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Current I learned Sign Language about a year ago I think it was pretty cool
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7 days ago
Anyone know any good Demon Slayer Roleplays?
10 days ago
If you like ocean/ship themed adventures check out my interest check!…
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Look at how they post with the exaggerated swagger of a roleplayer guild member


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@Dark Cloud all of your characters will get a note stating to meet at a certain location in the sea so where they are at that exact time is up to you
@Dark Cloud most people see the wave blessed as outsiders though demons enjoy their company as they are powerful and demons are drawn to power
@Dark Cloudyeah there are
@Dark Cloud

Demons have been around for as long as anyone can remember. From the beginning of human records there have always been demons tormenting them having said to crawl out of the underworld. Then the angels descended and waged a long bloody war with the demons. This war took so many human lives and became so brutal that the Lord of the seas Neptune himself appeared to stop it. Eventually the two sides reached a compromise, if the war stopped then the Demons and Angels could hold a tournament in the limbo realm known as purgatory. This tournament is still unknown to humans and only known to these two sides and is the only reason the Demons and Angels are at a semi peace.

Origins are unknown to humans but the way demons are conceived is not as complex as other life forms. They are spawned in the underworld fully grown and in a conscious state. They then just climb a ladder out of the Underworld of they want to reach the surface. This in turn looks like the demon crawls directly out of the ground.
@Dark Cloud yeah sure what questions do you have?
@StitchedOwl it will be the three of us till he returns and yes I am leaving it open for people to join, also sorry for the late response I was so tired I clocked out at like eight last night
@Dark Cloud Tropicana man myself
Lol thank you it's my cologne
@StitchedOwlonce dark cloud is finished we will begin, Martian has been gone for a while so we will start without him
@Dark Cloud no problem
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