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"No." Came the curt reply from the Princess. R2-D2 beeped its concern. Kijani, dressed in soft clean white robes with her lightsaber hooked to her belt, looked about to be sick. It was likely the most nervous Adam had ever seen her. With the Rebels, she always displayed aloof control. Around Adam, she was warmer and friendly. But nervous? Never.

"What if I'm not good enough for this famous Master? I've only been at this 6 months, and you've had your whole life, Adam..." For the first time in a long time, Kijani had the burgeoning fear of rejection looming above her. "What if I can't do it?" Usually, no one would dare reject a royal. But her rank meant nothing in this instance. Adam outranked her by far, and she was kind of still getting used to that.

"Oh... I really hope this works out. I've come too far to turn back."
Oof. I'm sorry all your friends have Covid. But at least work is better for you.
That is also true. Some characters get different origin stories depending on the version, I guess. How have you been?
I actually didn't know that. Huh. I'm glad we can run with it though.
I THINK I have the right Flash. If I don't, tell me. The school bully is one Wally West. Obviously he grows out of it.
Jinny sniffled and sighed, disappointed but not surprised. She knew she had to go, even if she didn’t like it. But one day maybe she wouldn’t have to. Uncle Slade was usually very blunt about things. He answered her questions for the most part, and didn’t talk to her like a child. She liked that. She may not have fully understood everything, but she didn’t like being treated like she was dumb because she was little. Like the teacher treated them.

While he spoke, she watched curiously as he cleaned the gun. She wanted to know how it fit together. So far she had taken apart and put together several things. Several of her toys, one of the TV remotes, a kitchen appliance that had been left out (she had gotten in trouble for that) – but the gun was new. She knew he wouldn’t let her touch it, but maybe she could figure out how it worked if she watched.

“His name is Wally and he’s fast. Like real fast. And he pushes people off the swings, and cuts in line, and he tripped me once but I kicked him back and the teachers don’t notice. I know I’m not supposed to tell on people but I told on him once and he lied about it and the teacher said to play nice!” Jin was fuming, her eyes going lighter and more silvery with each word. “I wish he’d go away! Boys are annoying.” She paused. “Well, you’re not annoying. But lots of boys are.”

She stood up, eyeing his work with her usual curiosity. After a moment, she slowly dragged a chair over, stood on it, and watched more. “...Can I learn to do that? I want to help.”
Devika brightened, her smile showing dimples. "You mean it? If you're sure, I would love to spend the day with them." That was far more than she had hoped for. She figured the other woman would be too busy, or simply wouldn't want to. It would probably be a bit awkward for her, anyway. "You're amazing, Roxy. Thank you."

"I'll get with them later, so we can plan out the day. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this." She wanted to hug Roxy, but wasn't sure if she'd accept it. Besides, it had been ages since she'd actually touched someone on purpose. It'd probably be awkward for them both.

"So, what's the plan for today?"

Hey! The post turned out well, I think. I'm interested in the evil school too. I also wonder who's watching them from the government.

I'll try to get a post to you this weekend.
Kijani barely stirred as Adam carried her to bed. She was locked in a dreamless sleep, and had exhaustion written all over her face. She slept for hours as the ship traveled, only to wake with a start. She came to slowly, the events of the past few days catching up.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

"Come in."

Bail entered, looking both relieved and worried at the same time. "Thank goodness, you're awake. I was starting to get worried." He smiled warmly, but there was something hidden in his eyes that Kijani couldn't quite understand.

"Father... our home is gone. What are we doing to do?" She rose up and hugged him, and quite suddenly began weeping. She'd been holding it back for some time now. Everything came out in a flood. Kijani even saw her father shedding some tears. For a while, there was nothing but quiet weeping between the two of them.

After that, Kijani stood. She hadn't noticed it before, but the lightsaber hanging on her belt immediately drew her attention. She took it in hand, transfixed, and then she lit it. The golden glow matched her eyes, somehow. It felt right in her hand, but she didn't dare swing it without ample practice. This was a weapon of beauty and destruction.

Bail winced. "Kijani, we must talk about this.... Jedi business."

Kijani turned back to her father. "What is there to talk about? I'll take any advantage I can to win this war. If only I had known sooner." Her shoulders squared as something occurred to her. "Father, did you and Mother know about this? From what I know of Jedi, they are trained from the time they can walk and hold a blade."

Bail sighed softly, and patted the side of the cot beside him. Kijani sat back down.

"...we suspected. Strongly suspected. But you must understand - at the time you were coming up, the Jedi were being hunted down. There was no one to take you in, no one to train you. The Jedi were - and are - a dangerous thing to be. I... I don't want you to do this, little sun. It's far too dangerous, likely to get you killed."

"And leading the Rebellion isn't dangerous? I'm wanted throughout half the Galaxy, and you're saying this is the dangerous part? No." Kijani raised her chin. "I will take up this training. I will become a Jedi. I will lead the Rebellion into battle, and victory. Even if I have to carve Darth Vader and the Emperor apart with my own two hands."

There it was again, that unreadable look in Bail's eyes. "...why are you putting all of this on your shoulders? Why you?"

"Who else? This is the crown I have been tasked to wear." Kijani stared down her father. For a moment, there was a silent battle of wills. Slowly, Bail hung his head. A few tears slipped down his cheeks.

"Your mother would be very proud. You have more of her in you every day."

"Thank you, Father." Kijani had to fight back tears herself. "I'm going to find Adam."

And she stepped into the hallway, the weight of a saber on her belt, and the weight of destiny on her shoulders.

"Well- I have some news, but I wanted to run this by you first." Devika flashed a warm and cheery grin to Roxy. "My parents want us to come visit. I've told them everything, and they're excited to meet you! I've been getting so much better lately, and our connection is holding. So I wanted to ask - would you be okay with going to visit them sometime this week?" There was a light and eagerness in her eyes that hadn't been present in some time.

She was really hoping that Roxy would agree. While she wouldn't say they were 'close', at the very least they were approaching something like friendship. Roxy seemed less cold lately, and Devika could swear she caught the other woman smiling once. She couldn't remember exactly why, but the moment had set her heart pounding. But - that was to be kept to herself.

"It wouldn't be for long. Just long enough to eat dinner."
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