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I litterally don't know what like any of this means though.

Chapter Purpose: Strategic Prognostication
Chapter Founded: 39th Millennium
Chapter's Progenitor: Unknown
Gene-seed purity: Unknown
Chapter Demeanour: Unknown
Chapter Flaw: Unknown
Figure of Legend: Brother Dreadnought "Prentis"
Deeds of Legend: Discovered a valuable STC fragment
Chapter homeworld: Fleet-based
Chapter organisation: Divergent
Chapter beliefs: Purity of Man. Honour the Emperor.
Chapter friends: Rogue Trader, Imperial Navy.
Chapter Strength: Under Strength (Only 5 companies left)

Nor do i know how to make a sheet with this as i'm unsure what it means.

Company Class: Scout, Tactical, Assault, Devastator, Armoured,
Company Combat doctrine: (The personal doctrine of your company) Exploit and Conquer, Scorched Earth, Take No Prisoners, Stalk the Prey, Rip and Tear, Death from Afar, Armoured Fist, Terror, Steel Rain, Siege and Attrition, Shock Troopers, Stealth Warfare, Shock & Awe, Room-to-Room clearing, Duelling, Siege Breakers, Air Assault blitz, Civilian Liaison, Big guns never tire, Melee combat, Alpha strike,
Chapter identity: (Everyone has the ability to decide two things about the entire chapter and its identity before the game starts. However they cannot infringe on prior decisions, each decision must be new territory.)
Chapter Livery: (The colours of chapter, the colours of the armour are yet to be decided. Place your vote here. Also decide upon the pouldron detail colours used by your company.)
Special equipment: (Choose 2 for your company) Favoured weapon. Modified tool. Modified Weaponry. Rare Weapon. Blessed Wargear. Single Relic. Bestial Companion. Special Mount. Special Vehicle. General issue bionic. Specialty Void-Ship. Ancient Weapon, Special Armour type, Specialised boltgun pattern. Terrain Specialized Equipment, Variant Heavy Weapons.
Goals: Survival, Recruiting, Redemption, Vision, Peace, Domain, The Long Hunt, etc.
Image: If you have an image in mind for your company or a single member of it, post here.
Yea I don't know if I'm up to join this as I'm not well versed in space marines.
@Banzai Tracerscan we maybe get a discord so i could ask ya some questions. with faster response.
@TheodorableWhat our glorious theo has awakened.
Is there a discord if not you should make one it allows for quicker communication.
Is it alright if I join this?
Hmm I’m not super familiar with warhammer and space marines in general so I think as scouting IG force maybe better
Trendon, 1798

The story begin

The colony of Trendon is a bustling hub of trade and enterprise. It’s the largest and current capital city of the Redcliff Empire’s colonial territory. You have all just stepped off the heap of crap ship that got you here and are ready to receive your orders from the viceroy. Perhaps though you wanna hear the news from the local town crier or newspaper. Maybe you just need a drink and a nice room as you’ll expect you’ll be here for awhile or something else like just exploring the possibilities here are open to you. But don’t keep the viceroy waiting otherwise that may look poorly upon you.

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