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also, i'm not really clear on something here. Are we like... mercenaries? government contractors? Intrepid explorer's looking to stake mining claims?
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oh god yes, please someone play a hanar gunslinger
I might be interested in a human engineer type of character. 'Shotguns and pistols and drones Oh my!'
Hello peoples! I'm looking for something set in the star wars universe and preferably more story heavy than 'adult content ridden', though it isn't necessarily out of the question entirely. Anyway, I tend to prefer the older, pre-disney/ legacy cannon. And the older eras of the star wars universe. The mandolorian wars, old sith wars, the great civil war, subsequent cold war, the clone wars are about the most recent era that I actually like.

I'm open to ideas, while I have plenty of starters below, but I am open to hearing your own ideas. Alot of these ideas are MxF pairings, but they can be FxF or MxM (though without any romance elements). obviously some of these ideas could get pretty dark. Star wars isn't nearly as grim as settings like warhammer, but it still has it's dark chapters and harrowing 'X rated' moments, And anything involving the sith/empire (again, legends sith not more gentle disney sith) can go well beyond PG pretty quickly.

Also let me get this out of the way now. I am not going to be able to give you daily responses. At best I shoot for once a week. But honestly it might be every other week. If i'm lucky I can get 2 posts out in the same week.

Between other games, and my job which has me working long shifts. I just don't have the time or energy for a faster pace. These games are meant to be fun and relaxing. If I feel pressured to keep up with some arbitary schedule than it ceases to be an entertaining hobby for me, and becomes just another chore.

So let's make a deal, you don't hound me for responses and I wont hound you. If three or more weeks pass and I still haven't responded, feel free to poke me.


This one is simple, the age old Jedi master x padawan pairing. But I really, really like these two characters. Both of them are just excellent and brimming with potential.

For example I see the padawan (the one of the left) as perhaps taken when she was older than normal. In her mid teens, and perhaps saved by my character's old master. I view her as coming from a harsh planet ridden with poverty. Perhaps she was working as a whore, a petty thief with a seemingly endless bag of luck (the force) and intuition. Her old life and habits, even personal dress and decorum (the non-regulation hair) are still very much a part of who she is, not having been raised in the serenity of the Jedi temple. Never the less she was discovered, partly by chance by myself, and my master who detected her force sensitivity after a brief run-in (perhaps she tried to steal from my character, not recognizing a Jedi or not thinking one would ever come to her world.) lifted her out of poverty and offered her a new life.

My character's old master who has since dissapeared into the outer rim shortly after granting my character full Jedi knighthood some years later. Your character may not have known this immediately as she was going through an accelerated training regime as is typical with older candidates, and padawan to another master. But when news finally does reach the Jedi temple that a particular Jedi master has gone missing near the edge of the galaxy his former pupil and protege is alerted. Knowing that the bond between a master and pupil is never truly severed, regardless of ones elevation through the ranks of the order. He is believed to be the most capable individual to track down the missing master of the order.

In comes your character who has heard of the disappearance and is determined to offer her help. Her training is still unfinished and her master definately does not consent to her appeals and reasoning to abandong her training and join a galactic manhunt. She is still very much untrained and likely to get herself into extreme danger. Not ever one to sit idle or hold her opinions to herself however, the padawan sneaks herself into the ship of the Jedi knight mere hours before its takeoff.

From here I figure there would be a fun moment where she is forced to reveal herself, but only after she is certain they travelled far enough to ensure that turning around again to drop her off would be a waste of valuable time. She will probably lie, offer some tripe about being assigned as my characters padawan for the journey and that she is there on orders from the council. Which would quickly fall apart once My character calls the council to verify.

We can discuss further specifics of that conversation but in the end my character would relent and agree to let her accompany him. Both because taking her back to the temple would waste time and if she was this determined she would probably run off and find a way back to the outer rim anyway. But she would have to agree, unconditionally to be his padawan and obey his instructions as her master without question. The result is a learning experience for both of them, as she now has to learn how to behave like a Jedi as she no longer represents just herself by her actions. But the whole reputation of the order, And my character has to become an instructor years earlier than he intended to, and under less than ideal conditions to say the least.

The mission the two are on could span months of in-game time. Maybe a few years as they diligently search for the former master and any clues about the means of his dissapearance.

Sith Master x Apprentice

The Sith Empire has conquered another world. Tore through it's pitiful defences and brought it's population to it's knees. They quickly established their dominance over the locals through a series of harsh resistance crack downs. For a while executions were a near daily occurance but have calmed down. The locals still resent Imperial rule and still plot to contact the republic and overthrow their tyrant masters.

