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Current Congrats to fellow Red Hoods RPers on 100 IC posts!!!! 🎉🎉🎉You guys are all pretty awesome =D
3 days ago
@Shiva sci-fi western - firefly style
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2 mos ago
@madruga probably easier to just paint the outside if the stains are really bad :/
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2 mos ago… Murder mystery in an isolated Antarctic research station - should be fun, but we still need 2 more players!
2 mos ago
Just heard about what happened in New Zealand. I wanted to say something, but there really aren't words in these situations. I hope everyone's doing okay, stay strong New Zealand


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Possibly interested, depending on what you mean by low fantasy :)
Haha, yeah, still going on :) People are a bit more active over on the Discord tbh
Still here :) We're just still doibg the trial thingey
@ZAVAZggg I wouldn't worry about it too much :) I don't thknk the exact layout's necessarily the most important thing lol, and I don't think I've ever been in an rp where people are on the same page about these things lol xP
Question, are we all in the same room or seperate ones? I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of where everyone is.

I though it was a single corridor, with doors along it leading off into three separate rooms -

Finlay stopped for a moment to retrieve a parchment from his back pocket. "Dragomir, Cohen, Chase and Fendrel... Move your arses, you're in this one," he said, pointing to the room to the immediate right. "Album, Devout, O'Shay and Whitlock... This one," he said, pointing to the room to the left, across the hall from the first. He began to backpedal to the next set of doorways as he called out the last group. "Celestina, Von Lilen, and Rivington... Here ya are."
@Phlegm Welcome! =D (Is this who Finlay's gone off to get?)

Jaw set, Colin eyed Kiri as she approached. Candlelight from the sconces lining the walls flickered over her stony features, casting them in a grim light. The urge to take a step backwards swelled, but he stayed firm, meeting her cool eyes dead on. About to say something, he opened his mouth, however, he stopped at the sound of another voice popping up from the back corner of the room - “ looks l-like we're all roommates..?”

There was someone else in there with them?

He cast an eye over the room – skimmed over the four rickety cots, the chest of draws, shoved into the corner and blanketed in a thick mat of dust, the bookshelves, home to what appeared to be a tattered copy of some previous occupant’s personal bestiary, missing half of its pages – all absolutely fascinating, but still not a third person - whom he assumed was 'Celestina'.

Except – what was that? A green glimmer, out of the corner of his eye. He directed his attention towards it, taking a moment to make out the shape of an, incredibly small, young woman. He rubbed his bottom lip with the back of his thumb, an unusually considered movement, brow furrowed, “Are you… some kind of spellcaster?”


Colin watched as Gottfried was escorted out.

He shot Eliza a nervous look. The knight had seemed strong, not just physically – although being able to take a hit seemed like it would have been a useful skill to have on their side. Beyond that, if someone like Gottfried couldn’t make it, then what chance did he have?

They’d let him go though. With relatively little fuss. It seemed, perhaps, like this would be their last chance to leave. Colin would have been lying if he said he didn’t want to join Gottfried and walk right out that door – but he couldn’t. The knight looked like a formidable opponent, and Colin believed him when he said he’d be ‘fighting the good fight’ alone. Colin on the other hand, was under no delusions that he would be capable of the same thing.

It took a while for Finlay to return, time he made use of to prepare for the upcoming trial. Pointedly avoiding eye contact with the few stragglers still milling about the hallway, he walked up to where his arrow was still sticking out of the ceiling gripped it firmly in his right hand, and managed to pull it out with just a few good tugs. He inspected it for damage – it seemed pretty much okay – and placed it back in his quiver. He counted them up – fifteen arrows. Not too bad, depending on what they were about to face. If it came to it, he always had his daggers as back up.

He went back to where he’d dumped his back on the bed, rummaged around for a second until he came up with his arm guard and glove. His forearm was still red and sore from firing without wearing it earlier, and would likely bruise come afternoon – a rookie mistake, and one that he was lucky hadn’t been more costly. He slipped the guard on now, so that he didn’t forget.

Feeling at least a little more prepared than before, he poked his head back out of the room at the sound of approaching footsteps.

Finlay was back, behind him young woman followed. She had a vicous looking sword strapped to her waiste, and was wearing the look of somebody being escorted to their execution – this was Gottfried’s replacement? An expression that Colin couldn’t quite place crossed her delicate features – it hadn’t been pleasant, whatever it was - an intuition she confirmed as she brushed past and into the room without a second glance.

Well, wasn’t she just delightful?

He turned to follow her, watching as she dumped her belongings on a bed in stony silence. He should probably introduce himself if they were going to be roommates.

He cleared his throat from where he stood by the door, “The name’s Colin, by the way. Not that you seem all that interested.”

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