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Current What do you call a lost wolf? A where-wolf!
11 hrs ago
"Om nom nom nom" — Poo July 6th, 2020
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13 days ago
Arguing with racist Karens on Facebook is just the Birthday entertainment I needed to go with my afternoon coffee.
26 days ago
I hate having so many amazing RP ideas that I would love to see fully realized but lacking the conviction and time to commit to them.
4 mos ago
Thanos, Hulk, and Iron made a group chat. They named it Snapchat.


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Hyde 13 days ago
Is it your birthday? Just saw your status. If so, happy birthday!
kingdomkeylight 2 mos ago
Yo its been awhile.
Thrash Panda 3 mos ago
That's a damn good username
KZOMBI3 5 mos ago
psssst - we're both campaigners~
ayzrules 5 mos ago
AlternateMan 7 mos ago
It has been revealed.

Crab Bane 10 mos ago
Plus it helps that the movie had one bitchin' soundtrack.

Rosalia 11 mos ago
Hoe never leave on vacation again I don't know what to do with myself 😭😭😭

Love Dove 1 yr ago
Quincy 1 yr ago
That is quite the profile-thingamajig.
Rosalia 1 yr ago
Hey baby: will you be the bad man to my good girl? LOL #literallyWHO
Lady Absinthia 1 yr ago
Don't let one moment ruin a whole week. Let it ruin that moment and then remember the rest of the good hun. You got this, whatever it is, you got it.

Lady Absinthia 1 yr ago
Might take a while to get a bio done but it looks so pretty!
Moro 1 yr ago
*waves* howdy stranger
Rosalia 2 yrs ago
Love Dove 2 yrs ago
Btw, your Sora Avvie set is freaking awesome!
HaleyTheRandom 2 yrs ago
I'm here for three reasons.

-I'm bored.
-I have yet to post a VM on your profile.
-The current gif in your signature is hawt.

Have a nice night.
Moro 2 yrs ago
Hey! :) Yeah, I still come on. I created a new account hoping for some better luck with roleplays but got the same response xD So I've pretty much given up Roleplaying. My other account is Infamous Auror xP
How have you been, friend? It's been quite a while!
Burning Kitty 2 yrs ago
I love your buffalo joke. You sir are my new favorite person here.
The Valkyrie 2 yrs ago
I was told that you were a provider of horrible puns, and I would like to know how to subscribe.
K thanks! <3
kingdomkeylight 2 yrs ago
Sup stranger X3?
Inkarnate 2 yrs ago
are you dead
Rockette 2 yrs ago
Rosalia 2 yrs ago
Rosalia 3 yrs ago
HAPPY SECOND FRIEND ANNIVERSARY!!!! Here's to many more to come! 💖
Mae 3 yrs ago
on the NaNo thing: That's rough, you might have to increase your words per day to 2k or have a few days you really go hard on it.

I wish you the best of luck!
AngelofOctober 3 yrs ago
Filthy Mudblood 3 yrs ago
well now the surprise is ruined so I'm just gonna say hi :3
pugbutter 3 yrs ago
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