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Traveling the world had never been a high priority for Seraphima. Living modestly on a monastery had seemed to suit her just fine. For a while, when foreigners came and tried speaking to her about their origins, she would use her hand as a make-shift map, with her memory as some type of invisible ink. Now, outside of the monastic life, she felt like a world traveler. Even if she had only been to minimal destinations this early in her Frame Pilot career, being below the equator gave her a tingle of curious triumph.

Although the new mission was happening so quickly after the last mission, Seraphima was looking forward to this one. Even after a year on The Horizon, she had barely made much small talk with the rest of the crew. Coincidentally, this reminded her of her first year on the monastery. She would just be recovering from a long fast and an abundant feast day — sponsored by the monastery when many pilgrims would attend the celebration — and suddenly, the convent was preparing entering another fasting period and preparing for another feast of the Church. She could never catch her breath, unlike Sister Susanna, who seemed to always have enough for constant laughter and joking.

Seraphima pondered how Sister Susanna was doing. Was she a Warped, now? She let out a small sigh and though if how she occupied her mind more with monasticism than she did her family, these days, despite having become a Frame Pilot for the sake of her family. Maybe, it’s because I am afraid of having to kill one of them… if they’re still alive. The thought lingered and slowly vanished.

She hated allowing herself the opportunity to let her emotions fall into a stupor. Stay focused on the mission, she reminded herself. It seemed like an interesting mission, anyways. It was different than simply blasting away at Warped, and she was thankful for this. Her mind shimmied away the dark cloud of emotions. Why can’t I be more like Sister Susanna… or… Teodora? The thought that the two were similar with high spirits had never crossed her mind. It was comforting.

Oh, Louisa is talking… Her fingers toyed with the wool knotted prayer cross around her neck. It was nubby from all the times she had used it on the monastery. It was like a worn out stuffed animal for a child, and she blushed before speaking, attempting to sound relevant. “Do we have any information on the targets?” She asked with a soft curiosity.
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T I M E : M O R N I N G
L O C A T I O N : M Y R I A M O R P L A Z A
I N T E R A C T I O N S : C A E L A N , S O P H I E , L E A F , S L I C K
T A G S : @Princess, @Alivefalling, @FunnyGuy, @Helo
E Q U I P M E N T : W A T E R F L A S K , W A Y F I N D E R , T R A N S M I S S I O N B R A C E L E T , B A T H I N G S U I T

Her milky eyes glazed over the auras of Caelan and Sophie. She pained for them, with a subtle downwards turn of her lips. She could see their flickering spirits, wavering with a despairing anxiety. She said nothing to them as she looked towards Slick. Her hand tightened around his dark hand as she followed him through the water.

The glistening sensation was still relaxing, and she wished they could have remained longer. With her spare hand, Aurora glided the tips of her fingers against the surface of the water. The cool feeling tickled her skin and then vanished as she rose from the pool.

“Slick is unerring. Forgive me,” she welcomed the correction and pushed the bad dream from her mind. She was acting paranoid and needed to refrain from an over-reaction on her part. The group needed her to be steady. She eased her own spirit by minding her father’s words of wisdom “It is wise if we dry ourselves and make haste to the blacksmith, as Slick has suggested.”

Her blind eyes closed as she drew in a breath. The poor souls needed some sort of comforting. She would have enjoyed singing an enchanting song aboutSolaris and Lunathea, but in such an atmosphere, it would only draw unwanted attention. She let her hand relax from Slick’s strength. Her eyes opened, and again, her clouded vision gazed at the dark cowboy. The same worried frown was sketched over her face, but quickly it redrew itself into a weary smile. “After we go to the blacksmith,” she paused and looked towards Calaen and Sophie, “we should replenish ourselves by getting something tasty to eat. Maybe a dessert to cheer our spirits...” the elf paused again, and her smile brightened against the dark mood, “The blacksmith’s will be an equally fun adventure, as well, I must confess.”

