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Current Dear, 20s, I shall miss you. Sincerely, me
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RIP Regis Philbin. May you find out who wants to be a millionaire in the afterlife.
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I hate having so many amazing RP ideas that I would love to see fully realized but lacking the conviction and time to commit to them.
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Thanos, Hulk, and Iron made a group chat. They named it Snapchat.
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Due to the quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes.


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@Stormflyx @Deja @Sep You kosher with me throwing JD into the interaction?
Procrastination sucks ass

A @HaleyTheRandom, @NeoAJ, and @metanoia Collaboration
Featuring Raven, Alina, and Hunter


Seeing Theo had clearly shaken Raven.

Completely floored by the thoughts running through her head, and the feelings coursing through her veins, Raven did her best to focus on Alina’s caring gesture. Standing there with her bottle of tequila in hand, Raven did her best to breathe.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine.

Eyes darting back and forth between Alina, Hunter, and the crowd that was quickly forming near them, Raven felt her chest tighten even more. Forcing a smile, Raven reached for a few more items from the array of party favors.

”C’mon kids. Grab what you need and lets get the fuck out of here. I have an idea.”

Alina nodded and looked over at Hunter. She didn’t exactly know what she needed from this assortment of bottles but there had to be something that worked. She grabbed something she recognized as Sprite and something she didn’t recognize but hoped it was some sort of hard liquor in order to follow after her savior that needed saving. As well as a cup. Jumping to straight booze sounded like a bad plan. [color=]“You heard the lady. Take some things you think we’ll like and we’ll take this somewhere else.”[/color]

Hunter wasn’t often the first one to play follow the leader. Growing up, he led people into bad decisions, not allowed himself to get bossed around. But this wasn’t like being picked in his childhood by the neighborhood bully, Elijah Berg for being too small. Raven was nearly a foot shorter and she didn’t seem all bad, so Hunter wasn’t worried one bit.

As he grabbed a few unopened bottles of Jack Daniels and his twin cousins, Captain Morgan, Hunter also managed to snag a 2-liter of coke under his long arms. He followed the two girls away from the beverage station, away from the chaos of the party. Even as they went further away, Hunter heard the party getting louder behind him. He had half a mind to turn around, but he didn’t. He thought that whatever was happening back there wasn’t his top priority.

“So where are we heading?” Hunter asked, struggling somewhat to maintain a secured grip on all the bottles and liters in both of his hands.

Head held high as she led her Merry Band of Misfits, Raven was careful not to pay too close attention to what was going on around her. Afraid that she’d spot Theo once more, she kept her focus on the task at hand.

”The lake,” she simply stated. ”The Bakers have one in their backyard.” Both Raven and Alina had been to the Bakers’ house multiple times, and Raven had actually had the chance to get to know Christian’s parents. The young woman knew the layout of the Bakers property probably better than she did her own.

”I’m thinking twenty-one questions. Any other ideas? Objections?”

Alina looked at Raven, who she knew wouldn’t be the type to tee her up in such a game, but would be willing to scope out this new boy pretty quickly. “Yeah, I think I can handle it. Take a drink every time one of us laughs at an answer or something?” She turned her gaze back at Hunter. “Sound fair?”

Hunter gave a laugh, but then shrugged. “Sure. Why the hell not?” Another shrug. “It’s been way too long since I’ve played it. And, really, how could I say no when with beauts like you two?” Hunter knew Rico would have been proud of him for that one, which was probably why he found himself smirking like that crazy Spanish Casanova.

Still walking in the direction of the lake, Raven smirked as she listened to the two people behind her talk. It wasn’t a very long walk to the lake, but there was enough distance between them and the party to where Raven felt like she could take a breather. Not that many people were over by the lake, and the ones that were there were spaced out. Taking a seat at one of the picnic tables by the edge of the water, Raven sat down and took another drink of her tequila.

”So who’s up first? My vote is for Hunter.” As both Hunter and Alina looked at her and each other, the dark haired girl shrugged her shoulders. ”I mean, he’s the only guy here, so it made sense in my head?”

“Makes sense to me,” Alina confirmed, as she started to pour her acquired liquids into the red solo cup she held tightly to the table. She was no mixologist so her ratio of Sprite to… not Sprite, looked to be a bit off in favor of the not-so-bubbly drink. “Democracy rules, Hunter. Start us off.”

“Democracy, huh?” Hunter muttered in a breath, smirking at the two girls as he would take a preliminary sip of the bottle of whiskey in his hand.