One plot in particular is in motion. It is a bold move but it is one that the resistance believes is worth the risk. The Republic has regrouped and is now fighting it's way back to reclaim the lost world. Both the resistance and the sith forces know this. The resistance wants to Eliminate the Sith lord in charge of the defences. Weakening the command structure and the blanket of fear and ominous power he represents.

As the Republic assault begins so does the Resistance's strike. It was a valiant effort and it certainly threw the Sith forces into a panicked confusion once they started being shot from behind as well as from the front. Unfortunately for the resistance A Sith warrior is not an easy target. And even with the element of surprise it takes more than blasters and a few grenades to bring one low.

As the dust settles and most of the resistance fighters are being butchered, the sith lord assess the damage of this attack. Despite the futility of trying to kill a sith. The panic caused by the assault on his position and the lives it claimed succeeded in weakening the Sith line. They needed to fall back. He saw the familiar green and blue hues and the distinctive hum of a lightsaber and knew the jedi had arrived to reinforce the assault.

He gives the command to retreat but not before stopping over the unconcious body of one of the resistance fighters. A young woman. Bruised and battered now but otherwise very pretty. But she also has something else about her. An aura much like those being emitted by the jedi rapidly approaching his position. Much like his own, But more wild and untamed. He stops one of his troopers from executing her where she lay and orders that she be taken with them.

Sith x Slave

This one borrows heavily from SWTOR.…

Use that picture as inspiration. I want to play a sith warrior opposite a twi'lek (or really any alien) slave. She will not be a slave picked at random to accompany him. She would have been caught for smuggling or some other crime that happened to be conducted within the borders of Imperial space. But she has a scrap of knowledge or a special skill that can prove invaluable, so she hasn't been killed or tortured.

She also happens to be scrapper. And more than a little sarcastic despite her perdicament of being imprisoned and subsequently enslaved.

MC will take an interest to her. Maybe he finds her rebellious nature amusing and refreshing compared to the average Imperial citizen who simply kowtows whenever he enters a room. Maybe he takes it upon himself to try and break that rebellious spirit. Seeing it as a challenge he cannot refuse.

Regardless, MC will own YC. And they will travel together on all manner of adventures.

Sith x Apprentice (2)

This is a more standard take where the Sith Temple will assign MC to take on an apprentice. The sith structured differently during the years of the cold war and around Revan's time. So it wasn't that unusual to see force sensative individuals assigned to a master. Often they were only discovered because they were captured/purchased as slaves and their force sensativity was discovered soon after. Some however come from strong families with a history of eugenics style breeding that lead to force sensitive dynasties.

That is how I want to start this pairing. YC would be a released slave who is now being given the chance to be the oppressor. Or a haughty silver spooned noble forced to bow and scrap as a meagre apprentice, barely above a slave. However she came to his service, with the right guidance and the careful cultivation of her emotions she could become powerful indeed.

There are other hurtles to overcome of course. Barring the rare exception and specifically what era we set this in, the Empire is a realm built on the ideals of human supremacy. The sith do not turn away force sensitive aliens, they are put through the same trails as any other acolyte. But they will always carry the stigma of being an alien and have to work twice as hard as a result.

possible apprentice character-…

Jedi knight x Sith apprentice

This idea is the inverse of the above plot. Instead of a Sith corrupting a jedi to the dark side, what happens when a sith apprentice is given a chance at redemption? Her master is dead and sith honour demands she slay the jedi responsible. Perhaps she listens to jedi reasoning when he says he does not wish to fight her. He offers her a chance at a new life in the republic and the jedi order. Initially she might only accept the off because the alternative is death and she figures she can bide her time and strike at the heart of the jedi by gaining their trust.

Or perhaps she tries to kill the jedi and fails, is seriously injured and falls unconcious but is saved by the jedi at the point of death. Taken back on board his ship and healed she is then offered her second chance. Perhaps her personal code of honour demands a form of life-debt towards this jedi who saved her. She may not like it but her culture demands it.

Obviously this seems to be a MxF game but it can easily be FxF. and i'm open to playing either role here, though I lean towards wanting to be the jedi.… I would love for someone to play this character as the apprentice, but of course it's your character.

Jedi x Trooper

I want this idea to be set well into the midst of the Great galactic civil war. When Tensions were at their highest and Sith were just as plentiful as the jedi. In particular the Story is between a Jedi Padawan and a Republic trooper, a sergeant of The Republic military squad/platoon. I am looking for this pairing because I want to explore some interesting differences. Perspectives of a galactic war from someone raised under the jedi code working alongside a ‘commoner’ for lack of a better word. As a Jedi she has a very different view on the war. She raised in a temple on mostly pacifist values, with arguably the best quality education in the galaxy being offered to her from childhood.