Aurora had never used a weapon before, but she understood the novelty of picking a weapon and armor. The first always cradles a special memory within its owner’s heart. She was looking forward to hearing what the humans chose. As with her brother and other creatures, she could feel how their personalities would resonate with their selections, as some honorary extension of their inner spirits.

“How does that sound?” Her hands clasped together in hope and studied the lights emitting from Caelan and Sophie. They were so precious and fragile, and their coming to this truth was not the gentlest of awakenings. As much as she wished to soften their journey, she believed in the strength of the humans.

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T I M E : M O R N I N G
L O C A T I O N : M Y R I A M O R P L A Z A
I N T E R A C T I O N S : C A E L A N , S O P H I E , L E A F , S L I C K
T A G S : @Princess, @Alivefalling, @FunnyGuy, @Helo
E Q U I P M E N T : W A T E R F L A S K , W A Y F I N D E R , T R A N S M I S S I O N B R A C E L E T , B A T H I N G S U I T

In shock, Aurora’s hand slipped away from Slick and cupped inside her other. Both hands nestled at her bosom. Her mouth was closed and trembling a small mindful prayer to keep her calm. She could see the magic, the light, and the darkness. A void devouring the innocent. She could taste the emptiness.

The weakness of humanity lit up the sky, as the light of a precious soul was put out. She could feel the energy being taken from her as an empathetic wave to life itself. Her eyes closed, not wishing to see the dazzle in the sky, any longer.

A breath escaped her, and in all the darkness that she had known her entire life, murder was the darkest she had ever known. She thought of her dream. She thought of the elf in the jungle. She thought of the cast from when she still resided within the kingdom’s walls.

Aurora slowly lowered her hands, letting out a calmer, more resided breath. She opened her eyes and cast them over the lights of all in her party, “We should skip gambling and head back to the inn.” Her voice was solemn and serious, thankful she had managed to keep everyone together.

It was one less thing she had to consider, amongst all the dilemmas, had just taken their first breath inside of her worries.

The food tasted better than Seraphima was expecting. She was famished and quietly slurping down some seaweed soup while simultaneously enjoying the scent of hot, relaxing green tea, and for a brief moment, she set the bowl down and leaned back in her chair.

“Ahhh…” Her mouth made a small o, and her eyes closed. Her head tilted back, and when she opened her eyes, she stared at the ceiling. The Warped monster had taken more out of her than she had thought. In fact, she was surprised she even had an appetite.

I better slow down. She thought to herself. A small smirk emerged on her lips as she sat back up. This whole Frame Pilot thing was going to be hard. She understood that coming into the position. However, the mental level was more disturbing than she had anticipated.

At least, the food was good. Her eyes stared at the meal in front of her. Maybe this is why they feed us so well. She looked at the other Pilots. They were ravenous, and she could not pass judgement. She had no idea what they must be feeling, right now. She, for one, felt a tinge of embarrassment for yearning such nourishment so deeply. At the monastery, the Abbess would have scolded her manners…

Her powers seemed trivial compared to that of other Frame Pilots. It made her ponder how much their own humanity had changed. It was an uncomfortable feeling, as she recounted the mission. More missions meant the likelihood of running into a Warped that looked more humanly was bound to happen. And yet, that was exactly why she was here: to kill them, to save humanity.

Her appetite did not feel very human. There had been a shift from leaving the monastery, which she tried to uphold even after leaving it. And now, she felt herself restraining herself from eating any faster. Unfortunately, the only way to slow down her appetite was to recall the encounter she had with the ape-like centipede and that brief moment in which she hesitated, just like now, as she stared at her entree of vegetables.

Just then, through all the shenanigans, Xuan-yu came through, holding in his arms liquid gold. This seemed curious and natural. It would take her mind from things. Seraphima had not had anything to drink since entering the monastery, and even then, she rarely drink much if at all. What could one or two do but lift her spirits. She should be celebrating like the rest of them. At least, that’s what she believed anyways.

