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2 mos ago
Current False Prophet is one of them sharks nibbling on internet cables
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2 mos ago
Gurren Lagann is the best anime I've ever watched
4 mos ago
Insect glaive supremacy
4 mos ago
*starts beatboxing in the corner*
4 mos ago
For Lent, I am simply giving up


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@Moon Man

You never got back to me about my offer. Have you given having Irish Sauron as your mentor/informant any more thought?

Sorry been quite busy. But I think I'll stick with Dark Cloud. It'll be more interesting that way imo.
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

Surprisingly, that isn't the case this time. :

It's in one of those porta potties isn't it
I can already see how this is going to go:

Ferrin seems to have some hesitation, Arma on the other hand

Hi! How's everyone doing?
<Snipped quote by Moon Man>

*whispers* You could have used cantrips at any point. Just sayin'. It wouldn't have taken ten minutes either.

I have magic stone and message. Unless you want me to break the mirrors in the hall of illusion, ritual spells will have to do XD
Felt good to finally use some spells. Ritual spells ftw no spell slots needed
David certainly has knowledge that would help with that. He knows his way around a good murder mystery, he's both solved and caused quite a few of them in his time.

True true. I might just flip a coin to choose who.
@Moon Man

Don't suppose you'd be interested in David's training/knowledge debt? An aspiring hero can learn a good amount from a former villain.

Tempting but leaning about who caused the murder and why of Charity's sister is important.
@Moon Man Thoughts?

Sorry, I was asleep the entire day because weekend. But I'd like that yeah, give Alia a few details regarding the death of charity's sister and she'll owe you one and not spill your secret.
<Snipped quote by Moon Man>

Awesome, tell me more about this person? You get to create this NPC (possibly with help from me)

Sure! So he and Alia work at a local convenience store, she takes the night shift and he takes the day shift. About once a month he would always ask if he could leave early. First couple of times she just shrugged it off but eventually curiosity got the better of her. A month or so after taking in Charity, she followed him out and saw him turn into a werewolf.

That's pretty much the gist of it.
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