By contrast he is of a more common upbringing. The kind that people all over the Republic are familiar with in one form or another. Prospects for the future were likely more limited and his homeworld may have even been effected by the conflict. Enlisting would have been one of his only options at the time from a young age. And being raised into adult-hood while in uniform does colour ones opinions just as strongly as being raised in a jedi temple. Albiet in a different direction.

Differences of opinion may lead to arguments and outright shouting. But It is also the reason they stay together. Opposites attract. Because as much as The soldiers black and white views might seem simple and crude to the jedi, they exist because of a wealth of personal experience have somewhat jaded him. Those same experiences made him into a man of honour and discipline. In many ways the ideal Republic soldier.

And the Jedi’s constant desire for more peaceful solutions even when they are clearly improbable and their mantra of emotionless serenity can easily piss other people off who are trying to deal with them, people who are subject to those emotions that the jedi look down upon and find the jedi more than a little patronizing and self righteous to the point of arrogance.

For a basic plot to start us off I see both of our characters on a planet in the outer rim of the galaxy. On a world currently teetering on the brink of civil war between those who want to stay in the Republic and those who want to strike out on their own and seceed. No shots have been fired yet but there have been ugly brawls in more than a few cantinas.

The Republic sent a jedi master(your characters master) and their padawan to the planet in the hopes that they might help act as a mediator and beacon of calm wisdom in opposition to the heated tempers of Republic and Seperatist diplomats.

When the situation finally reached the boiling point the Republic wasn't nearly as prepared as the seperatists. The fighting was impossible to reign back and the situation devolved quickly. As quickly as the Republic reinforcements came there was an imperial strike fleet only minutes behind. Claiming that they arrived in response to a request for aid from the seperatist. Officially they do not engage Republic forces directly but claim to be responding to said humanitarian cry for help by offering aid and supplies to the bewildered locals and to support and stand up for their independence.

From there is where my character makes his appearance. Republic special forces was bound to send a team in as soon as the Imperials made an appearance. Gods only know what they want or why they chose to risk the ceasefire by appearing over this world. But the Republic will find out and they will stop whatever scheme they invariably set in motion on the surface.

Some cool jedi pictures I found, but by no means a must-…

My Idea of the Trooper-

Sith x Imperial officer

To anyone who has played SWTOR and the Black talon flashpoint, this will be pretty familiar to you. i've replayed it recently and thought of how interesting of a story it could make with a few tweaks. For those unfamiliar with what i'm talking about. The setup is something like this.

An Imperial corvette, The warspite is just getting ready to leave dock and continue on it's mission to rendevous and join it's new fleet assignment, Only to have recieved a sudden and unexpected command to abandon it's current orders, take on a new, unannounced passenger and prepare to intercept and engage a much larger and more dangerous republic warship. The captain of the warpsite protests, he is a good man with a strong, if unexciting service record who believes this assignment will only lead to the destruction of his ship and waste many imperial lives. Unfortunately the 'surprise passenger' taken on board is a sith. One who is brooking no excuses and no delays. This sith muscles their way onto the bridge to demand an explanation as to why the Warspite isn't already jumping to hyperspace, and when the captain voices his concern in person he is executed almost immediately by the sith for cowardice.

Now the bridge is in chaos, the captain is dead, many junior officers are stuck between terror and confusion and the shipboard marines have no idea if they should be kneeling in deference to the sith or attempting an arrest. One thing is clear, the sith is still angry and demanding that someone, anyone with a spine to take command and carry out his orders. This is a chance one of the senior lieutenants pounces on, not just because it means they finally get their first command. But this lieutenant (if they play their cards right) can earn the respect and approval of a Sith. Having the gratitude of such a potentially powerful patron can be highly rewarding in the empire. The Sith, in turn are always looking for loyal officers with high (exploitable) ambitions and a ruthless streak to rival a master of the dark side. And such a working relationship can continue well beyond just one assignment.

This pairing could be MxF, FxF. I originally though of it with a female officer and a male sith. But it could be either.

Trooper X Trooper
This pairing is pretty vague and can be set in almost any era and faction within the universe. But basically the idea of ordinary troopers being put together in a special forces squad. Either as new members joining an existing unit or building/rebuilding a decimated one from the ground up. The purpose of this division can be anything really. It could be formed by republic/sith command simply as a response to a rapidly escalating conflict on a specific world/system and the entire rp takes place in one protracted and grueling campaign of conquest/rebellion.

Or more of a rapid response and assault team. Rapidly moving from warzone to warzone wherever they are needed or whenever a sufficiently high value target rears their head. This can be a crack republic assault team in the style of havoc squad. Or a imperial infiltration and suppression unit. Formed to hunt down dissidents, put down rebellions by assassinating their leadership, and combating their own republic special forces counterparts, etc, etc.

