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It also has my interest! but I have a character design that may or may not fit with what you guys got in mind, so I'll hit you in the dms later to chat about it!

dropping my ping here, will work on my char soon!
Im super Interested! As for my answers to your questions

I have a concept in mind for an Older Character, and i prefer swinging that way personally. If the group vote swings the other way though I can make either age group work.

And I think it’d be cool if everyone had their own experience. Weird place vibes are dope, and it could make for cool roleplay moments; characters sharing notes about their own experiences

Chris watched as the weepy one said something to the person with Broken english. He watched them tense, and begin playing with their dress, she then glanced at Chris and began talking to him as well.
”Chris, I have to say what you are wearing is a bit old. But you do look good in it, kinda feels like something my father would wear if he was in a nostalgic mood.”

He glared at her for a moment. Was she trying to compliment him? Was she calling him old? Chris couldn’t really tell, but he adjusted his tie and cleared his throat, replying quickly while not really taking his eye off Broken English.

“Can’t tell if you’re calling me old, or if you’re hitting on me, but since you mentioned im reminding you of your daddy, i’m going to hope you’re just calling me old.” He said with a smirk as he patted Chelsea on the shoulder.

“I’m sure your old man is a good guy.”

Chris then watched as the person who spoke to him in Broken English seemed to visibly relax when he smiled at them. They took Chris’s cigarette and before he could take out his lighter to offer it to him they dug into their chest and took out their own.

“Well shit, fair enough.” Chris said with an approving nod as he pocketed his lighter the person properly introduced themselves to him.

"I'm Margo"

“Nice to meet you Margo.” Chris said taking a long drink of his tea.

"Chris, you are such cool guy" Margo said with a chuckle "You look like a Ken"

Ken doll? Odd comparison.Maybe it was a cultural thing? Or maybe Margo was as weird as weepy. Time would tell Chris decided as Margo continued.

"Cuz your head must be just as empty"

Chris choked on the tea he was drinking as Margo finished talking. Without missing a beat Chris put his tea saucer down and took out his own cigarette, remarking with a chuckle.

“My Ex wife would agree with that statement.”

He nudged Margo and shook his head, chuckling as he began to reach into his pocket for his lighter. Just as he was about to light his cigarette he heard the voice of Takashi scolding him and Margo about smoking. He wanted to reply, but decided against it. He’d have time to make jabs at his expense later.

“Yeah no problem chief. No smoking at the Tea party.”

He’d tuck the cigarette into the pocket of his dress shirt and nudged Margo to do the same.

“We can share a smoke later Margo, toss it for now huh?”

Chris sat in silence for a while, listening to the people around him talk. For whatever reason the kid seemed to be trying to pitch some tech to the group. The kid was kind enough to talk about it in English and Japanese, so Chris tried to follow what he was saying. The boy was smart, Chris couldn’t deny it. It unsettled him even. He couldn’t have been much older than his son, and there he was, talking about cutting edge tech with what could probably be some of the deadliest people in the world right now.

Was it the father in him? That made him worry about Ashton as much as he was maybe. Chris tried not to think about it much as he locked eyes with the beautiful woman he saw speaking to Takashi earlier in the event. She seemed to have noticed Chris and Margo when Takashi called them out for smoking. Her smile put Chris at ease for a moment as she spoke to him.

"Welcome to the NSF Chris. I look forward to getting to know you better."

Chris raised an eyebrow and grinned.

“Damn, I love to hear a lady say that. Why don’t you start with your name sweetheart, I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing it yet.” Chris said with a grin as he listened to her turn her attention to Margo.

"And Margo darling, I didn't forget about you. Your sense of style is striking as always, you need to share tips with me! In fact you and I are going to schedule a shopping trip sometime, my treat. And I'm not going to hear any arguments about it!"

These words gave Chris pause. He couldn’t quite place it but the words spoken felt like they were dressed up to be sweet, but he they put him off all the same. Shopping trip her treat? Were Margo and her long time friends, or did she have that kind of cash on hand to spend? Either way it felt way too nice for a coworker type relationship. Maybe it was the culture? Chris figured time would tell.

He stretched then, and checked his watch. Chris didn’t really know how long tea parties lasted, but he wanted to visit the city before long. He turned to Margo, nudging them and speaking slowly again so that they would understand.

“Hey listen Margo, you’re from this city. You mind taking me around a little later? I got a few things I need to buy and I need a guide. Do me a solid?”

@Smike@GoreLore@Landaus Five-One@Letter Bee@GrizzTheMauler

By the time the Tea party had entered its full swing, Chris had resigned himself to sitting in silence. People were speaking to one another in Japanese, so Chris couldn’t make heads or tails of any of it. He picked at a slice of Apple pie and took a drink of his Tea as he glanced around for any waiter staff. He wanted some whiskey to spike his tea with.

‘God.. Just a little whiskey to get through this.’ Chris thought to himself as he frowned, no such luck for him. Nobody was around to take his request.

‘Soon as I get into the city, I need to buy a flask.. Never hurts to have your own supply.’ Chris thought to himself, and he stayed thinking to himself for a while until a voice to his right called his attention. It was English.

It was the kid who was dressed better than Chris. He introduced himself and listed some of the accolades Chris looked the young man over with a raised eyebrow. He was a cyber-security specialist, and apparently a good enough one to crack the NSF system. Chris didn’t doubt him, on account of him being there, but he couldn’t help but be skeptical of the kid. All smiles, and natural talent with computers doesn’t correlate into keeping your nerve in a gunfight, or pulling the trigger on somebody you’re looking in the eye. Something Churned in Chris’s stomach then, as he let his mind wander for a moment, what was it? Worry for the kid? For himself if he needed to go on mission with him? Chris couldn’t be sure.

“Nice to meet you son, Hell of a portfolio, real impressive.” Chris smiled at the kid and nodded for a moment before he asked his next question.

“So, what was up with the reported incidents a while ago? I want to know your side of the story.”

Chris gave the kid his best poker face, but on the inside he was annoyed, whoever that driver was,he was a real dick writing out that report. Chris shrugged his shoulder and smiled politely at the kid, deciding to play it dumb at the tea party.

“No clue what you’re talking about son, what incidents?” Chris then turned his attention to his coat pocket and pulled out another cigarette, holding it in between his fingers he considered excusing himself to go take a smoke break when he felt a pat on his shoulder, turning to face the source he saw a man..Or a woman, a man in transition?

“Wow super cool Smoke guy!” And then the person in front of him smiled widely, with an odd proud look in their eye. Chris couldn’t help but feel touched by this person approaching him this way. There they were, didn’t know English at all, but still trying to engage him in conversation. Chris appreciated the effort so he turned more in his seat to face them, smiling. He took care to speak a little slower and more pronounced so that nothing got lost in translation before he said.

“Y’know what? My Japanese is probably worse than your English.” Chris smiled and chuckled. As he held out his pack of cigarettes to the person in front of him.

“Feel free friend, take one. I’m Chris Bell by the way, what’s your name?”
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