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Current This guy's got the right idea, he wore the brown pants.
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Happy Pride Month to everyone! ^-^
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Why is the rum always gone?
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Back in town. Posts will resume tomorrow!
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Posts/replies might come slow if not at all this weekend. I will be out of town.


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lol i never look at that there is always drama
@Cao the Exiled

Well we have 10 robes and only need 6 if we infiltrate sooooo sell 4?
Will do, but first. Before I roll, I wanted to clarify what's being sold and what we're keeping:

Cultists Robes x10
Leather Armor x10
Scimitar x10
Dagger x2
Rations (/day) x30
Components Pouchs x8
Healing potions x10
Gems x8

Which of these are people keeping? Which are being sold? Personally, I like the idea of Jørmund keeping the daggers and at least two scimitar for smelting then selling the rest.

Keep the potions and I think the weapons for Jormund.
<Snipped quote by Cao the Exiled>

It says something that the emotionally-detached ooze person is the most charismatic person in this party.

Hey now. Only by a little Aura is still pretty charismatic. :P
Mine is +3 so go for it Plasm!
Plasm has one better than Aura does so perhaps it would be best.

If Aura had prof in persuasion I would but she does not
I mean, if she figured it out I am curious to know if the leaders of the town maybe knew more than they let on when they hired the group cuz as far as I am aware the party was not informed that a hag was involved, unless I missed that, which is possible, either that or info travels REALLY fast in this town. I am now sus of the town's leaders XD

That or the shop keeps in this town are just super suspicious of all items that come from adventuring parties. Which...fair LOL

In any case nothing can be done so I am ready to get Haruki in here. ^-^
I would be down, if we have decided how to split the loot, for us to move on to the next thing. Aura will just take her money and the painting. So if anyone else wants the other stuff it's yours or we can store them in Aura's vessel until we can find a place to sell them...Though TBH if Aura had her way she would have left out the whole "Hag" thing in the bartering for any items we tried to sell.
Yeah, things are okay. I just have a difficult time retaining inspiration for things, regardless of how much I enjoy them. I have enjoyed the company of you folks while I was here though, short as it may have been. The full OOC was pretty refreshing honestly - but my mind is a fickle thing. It's hard to keep a sense of inspiration for things that don't perfectly fill multiple specific niches for me - which is an unreasonable and difficult-to-fill expectation. That's not to say I'm unengaged with the RP, I just don't feel I can write for it as well/as consistently as I like or as it deserves.
I figured the current moment was probably the least intrusive time to make my notice.

I get the lack of motivation or inspiration. Nobody is expecting you to write novel sized replies if that helps anything, ultimately it is up to you if you stay or go. ^-^ I hope maybe you can chose to come back and maybe be an on and off kinda character.

As for the loot calculations, if we are all decided we are going to have a "savings pool" then we can just use the money for 6 ppl. If Not it's easy enough to divide by 5.
<Snipped quote by LostDestiny>

Reminder we are going to have a 7th party member very shortly. Whether Haruki would like any of the spoils is up to her xD

Yea but this is OUR loot. XD But if we split it as if we had a 7th right now then if their character needs money they can dip into that pot if needed. :P
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