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Feeling burnt out. Medication isn't working like it should. I'm gonna try to keep writing, but it might take a while.
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Sottu got making people wait. My wife is getting ready to run her own DnD campaign soon, and I'm helping her.
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My PS4 save date got deleted. I'm actually quite upset.


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8 days since the last post. Anyone still interested?
"We both have, but I'm not gonna let you get turned away." Adam said as he reached for his friend's hand. "I've seen how far you've come in the last six months. You are growing stronger with the Force every single day, and if this Master Yoda can't see that you aren't capable, then he's not worth both of us."

In the last six months, he felt like he had gotten much closer to the Princess of Alderaan. When he met her, he was infatuated with her, but that was just puppy love. This... was something else.

He gave her hand a good squeeze. "Come on. Worst case scenario, we go home and continue our own training." Adam said before taking back the controls and taking the U-wing in. The grey lump of a planet grew larger and larger before them as Adam prepared to find a good place to land.
The U-wing came out of hyperspace with a jolt, and Adam felt the shake through the whole ship. He was still relatively new as a pilot, but he manage keep the ship under control. Adam Skywalker, son of Anakin, had only been learning how to fly for about six months or so, but he was slowly proving to be a natural pilot. Between that and keeping up on his training as a Jedi, he had kept relatively busy. He even found time to teach Kijani a few things.

"There it is." Adam said, looking at the dull grey planet before them. "Dagobah." The planet looks to be a miserable place, and Adam wondered, not for the first time, why a Jedi Master would come here. The only reason he could think of was that it had a strong connection to the Force, and might mask his presence.

"There's no telling what's waiting for us down there." Adam said, taking his hands of the controls and stroking his beard. "Although I can't imagine Obi-wan sending us here if it was too dangerous." He turned to his companion sitting in the seat next to him. "Ready, Kijani?"
Tomlin did the final checks on his X-Wing and made sure his astromech was securely attached. F1-4K, or Flak for short, had been assigned to Raptor Leader by their head mechanic Stams, a Rodian with a chip on his shoulder. The different assortment of rare and old ships led to him calling the group Relic Squadron, and it was a pain for him to find parts to keep them all in working condition. Still, he was a genius, so Tomlin didn't begrudge him a few moments of complaining.

Once everything was ready, the pilot strapped himself in and began his flight check. "Raptor Lead, launching." he said as the green and white X-wing began to take off. He pointed his fighter out of the hanger doors and let the engines take him out to the vacuum of space. As he made his distance from the Courageous, he punched his hyperspace coordinates.

"Raptor Leader to all wings. Once we arrive at the station, begin your attack." he said into the comm as the three transport ships formed up behind him.

"Prepare to for the launch to hyperspace."
Good posts everyone. Next post coming tomorrow.
Darth Vader stood above the catwalk, surveying the damages done to the Death Star. One of the cores had been destroyed, and the resulting power surge fried many of the stations systems, including the engines. Fires had also broken out, but thankfully the emergency repair teams were getting them under control. What was more maddening than the damages was the fact that the rebels slipped out during all the chaos. The Emperor would demand and explanation... and retribution.

In his fist, Vader still grasped the lightsaber of Obi-Wan Kenobi. When the Sith Lord struck down the old man, he vanished, becoming one with the force. All that was left was his dusty old robe and his weapon.

Kenobi brought two Jedi apprentices with him. One of them was Kijani Organa, of all people. The princess of Alderaan would prove to be a powerful opponent of the dark side and leader of the Rebels. There was another, too. A boy who had shown some skill with a lightsaber. More than that, there was something about him that reminded Vader of...

"Padme." Vader said to himself, saying the name he thought he had forgotten. How long had it been since he last saw his beloved wife? And why did this boy bring back these memories?

"Sir?" said the officer standing not far behind vader, already nervous. He had come to inform vader that the Emperor demanded an audience with both him and the Grand Moff.

"As he wishes." Vader said, turning towards the turbolift to take to his shuttle. It would be a long flight to the Emperor's palace at Coruscant...
"Yes, I do." Max said, now that he was fully equipped and committed to this dangerous new task. After what happened in the ballroom, it was far too late to have second thoughts.

"I've gone over some of my own technical notes regarding the Orion, and it looks like we might be able to pilot it ourselves. Depending on how far we are going, of course." he said as they walked. "Which reminds me. After we do this, what happens next? I'm all for screwing the corporation, but where do we go from here? Should we start our own company?"

After leaving the party in a rush, he quickly went home to grab a few necessities. Mostly just warm clothes and some tools. The last thing he picked up before he left his apartment was a gun. He desperately hoped that he wouldn't need it, but Mr. Dorrsett taught him to expect the unexpected.

When they approached the small airship on the platform, he let Octavia take the lead and pilot the ship to the hanger, where the Orion and adventure awaited.
Adam managed to find the shower, and even remembered where his old clothes were hidden before changing into his disguise. Clean and with a few hours of sleep, he made his way to the cockpit to check on Han and Chewie.

"How are we holding up?" Adam said, taking a seat behind Chewbacca.

"Well, it looks like the Empire are more concerned with fixing their space station than chasing us, so it looks like we're clear." Han said. "Bail told us where the rebels were, and we should be there in an hour or so."

Adam nodded. His thoughts fell back to Kijani, sleeping in one of the backrooms. Now that Obi-wan was gone, she was really the only person he knew. He remembered what Bail said about staying away from her, but he'd like to think she cared for him, too.

"Han, you're pretty popular with girls, right?" Adam asked. Han turned his head with a look of confused suspicion on his face.

"I mean, yea. Why?"

Adam internally took a deep breath. "So you know how to talk to them and not seem like an idiot, right?" Han stared blankly for just a second before he and his wookie companion burst into laughter.

"You mean, can I help you get Kijani to like you?" the smuggler said between breaths. Adam suddenly felt his face grow very, very red.

"Am I really that obvious?" Adam said, knowing it was pointless to try and argue.

"Yes, kid. You are really that obvious." Han said, finally calming down.

"So are you gonna help me or not?" Adam was starting to feel a little ridiculous.

"I would, but she's a princess. Are you sure you're not aiming a little too high?" Han asked. That was exactly the question Adam had been asking himself for the last few hours. Her home was gone, but she was still royalty. Surely she could do much better than a dirty farmboy, Jedi or no Jedi.

"Honestly, I don't know. I'd like to think I'd still be in love with her if she wasn't a princess. I mean, she's brave, clever and very kind. Could she settle for much better than me? Definitely, but I'd like to at least try."
Tomlin answered all of the questions in turn, glad that his new pilots were at least taking this seriously. As this was his first mission flying with the Rebels, he wasn't sure what to expect.

"The three transport ships will be taking the commandos into the station, so your U-wing should be empty. If there is an emergency, we can use it to evacuate casualties or more supplies." he said to the Shistavanen pilot. "Otherwise, just back up the fighters."

"As for resistance, we know that the station carries a compliment of TIE's, as well as a few turbolasers. It's absolutly vital we knock out their communications so they can't call for reinforcements. The commandos are carrying explosives, and will attempt to destroy the station once their other objectives are complete. However, if something goes wrong, our priority remains getting the supplies back to the fleet."

"If there are no further questions, then prepare your ships. We leave in one hour."
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