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It has been twenty-nine years since my name day and I've been roleplaying for nigh on ten years now, on and off. I consistently play male character roles, simply due to the fact that I'am a male and I find it naturally easy to play this sex. Having said that, I'm more than happy to play female characters, even non-human roles and play more than just the one character.

Regarding the length and quantity of my posts depend on the level of post my partner has given me. I despise one-liners and all I ask for in my partner is to give as much effort and performance as I do in our roleplay. I tend to post around four to five well-detailed paragraphs on average, but should I feel motivated enough to do more I will do. The rate of how many times I can post a day, a week, whatever, depends on how much free time I get away from work. I do hold a full time job, unfortunately meaning that sometimes I may not be as active as much as I would wish to be.

I'm pretty laid back in terms of post response. I'm fully aware that most of us can't be active as much as we'd want and that we all have a life outside of the Guild. I hope. So, I understand that I may have to wait a few days for replies. I only ask for my partner to have the same understanding.


I'm very much an avid fan of medieval, fantasy settings, which include the traditional and typical elements of a fantasy type roleplay. The usual races, magic, kingdoms, and everything else synonymous within a fantasy word. I love the idea of embarking on an adventure in to a world full of might and magic. I also enjoy exploring the political and diplomatic matters concerning a nation or even several, also set in a fantasy type setting.

Science-fiction based roleplays are something I enjoy to take part in. Again, the usual elements a sci-fi roleplay holds are interests of mine. When doing these, I like to create original characters, story-lines, planets, races, spaceships, etc.

I'm a sucker for romance and a good love story. I do enjoy featuring romance in to all or most of my roleplays. This does not mean that it has to be the sole meaning of the roleplay, however, and can simply be a side plot to the story. I prefer to fade to black when any intimate scenes occur.

𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓿𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓰

In terms of how and where I like to carry out my roleplays is preferably through the PM system rather than on the thread pages.

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@Azure Flame Thank you. Will look to get an IC up shortly.
@sassy1085 Thank you for your interest.
@grandia20 Great! Just need one or two more and I'll open up an IC thread.

I'm looking to create a roleplay that portrays the academic and personal lives of a group of hyper-privileged teenage students of a fictional High School in Manhattan, New York. Rumours, scandals, sex, drugs, alcohol are just some of the things that will feature.

Other than this there is no set guideline's regarding a storyline. We can just see how things flow and hopefully something exciting will get rolling.


Heart Of The Ocean

When two young adults meet aboard a luxury cruise liner, little did they know they would have so much in common or what tragedy lies ahead.

So, basically I'm looking for a female writer to play the lead female role in this idea. I'd like to steer clear from as many similarities to the true story and create our own ideas based off it. PM me if your at least slightly interested or having any questions.


Slice of Life, Romance, +18


Lawson, Maine is a fictional town set in the United States. A sleepy, yet idyllic town which lies at the foot of the Whitewater Mountains. Our story will start with the arrival of a new kid and will take course over a summer, where he will, somehow, befriend the town's hot-headed delinquents on-off girlfriend.

I'm searching for a female to play the part of the girlfriend and I will play the new guy. PM me with any questions or interest and we can work together to flesh this out a little.

Korva's Keep

At midday the sun was at it's highest. The rays that streamed from the great ball of fire warmed Elwen's pale face as he and his companion's cantered at a slow pace over the grassy hills before them. The Keep was merely an hour away, no longer just a smudge on the horizon. The watchtower visible always, even when they had descended to the lowest part of a grass dune.

With the warm sun beaming down on him Elwen stored his cloak neatly upon the saddle and he could now be seen wearing a traditional piece of fine elven armour. A black iron chest plate, with carvings of tree's and animals protected his torso. Black leather chaps and boots protecting his legs and feet respectively. And a helm of extraordinary craftsmanship, similar to that of Hubyr's, rested under his armpit. Fainor, Varya and Hubyr wore armour akin to this. The elves had always worn attire suitable for battle during the ferrying of the eggs and were always prepared if ever an unexpected attack occurred.

"...built by our ancestors, with a small contribution of the humans, over three centuries ago.", said Hubyr from his horse beside Elwen, indicating to the Keep. Elwen was barely listening, almost all of his attention upon the huge structure in front of him. He could recognise the decoration and detail of the building and could tell that his race had some involvement even if Hubyr had not just enlightened him. Like the Ullenori Forest before it, Elwen had only read about Korva's Keep from the scrolls stored in the High Castle's library.