He noted that the two girls each had their own poison. Raven opted for tequila. A solid choice for her sudden shift in mood. Earlier, Hunter had noticed she was on edge but still relaxed, if that made any sense. But something happened. Hunter wasn’t sure if she saw someone she didn’t want to see or if she just didn’t like him. He wanted to say she wasn’t against him and Alina talking. But who the hell knew, right?

And speaking of Alina, she stuck to her guns: Red Solo Cup Surprise. Anything could be in there and the thought made Hunter crack up in a chuckle.

“All right. Since it’s clear ladies first doesn’t apply, Raven!” Hunter’s dark eyes fixated on her, though relaxed mostly. “Since you’re the one who took us on this journey and even decided the game, what is your honest opinion of me? And no, Alina, don’t say anything about how sexy I am, because I know I am.” On some level, Hunter could just hear the two sets of eyes rolling after he stated that, but he stuck to it with a proud smirk. “So go on. I’m dying to know. Really, I am.”

”You’re really going to stand there and act like you aren’t flirting with your Tramp of Choice?”

Nicholas rolled his eyes at his sister, not reacting either way to her comments about the breathtaking girl he chose to spend his time talking with. "First off, that wasn't very polite of you, Billie," Nicholas stated. He smirked at her with the full knowledge that he knew that she hated being called anything other than Billie Jean.

But then she came at him with a zinger. Oh what a wonderful observation she made: saying he had chosen below what he was worth as if she chose absolute winners. But Nicholas wasn't as jaded as his sister was. Nicholas wasn't the type to use those she chose to spend her night with against her. This was because Nicholas Grey was a well-mannered young man. This was because Nicholas Grey didn't antagonize. Most importantly, though, Nicholas Grey was having too much fun doing the bare minimum and he still managed to receive exactly what he wanted.

So as he watched his sister made "I'm going to murder this bitch" eyes at the remarkably cute redhead, a low, surprised "oh" left his lips as she snapped back at his sister.

Normally, he would be up in arms to go to his sister's defense.

Yes, normally Nicholas wouldn't be the idle observer role he was playing right now. He hated to admit it, but Billie Jean did have a solid point she raised earlier. Whenever he did turn up the charm and intended to seduce any redhead, he favored them over everyone else. But there was more to that right now.

As he listened and watched, he contemplated what he should do. What would have been a simple matter of him talking his sister down off the ledge she was committing in pushing them both off, when the object of his attraction so accurately stated her opinion, he found himself conflicted. He wanted to see this to the end, but in doing so would create complications. His sister wasn't the type to quickly forgive. Even if the person she was to hold a grudge over is her twin brother. On the other side, she's certainly overreacting and being dramatic just because she wants attention.

What to do? What to do?

Nicholas pondered for a few moments. And when he was finished, he stepped between the both of them. "That's quite enough." He glanced at his sister. "Relax, Billie Jean. It's not like before." Oh, it totally was, but he wasn't about to let her know that. He wanted to see where this went with her before he tested the waters. "Besides, why fight when we can drink?" He laughed and kept his eyes on his sister. "Or, in the middle of your rage, did suddenly decide you hate drinking more than whoever I take an interest in?"

Apologies for my lack of a presence. A mix of mood swings and procrastination really set me back. But I've read all the posts and they were lovely. Next thing on the agenda is to roll relations out and finally post and maybe do something about not just being a lurker.
But uh..
<Snipped quote by Sep>

aw ;-; Conor <3

to be on topic, or promote a discussion -

What kind of music does your character enjoy? What would their theme song be?

This is the easiest question I think I can answer bout JD. He's a lover of 80s and 90s rock/music in general, so you can catch him rocking out to Twisted Sister, Nirvana, and if he's feeling it, you might hear California Love blasting from his room. As for his theme song, that's hard to pick, but I think @Sep picked a solid placeholder. Deff fits his vibe and overall demeanor: showy and obnoxious but totally dope at the same time.
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

You sure about that? I mean just trying to decipher the code usually takes longer.

Also, I don't forsee Conor joining in anyway, but he definitely won't if you decide on Harry Potter.

sorry not sorry

And this is the perfect segway to say that I'm slowly making my way through relations. Though not up yet, I've got about four written up so far.
Had a long day today that kept me mostly away from the guild. I promise I'll get a Johnny D post up tomorrow as well as updating relations!
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Yeah same. I'm patient and obviously rl comes first. I just hope OG is doing okay.
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Pretty good. Think we're all just waiting on a Charlie post.

How are you doing?
Really urgently important question!!

What is your characters favourite meal?

Johnny D loves his chili dogs and chili fries.
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