No matter how hard I try, I am always too late to save any of them. Including my brother.

I see him pinned, fighting two of the masked men, if you can even call them that. I see the third one, his bloody knife glistening from the light of the fires. I try to shout, try to scream- but there is silence from me. I watch him die, as the blade slits his throat. He stumbles, and is then kicked into a flaming tent. I am so angry, I want to kill them all. Make them suffer for causing so much pain.

But I stop as I see it. Then everyone stops, our gazes like children viewing something new for the first time. There stands Ghoran, the fearless leader of the Coalition. The one who brought the tribes together in the time of great peril and strife. His face is wrong, always so wrong. Behind him is something I simply cannot wrap my head around. Like the surface of a lake, yet with colors so twisted.

Ghoran then speaks, but it is not his voice. I hear her voice so clearly, for it is intoxicating, yet sounds so bored. I want to hate that voice, but I can't.

Then the demons come and my nightmare becomes real. They fight with ferocity, tearing and biting into flesh so easily. I almost break, I want to run away from such creatures but my legs refuse to work properly. I am then attacked by a wolfhead, it's sword a wicked instrument of death. I only had a stone spear in my hands, my knuckles white as I gripped the oak.

It swung and swung and I dodged, taking nicks to arm and my face. The pain is small, simply a reminder that I have been hit. Something else numbs it, an intense feeling of action surges through me in response. I needed to strike quickly before I was overwhelmed. So I went to jab the demon, only to feint my attack at the last second, confusing the creature. I then swept it legs out from under him and finally I screamed as I jabbed my spear into it's heart.

It gurgled something, I don't know what. Then it died, and I took up it's sword.

But it was not the horror of the demons that truly shook me, it was the Fire-Spawn. I see her face still, bloody and horrific. Nothing human remaining but flesh that held the madness in. The next thing I know is that she is in front of me, laughing and smiling. I cannot move, I try and try but I cannot. Then she unleashes fire upon me, and I wake up.

It never happened, but it feels so real each time. What she said I still think about. She spoke and people listened, their God had answered them. Where was ours? Where had ours been in our time of need? There was truth in her words, and I don't blame them for joining with them. But to live a life consumed by fire and murder, I hate them. Those Fire-Spawn, curse them all.

But she had made a mistake. My will to fight did not die that day, no, it only grows stronger as the days pass. Ghoran's coalition failed because we were not prepared.

My name is Ordun, and no longer shall we be afraid. No longer shall we fear to live! I say this, so our children can have a future free of fear and hate! So they might know peace...Our war, has just begun and no longer shall we be unprepared.
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