The four of them continued through the hills until they hit a stoney path. This path would lead them to the bridge and finally to the Keep. Along the way Fainor had made sure to tell them that when they arrived and contact with the humans is made, he would be the one to converse with them. Elwen had no problem with Fainor being in charge. He had been ferrying the eggs for a number of years now and he had experience in dealing with the humans. Besides, Elwen's father, Ryheagan, the High Elf, had made it abundantly clear that he was to obey Fainor's every command.

They left the path and reached the bridge. It was only then that Elwen had noticed a group of soldiers blocking their entrance. This did not worry Elwen as he knew that it would have been inevitable that the humans would have travelled with security on their way to the Keep. They wore heavy looking armour and each of them bore a weapon. The four elves halted their steeds and allowed the soldiers to approach.

"Remember, allow me to enlighten our round-eared compatriots.", said Fainor. The other three elves chuckled amongst themselves.

With their heavy armour clattering, the group of soldiers, which Elwen counted as six, eventually grounded to halt a few yards in front of the four elves. "Who goes there?", shouted the soldier at the front, his helmet slightly too big for his head and pointing his spear at Fainor.

"Forgive me friends," said Fainor. I believe we are those you are expecting. We are the elves of Ullenor and we have come-"

"Prove it!", interrupted the soldier.

Elwen wondered if all humans were as stupid as the one stood in front of him. Aren't our ears proof enough? thought Elwen. He wanted to say what he was thinking but thought better of it. The last thing he wanted to do was to cause hostility. Or be scolded from Fainor for disobeying his orders.

"The egg! Where's the egg? Show me the egg!", demanded the soldier, his voice getting louder and very aggitated.

Fainor, however, remained as calm and collected as usual. With a swish of his long white hair he turned to Elwen. "The egg, brother Elwen."

The soldier's attention turned to Elwen as the elf hooked his helmet on to the saddle and reached in to the leather bag. With both hands he pulled out the black egg and held it in front of him so that the soldiers could get a good view of it.

"Is this proof enough, my friend?", asked Fainor.

Not a problem. Post when you can.

The remainder of the night grew colder and the strong wind from the west increased. Elwen struggled to keep warm, his hooded cloak useless against the icy breeze. He propped himself against the trunk of a large tree and pulled his cloak tighter in an attempt to garner some warmth.

After a short length of time, he was sure the others were asleep. Three motionless lumps stuck out from the ground where they lay. Elwen slowly untied the leather bag he had carried earlier, which was now hidden under his cloak. Opening it, he reached inside and carefully pulled out the black egg-shaped object. He held it with both hands and studied it. It was no bigger than Elwen's head. It's surface as smooth as anything he had felt before. It weighed several pounds but it felt lighter than it should have. Despite the severity of the cold weather a hint of warmth emanated from the hard shell. Holding the egg tight, Elwen eventually drifted in to a restless slumber, thankful of the warmth of the egg.

Daybreak was soon upon them. The sun rose the next morning, yet it was still rather dark in the forest due to the density of the high trees that blocked the sky from view. A swirling mist had formed, creeping across the forest's floor, almost thick enough to obscure the ground. Elwen was woken with a light prod. As he opened his eyes he saw Varya, a raven haired female elf stooped over him. "It is time, youngling.", she said with a soft voice. Elwen had always liked Varya. She had always been nice to him. This was only Varya's second trip with the ferrying party. So, she like Elwen was still learning the landscape to the south of Ullenor.

Elwen rubbed his eyes and struggled to his feet. He placed the egg back into the leather bag and tied it. Fainor and the other elf who completed their party, Hubyr, were tending to their horses. "Brother Fainor believes we will reach Korva's Keep by midday, Elwen.", Varya explained holding out an apple for him to take . "You should eat."

They left the clearing shortly after. The sound of the Ullenori Falls crashing in the distance grew faint. The four elves rode in a single file for the next few miles. Fainor, the leader, led the way, his long silver hair shining in the early morning sunlight. On his back was a long bow along with a quiver of arrows. Elwen was next, his leaf-shaped ears now visible and the gold trimmed hilt on his back. The leather bag holding the black egg was strapped firmly to the saddle. Varya followed Elwen. She too carried a bow, though hers was slightly smaller than that of Fainors. At the rear was Hubyr. A helmet of exquisite craftsmanship rested upon his head and a mean looking spear could be seen in his hand.

