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11 days ago
Current note to self: transfer recent characters to here.
25 days ago
If I can rewrite all my current characters or their CS', oh boy I would.
28 days ago
Okay, why am I thinking of trying to rewrite Creepypasta stories to try and make 'em...I dunno, good? Salvagable?? Make sense???
29 days ago
I wonder if anyone thought of mixing Old Town Road with Ridin' Dirty.
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1 mo ago
Tempted to make a horror themed discussion thread. Dunno what to call it though.
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Todd Howard 10 mos ago
SammyPanda 1 yr ago
Briza 1 yr ago
Quote5 1 yr ago
You are just all over the spam forums ain't ya?
Crystal Amalgam 1 yr ago
oh my god you found my YT

(its old but I plan on uploading animatics once I get the hang of it)
Delta44 1 yr ago
Winter Star12 1 yr ago
Aye! Makes me think of the dying inside animation meme
Hey how ya doing? Well I'm doing just fine... I lied I'm dying inside.
Zelosse 2 yrs ago
Hah. I have looked at your profile and bio, in direct defiance of your request not to do so!
hawkins 2 yrs ago
oh wow I'm actually on someone's profile
Todd Howard 2 yrs ago
Duthguy 2 yrs ago
Yes that is the joke, shoutout = shout out.
Lady Amalthea 2 yrs ago
If you want to change your username - just pm a mod and they will change it for you.
Rusalka 3 yrs ago
Ah, so I see that you borrowed my joke. .3.

My attorney will be in touch! <.<
Midnight Howl 3 yrs ago
Don't forget to write a starter when you get the chance ^-^
rush99999 3 yrs ago
...The man said "No, we just sell lemonade. But it's cold and it's fresh and it's all homemade. Can I get you a glass?"...
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