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Jones considered Petra's warning, but stupidly she decided against it. Jones shook her head, "I barely know how to use this one." She said referring to Ack, "anything else is gonna just get in the way." And with that she was off to Twilight Town.
Sure let's do it, you wanna make the thread or should I?
Oh, thanks.
Oh so who's T1?
Jones realised she had also forgotten that a bag had been placed on the table, for her. "Oh..." Her voice caught in her throat and it took a moment for her to continue with her sentence, "thanks." She picked up the bag, and looked in it. She found healing herbs, meat, and all manners of goods which would come handy on a journey. Ack fluttered up, and tried to take a peek into the bag, Jones pushed the creature away.

Ack didn't look too pleased. "Okay, so do I have to sign anything to do my mission?"

Owl coughed into his fist, it felt like nothing was going on. "Will we retire for the night?" He asked Shadow.
I'll fight you. Post a character, post a location, and I'll match you. I've got the spark right now and I want to make use of it. Obviously not here, in a thread of its own.

Okay do you have any preferences for these type of matches?
Alright then.
"Oh." Jones said once Petra raised the fact that she had caught and submitted this creature, I think I know this thing she considered. "Your name's Ack, right?" She asked with an uncertain tone, "yeah... you're Ack." She decided at last. It was quite the awkward reunion, Jones hadn't cared for Ack in the slightest.

Ack began to flutter up, his wings beat at a fast rhythm. "I'll go to that Twilight Town." Jones answered, "pay looks good."
Owl sighed, Alistar had made an excellent point, it made him look embarrassing. "Then if that's the case then we're the only three who we're foolish enough to follow a message with no address." The Performer said, "No, I got no more questions." He replied to Shadow.
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