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21 hrs ago
Current replies will be a bit slow, it’s the weekend and i’m getting drunk x
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4 mos ago
can life just like.. stop, pls n thankq
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ny heavy rotation. countin’ down the days until i see my girl Lizzo 🤤

1. Colors - Halsey
2. Truth Hurts - Lizzo
3. Location - Khalid
4. Jimmy - Tones & I
5. Falling For Boys - Julia Michaels
7. If You Want Love - NF
8. Don’t Kill My High - Lost Kings, Wiz Khalifa, Social House
9. I Like Me Better - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC - Lauv
10. F**k You - Kailee Morgue
have a littttle bit of spare time over the coming weeks. looking for something to sink my teeth into over the holiday period 🎅🏽
second bump in a weekend. #desperate 🙃
craving something new 👑
new plot/prompts/pairings added ⭐️
looking once again ❤️
bump. currently looking.
lil bump
Opening this back up again. Currently craving something dark and gritty.
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