Their journey was relatively uneventful for the next hour. They had reached the outskirts of the Ullenori Forest as the high, dense trees were replaced with open fields and lands. Korva's Keep was now barely visible on the horizon. A black smudge on the horizon. What once was a formidable stone watchtower, now lay in ruins, ravaged during the Great War. The Keep had been the location chosen some ninety years ago by the elves and men as the place in which to exchange the eggs. It is a remote and secluded place and is pretty much the half-way point between B'ylah, the capital of Aldenea and the Elf city Ullenor.

The four elves upon their horses stopped, now in line with one another. "The Keep," said Elwen to himself. "We made it."

He thought none of the others had heard him, until Fainor patted him on the back. "We still have a long way to go brother Elwen," he said, a wry smile upon his face. "Hubyr, lead the way."

And with that they headed towards Korva's Keep.

Many folk of Aldenea believe the elves to be one with nature and animals. They see them as devine beings who, with their flawless appearances and superhuman strength's and abilities, are a race to be admired. The elves are well known to keep themselves to themselves and rarely venture from their home in the north, Ullenor, a city built within the Ullenori Forest.

Since the Great War ended only a select number of elves have left the walls of the great city. These elves had been chosen by the High Elf, who is the equivalent of a king or queen, and charged with the task of ferrying one of the two remaining dragon eggs in existence. The other placed in the hands of men.

Once a year, for almost a century, an exchange of the last two eggs is held.


A stiff wind howled in the night, blowing the cloak tails of the four hooded figures upon their steeds. They were two days in to their journey to the rendezvous with the humans in the south and the weather had been rather unforgiving. Although the downpour from the previous night had eased, a restless wind continued to blast through the Ullenori forest.

They trotted carefully in to the darkness, the path in front of them lit only by the candlelight lanterns they carried. The elf city, Ullenor lay well behind them, now just a distant memory. Amongst the small party was Elwen, an elf of royal blood. His pointed ears were hid underneath the hood of his cloak. His build is slim but strong and an air of elegance surrounded him. A powerful looking sword, with gold trimmings and a red stone on it's hilt, was hung over his back. He lifted his head and sniffed the cold air and an unusual scent wafted across his nostrils. This was his first venture outside of the walls of Ullenor, so he figured it was inevitable that he would come across many scents that seemed new and unusual to him. Nevertheless, he checked the bag attached to the saddle and secured it a little tighter, the object inside safe and protected.

"Stay together.", came a voice from behind Elwen. It was the voice of Fainor, the eldest and the leader of the group. His long white hair just about visible underneath his hood. Elwen wondered if he had noticed the unusual scent too. The others obeyed Fainor's orders and formed a tighter pack.

The faint sound of the Ullenori Falls could be heard. This was the only sound that broke the silence of the forest, except for the occasional whinnying from their steeds or the hoot of an owl. Elwen had heard and read of the Ullenori Forest and the vast array of living creatures that inhabited it. Yet, for the last two days he'd merely seen anything other than a small doe. He didn't mention his concerns to Fainor or the the others, in fear of being considered frightened or troubled of being so far from Ullenor. Infact, he had been looking forward to being part of the ferrying party, ever since his father, High Elf Rhyeagan, chose him. Yet, he would be lying if he said he wasn't a little worried of the task in hand.

This would be his first meeting with a human after all. Although, he wasn't scared about this prospect. He knew that the elves had sharper abilities and senses than the humans and they would be no match for Elwen and his companions. Still, he couldn't shake the odd feeling stirring inside of him.

The four horses with their riders cantered along the trail, careful not stray too far from each other. A clearing was visible up ahead.

"We should rest.", said the familiar voice of Fainor. Elwen was pleased to hear this, for they had not stopped for the whole two days, except to water their steeds at a small lake.

"Do we continue our journey at sunrise, Fainor?", asked Elwen as he tied his white horse to a nearby tree.

"We do,", replied Fainor. "So rest well, brother. We have only but a few hours."
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