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Well my character is a vampire so I'm a li worried now. Lol
Not sure if vampires count to my posession ability. i would say no, due to a cociousness already present, but if they were say, sleeping... ?

I surpose if would be allowed if the owner of the character said it was okay...

It's an interesting idea tho
@Mistress dizzy@Rusalka

Argentina walked with the girl to the nurses office with caution. It was tempting for her to feed on the girl especially since she could smell the blood. If she needed to she would support the girls weight so that she wouldn't fall but she did not get overly helpful.

When they got to the nurses office she would quickly explain what happened to her. However while the girl had entered the nurses office she hesitated in the doorway eyes fixed on the blood as she spoke. "I know she's in a lot of pain.. But will she be okay??" she did not look up from the blood she could see but she did not move either. At the teachers offer for her to help she hesitated even more.
Argentina watched with growing interest. The teleportation power seemed really useful. She then began to wonder how the teachers were going to keep the students out of certain rooms. How do protect rooms against that sort of power.

The second student to show their powers intreged her. Especially the person's attitude and arrogance. She roll her eyes at her in slight amusement. Her power was impressive and at first seemed to be effortless for her to use. It soon became apparent that it wasn't. She picked up on the emotional distress quickly, sensing it as her own. She groans and shakes her head in an attempt to losen the emotional connection. She began to walk forward to help the girl when a certain smell hit her. She would visably stiffen as she came to a halt. Attempting to ignore her blood lust she walked towards the girl. Touching the girl on the shoulder she would attempt to use her empathy power to draw the girls pain away from her and into herself.

"you okay? I could help you find the nurse..?" she says softly
She would glance at the teacher slightly concerned by the amount of pain she was sensing.
Argentina was hesitant to display her powers. She was standing as far away as she could get from the main group. The one power she could not turn off, her ability to sense everyone's emotions. Maybe she would keep that to herself since it wasn't something she could visablly show someone.

Steeping forward she would state her name. "I'm Argentina and.. Well I can manipulate the elements." closing her eyes she would focus on the moisture in the air and focus it to one point in the air. The ball of water would flucutate and change to different shapes before forming a spike. Drawing the dirt and stone from people's shoes she added the mud to the tip of the water spike before sending it towards the dummy where the water would hit with a heavy thud before dissapateing.
Argentina somewhat kept her distance from the others. She didn't want to awaken her appitte for blood. She looked at her fellow students warily as she follows them to the first lesson. She did wonder what it would be like. How would she get on with the others? She didn't know but she was interested in finding out.
Can I start posting now that my character has been accepted??
[@Demoniccupcake]@letmehaveone I edited it so that the room number has been removed.
Name: Argentina Rhosphrus
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Vampire
Room Number:
Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Argentina Rhosphrus is a very sweet hearted and helpful person she likes to help everyone even people who pissed her off as long as she is calm enough. Although she like to socialise with others she doesn't tend to do so out of the class room very much as she is afraid of hurting someone when she gets hungry.

Bio: to be revealed

Power 1: Empathy - feels the emotions of others and can influence them, she can't switch it off.
Power 2: The Elements - She finds it easier to use earth and water but she isn't very good at controling air, fire and lighting and sometimes her emotions affect her elemental powers.
Likes: ice cream and sweets.
Dislikes: Hurting people and feel others emotions all the time.
Family: N/A
Friends: N/A
Sentimental Attachment: Zephroth
Whip - This is kept around her waist at all times. It has the ability to split at the end to form a whip with spikes protruding from it.
2 Katanas
2 daggers
Other: She can eat regular food but it does sate her hunger much.

Pet Name: Zephroth
Pet Age: Unknown
Pet Gender: Male
Pet Species: Sabertooth Tiger
Pet Apperance:

Image removed because i was asked to remove it.

Pet Personality: To be Rped

Pet Power 1: Multiplication- can multiply himself so that are 4 or 5 of him
Pet Power 2: Earth
Pet Player: N/A
I'll post my character in the character section then @letmehaveone
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