L O C A T I O N : C A E S O N I A C A S T L E B A L L R O O M I N S O R I A N
I N T E R A C T I O N S : P R I N C E S S B E A T R I C E C A M I L I A , L A D Y T H E A S M I T H W O O D , L O R D L E O S M I T H W O O D , N A H I R A Y S U N K A D I R , S U L T A N R A I F K A D I R
M E N T I O N S : @Aerandir , @baraquiel , @Helo , @Rodiak , @Tae

The light in Prince Felix's eyes flickered as they assessed Lord Leo Smithwood. He adjusted his body into a bow with a polite, noble smile relaxed throughout his jaw. "My Lord, the pleasure is all mine." His hand held strongly to Lady Thea, his honorary prize for such a dutiful behavior. He preferred something with more honor to shine with the name that he was supposed to waltz around with for the entirety of his life and history. However, he could not expect too much from the lady. She had her foibles, and only so much of her could be tamed. This caused a stress in the prince, but he was not open to letting it show. "The honorary day shall come soon enough," he forced his smile to be a little more cheerful, trying to exude a friendly demeanor, for he did not wish to treat Lady Thea with any ill will despite his lack of favorable feelings for the woman.

He glanced briefly at the Sultan and his court and then turned his attention quickly back to the Lord. Both Lady Thea and he had been received by the Sultan favorably if with a little annoyance. Of course, Prince Felix insisted in his own mind that the annoyance was all with him and felt himself glad to have gotten the introduction out of the way and wished to get himself away from all the charlatans and their beastly stenches. On such a note, his betrothed smelt like the bottle of whatever she had been previously drinking. But, in all due respect, Lord Leo deserved his respect and attention. After all, he had more reasons to be privileged by the Lord's presence than he could care to acknowledge at this point in time. One of them was on his arm, making an embarrassment just by the lights shimmering against her bare skin. (She must really admire the attention, but to what end?)

The lingering thought needn't be attended to, as one of the Alidasht approached them with arrogance in her form. She addressed Lord Leo without looking in his direction. Prince Felix pretended not to note this and continued in his respectful manner. She remarked his sister Princess Beatrice well enough. "The pleasure is mine." He bowed again, as he had to Lord Leo, and of course, once again, he nudged Lady Thea to bow alongside him. As the two rose from their honorary positions, Nahir was already making her exit, and Verrick, who lacked many things when it came to noble tack (dismissed for a variety of reasons), made his vocal entrance.

Prince Felix flexed again on the hilt of his sword. The words were downright preposterous, if only more so because he had the power to whisper words of nonsense to his sister all day along. His kind would not likely understand the proper attire needed for a Varian Princess, even if he was beside one all day. He would have dismissed the comment altogether if his own had not taken to the compliment so happily. Prince Felix blamed the drinking and loosened his fist on the hilt.

He turned his attention to Lady Thea, allowing the bodyguard to maintain his own pleasure at the party. He had his rights to relax, after casting all his lots on protecting his sister so dutifully. The prince thought many of times, and now was not an exception, that the man who held little dignity with duty must be spending quite an amount of energy to have his whole life at stake for duty. In such a way, he was learning the noble way, but his gaffs were always readily noticeable.

"My Lady," he smiled at her, but before he could make a further introduction, Auguste came and made his introduction, to which Prince Felix made his automatic redundant greeting.
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T I M E : M O R N I N G
L O C A T I O N : M Y R I A M O R P L A Z A
I N T E R A C T I O N S : C A E L A N , S O P H I E , L E A F , S L I C K
T A G S : @Princess, @Alivefalling, @FunnyGuy, @Helo
E Q U I P M E N T : W A T E R F L A S K , W A Y F I N D E R , T R A N S M I S S I O N B R A C E L E T , B A T H I N G S U I T

"Y-you're a cowboy?" Aurora let out a nervous laugh. She tried to change the subject as she listened to Caelen's banter. He was very drunk. She hoped nothing more would happen during their time together. However, she did consider that gambling may take an unwanted turn. Her hand continued to let Slick guide her into the water. The feeling was funny and overwhelming. She enjoyed it immensely, the sighing and singing of the liquid against her.
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