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Current What do you call a rude criminal going down a flight of stairs? A condescending con descending. I'll be here all week, remember to tip your servers.
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What do you call a short physic running from the police? A small medium at large. I'll be here all week.
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That fight scene to start The Punisher S2 tho
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Have y'all ever had music that made you want to change the tone of your RP? I have, and it's amazing.
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There's a RP with over 130,000 IC posts. Dear lord.


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Post in the works, aiming for tomorrow.
I will work on a post tomorrow after work. I have rediscovered a band to write while listening and I very much fancy the next post in the series.

I eagerly await the post.
@Ruler Inc Post is up. A little rust here and there kinda post but it's live none-the-less.

A new semester at the academey


Cyrus took part in the uneventful first rotation of guard duty. While the rest of the group had some well-deserved rest, he walked the halls of the academy looking for threats. Initially, his eyes shifting from every shadow cast by the various fixtures while his ears scanned for the tell-tale sounds that a monster had arrived. β€œWhat do they even sound like,” Cyrus asked aloud as he strode forth, β€œare they like movies,” he paused as he lowered his eyes, deep in thought. Eventually, he dismissed the thoughts as pointless and returned his focus to the halls of the school. Nothing seemed out of place to the well-trained eyes of Cyrus nor were there any sounds that could not be explained; simply the sounds of others walking through the halls. Eventually, and quickly at that, his rotation was over and it was now time for him to get that not-so well-earned sleep the others had just enjoyed. Cyrus quickly found himself at his apartment door, and with a heavy sigh as to what was on the other side Cyrus opened it and stepped inside.

As the door shut behind him, the corners of his lips curled downward. His eyes dashed from broken table to the smashed glass table, to the various broken bottles that adorned his floor, to the holes in the walls that he was going to have to pay for, to the bevy of clothes that decorated the mess as a whole. When his powers first emerged, Cyrus did not take too kindly to the sudden and dramatic shift his life had taken. His eyes shifted over the carnage before they settled on two familiar bottles that survived intact. The last of the alcohol, one a bottle of Vodka the other a Tequila, and it was a sight that did not stir any desire in his body. While he was quick to try and justify a sip or two, something quickly dashed the thoughts out of his mind. He grabbed them and scooped them with one hand per bottle, and placed them on the counter in his kitchen. Eventually, he found his way to the couch, where he collapsed in an instance in sleepful bliss. Soon, however, his dreams would bring an omen of what was to come.

After the vision ceased, Cyrus' eyes shot open at the revelation. Their powers grew more mysterious once again.

Cyrus' eyes shifted down to his hands and eyed up the sigil. He could give them up after this is all said and done and he could return to a normal life, he could pretend this madness never happened and he could leave this god-forsaken town once and for all; and never look back. Yet the thought that stuck out from this was a dire one. His eyes shifted towards the door once more. What can be given can be taken, and he had no clue about the personalities of the group as a whole. How did he know that one of those personalities out there would not have an inclination for power, and step over to the dark side? Which one of the many personalities would be the one that tried anything? Another heavy sigh escaped his lips as he buried his head under his hands. Those were poisonous thoughts. He knew that he could not harbor these if this team was going to survive, with or without him. He always fancied himself a hero yet every chance he was given to prove it he ran. Cyrus' eyes shifted towards the kitchen. He did not know a lot about these people, and that was going to change.

β€œAnd if we gave it away, what happens,” Paige asked as Cyrus entered the area. They were all busy discussing their shared dreams, and Cyrus could feel the tension rise with the thought of what must happen to you when someone strips you of your powers.

β€œLet’s cross that bridge when we get to it,” Cyrus said as he made his presence known to the currently assembled members of the group, β€œI know the time does not call for it, and I certainly do not know if it’s appropriate," he paused as he flashed the two bottles, one in each hand, β€œyou guys mentioned you lost a close friend recently, if you want you can have a drink to remember them,” he paused again as he placed the bottles down on the table in the common area, β€œand if not, we might be able to make something more fun out of these if we can find some motor oil and a cork,” he finished as he threw two table clothes next to the bottles and found himself an empty seat and sat down soon thereafter.

β€œSo,” he paused as his focus shifted from person to person, β€œwhat will we tell our grandchildren about the time we saved the world, eh?”
The post is finished but I need to edit it for details and flow. Tomorrow after work, I'll finish it and have it up within 24 hours.
Im about halfway done with my post but I think I will have to wait until tomorrow to finish.
My post can be expected on Saturday or Sunday. I just started my job yesterday and it is amazing, but my free time has been claimed once more.
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