This idea can be MxF, or FxF and as I said, i'm open to brainstorming as it can be in any era and any faction really. Though I do prefer older eras and legacy cannon. Mandolorian wars, revanite wars, hyperspace war, etc. Or something based even earlier than that.

Jedi x Slave

Now bear with me on this one. Obviously this wont be a story about a jedi owning a slave, but what does a jedi do when they are sent to a blighted world like nar shadda, or into the lower levels of couresant itself to carry out an assignment. Pacifism and academic ideals will only take you so far and earn you little respect in places where life is cheap and absolutely any vice can be indulged for the right price, no matter how depraved or disturbing.

The jedi could be looking for someone specific, tasked with taking down a particular gang or just finding something really valuable, valuable enough that the jedi council couldn't trust its recovery to the army or Security & intelligence services.

In such a place which is the anathema of everything a jedi stands for he would need a guide. Someone who knows the lay of the land. Who can be bribed and who shouldn't be trusted, etc. Perhaps while attempting (and failing) to find people willing to talk in a local cantina the jedi is approached by one of the dancers/bar girls. After pulling him into one of the back rooms she makes him an offer. She can be his underworld guide and do her best to help him with whatever his job is. But her price is her own freedom. He can buy her, liberate her, whatever. But if he get's her out of slavery and takes her back with him to the upper levels or offworld entirely. She'll do anything and everything she can.

Jedi x Scoundrel

This idea would have many of the same story beats as the jedi x slave pairing. Only in this story the council thought ahead and instead of sending one of their own into a strange world they cannot hope to navigate alone, they hired someone to act as that guide.

Now 'Scoundrel' is a pretty broad description. This person could be a stereotypical star wars smuggler captain with their own ship, an outwordly greedy soul with a heart of gold. A hard blooded merc/ mandolorian who has experience on the world or actually knows something about the person/thing the jedi are after. or someone the jedi meets early in their travels and agrees to help, partly out of boredom, partly for the challenge, and partly for the considerable fee they were promised.

Jedi x resistance

Trooper x resistance

Intelligence agent x Scoundrel

Imperial Intelligence has always been given a broad mandate to 'ensure the internal security and stability of the Empire'. How it's agents accomplish this feat is varied. What is known is that the Empire's intelligence network puts the Republic's to shame. Partly because they have no moral quams about making great sacrifices and using tactics so despicable they would shatter the minds of their SIS counterparts. For those unfamiliar with this particular organization, a comparable institution might be the Spectres from mass effect.

Field agents are given near complete legal immunity to do whatever they have to do to ensure the Emperor's will is done. It's not just a liscence to kill, it's a liscence to terrorize, murder, torture, lie, cheat, steal and seduce their way to victory. They can also hire or recruit anyone they believe could be a potential asset.

For example, Rather than execute the blood thirsty pirate who destroyed three military transports and tortured dozens of imperial sailors. Why not capture him and offer to hire him instead? Pay him a paltry tribute and set a deranged murderer loose on the republic. It's a win-win.

So let's create a story with an II agent and one such low life scum they recruit to their cause. How are they recruited? Well that's a great question with several fun possibilities. But not nearly as important as why they are recruited. The answer to either will require a good deal of brainstorming.

intelligence agent x Scoundrel

Basically the republic sided version of the above story. Substitute all references of 'Imperial intelligence' for 'Security & Intelligence Services' Though obviously some parts of the story will be less tame. The Republic's intelligence arm has broad discrecenary powers too, but still has some moral and ethical lines it wont cross. Might be fun to push up against those lines though.
I like Grecian style mythology and bronze age era fun times. But this is a little light on detail. Is there anything else you can say about this idea?
@Niksis@Jarl Coolgruuf@TyrannosaursRex@BangoSkank@Afro Samurai@Fallen Muse

Right, sorry for my lack of contact on this rp and this site in particular. In the weeks leading up to the pandemic my industry of work (telecommunications) got... weird for obvious reasons. It was still weird for a bit but it's calmed somewhat. I know I left this high and dry and I apologize.

@Afro Samurai Working on it. I caught a chest cold earlier this week and have been dealing with that and trying not to take days off work at the same time (and failing). I am off the rest of the day and tomorrow. So I am working on it
@Jarl Coolgruuf that's an idea. Though it may not be something you all choose but something chosen for you. It will probably be heavily influenced by the initial adventure
And with that we are off to the races. I'll keep this thread open in case one or two more people pop in and want to join. But I think we have a solid core. I'll post your warband's leader soon and get an opening IC up this week.
@Niksis@Jarl Coolgruuf@TyrannosaursRex@BangoSkank@Afro Samurai@Fallen Muse

Another quick thing I want to throw at everyone. Every warband needs a name! including ours. I don't just want to name you guys after a GM pc character so if anyone wants to throw around cool name ideas for an aspiring warband. Than lets have 'em!
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