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The gathering crowds were getting thicker as Fer neared the center of town. At first he thought nothing of it. After all, the capital city was a big and with the nearing of the Wave, the citizens were sure to seek refuge inside it’s walls. However, the current multitude did not seem to be your run of the mill market going fest. Something was drawing them to the center of the Square. Sudden realization made Fer utter an “AH…”.

It was not something but SOMEONE. Or maybe even a couple of someones. After all, from what the messenger had said, this was a gathering of Heroes. Fer had assumed it to mean he and Cole but perhaps that bitch of a Bow and maybe even the Spear would be present. Already, the Shield hero was growing tired of this gathering.

The young hero managed to push past the outer rings of the crowd who were trying to get a good glimpse at the celebrity status heroes. The closer he got the tighter packed the crowd. Soon enough he had to force himself through uttering his apologies. Once, a big man looked at him and it seemed as if he was going to cause trouble but then man seemed to recognize Fer and stepped aside grudgingly.

Soon enough he heard a few mutters of disgust and contempt as people began to realize who it was that was pushing through them. He could see the top of the fountain now, the water creating tiny rainbows. Cole’s head also came into view and the Shield Hero knew he was almost there. A sudden excited murmur went through the crow moments before he heard a voice as loud as a herald.

"I see only one hero here has seen fit to answer me. Mighty Sword Hero I thank you for considering my worthy of your time. The Shield must be scared of his duty, and the Bow is an arrogant bitch. I am the Spear Hero. The Man of Prophecy, and Lev Egorov is my name! Let us save this city together."

Fer did not know whether he should feel amused, annoyed or angry. He had known the Spear very briefly before the other man declared he would pursue his own fortune. The young Hispanic would hav hoped that this hero was not as infuriating as the Bow. He hoped that despite the flamboyant and over the top introduction, the Spear might still be better to deal with than Rin.

The Shield pushed his way past a few more spectators and stepped into the ring that was left around the other two Heroes. Following in their footsteps and in a way making fun Fer raised his own voice. “And here I am, the completely useless, villainous and waste of a summon, Fernando Gutierrez, the Shield Hero.” He bowed.

Compared to Cole and Lev, his own way of dressing was much subdued. The green cloak that had been so shiny and new when he bought it a week ago, was startint to frey on the edges and sported some holes. His armor cuirass, greaves and vembrances were dinted and not polished. His face sported a few days of stubble and his hair looked like in need of a hair cut.

“So other than a gathering to announce our titles, what exactly are we doing here?” Fer asked, a bit serious now.
I dont know why but I feel like Fer would walk up to both of your extravagant introductions and burst out laughing. I will try to post tomorrow.
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Time: Early Evening

Location: Caesonia Ball Room

Interaction: @princess Chartlotte Vikena

Mentions: Kadir Family.

wearing and weapons:

Once the second born had said his peace, he once more took his place to the left of his father. He sensed the approached of Lady Mina and gave her a side long look. A sweet scent wafted to his nostrils as the lovely lady did her curtsy and honored the Sultan. The Alidashti prince approved of her simple yet elegant wear. A woman of her beauty did not need additional adornments than what the gods had already provided.


Amir slightly raised an eyebrow at the use of the old way of addressing the Sultan. Only very formal functions, such as the appointment of another Sultan, ever uses such decorum. That meant that only high officials of Alidasht and the royal family knew of such a word. It would seem that Lady Blackwood was well read and the twin could not overlook that.

6It appeared that the fairer sex of these Northern kingdoms were not all dolls of lace and powder. The bravery that he had seen of Lady Charlotte and Lady Mina had been comparable. Maybe not as overt as that of his dear sisters which wore their deadliness on their sleeves, or revealing dress. However, he was sure that these ladies were no less deadly. A look at the serene visage of Queen Alibeth was enough to prove that.

Mina’s revelation that the clumsy Duke had not been born into that position also made the sun kissed man show the slightest of reactions as he furrowed his brow. The caste system in his sandy homeland was almost set in stone and opportunity to advance higher was almost none existent. It was widely believed that the gods had set up this system very much like the way nature had its own chain. For a man to raise to such a high position meant that the man who had caused such ruckus was quite skilled

The twin could see his father’s face begin to show signs of annoyance. The Sultan welcomed counsel but hated no clear resolution. A pang of annoyance at himself was felt deep in his chest. Why had he felt the need to share his own view? Was it because of the selfless act of Lady Vikena? He was still mulling his own foolish actions when Raif addressed the Duke. The man’s face brought mixed feelings. His weakness, worry, and desperation was quite palpable and it left a bitter taste in Amir’s mouth. Kahrem had always been one to please. The quiet twin would seldom if at all voice his opinion. He did not admonish but counsel. He did not punish but educate. He did not show his anger but showed the pain of the wrongs done to him.

Old Amir on the other hand had be quite liberal with his boastings and with his ridicule. He had often chastised both siblings and servants. He was quick to talk down and pounce on people if he felt even the least bit of weakness. His most obvious target had been his own twin who never seemed to stop the aggravation. Amir could see a small reflection of Kahrem in the Duke. As Lorenzo fell to his knees, the emotions being circulate was too much for the second born to put up with. He adverted his eyes from the broken man. Whiter it was out of respect, contempt, or indifference it as hard to tell. Nothing could keep his ears from hearing the pitiful request that the Duke was making to his father. Such words would never sway the Vizier but his father had always been firm but just.

Another couple approached his father. Much like his sire, Amir was beginning to tire of all these speakers. Unlike his father, he had to endure it as proper court politeness demanded. The regal demeanor of the handsome Felix was not lost on Amir. His introduction as a crown prince made sense. The way the handsome lad ported himself a benchmark for other to emulate. On the Prince’s arm was his betrodden. The lady must certainly come from a strong and old house to be an appropriate marriage a heir to the throne. She was definitely beautiful enough. Though the second born hoped Lady Smithwood would have more to offer than just her looks.

The twin could at the very least acknowledge that Prince Felix was educated enough and skilled enough to step in and diffuse the situation. Thankfully, certain responsibilities that some of these Northern royals had to perform were handled by the Vizier. As much as Amir disliked his uncle, he could not deny the man’s skill at court was praise worthy. However, it was this very skill that made him a dangerous person to cross.

Raif Kadir’s annoyance was palpable in his voice as he invited any further people to come and say their piece…which led to nobody else presenting any comment. This was for the best as his father, just as he was, still was dangerous when roused. The Sultan’s voice held all the authority his position commanded as he spoke to the Duke.

That being said, this is the judgment I pass on to you. While my family resides here in Caesonia, you shall come to the castle once a week…

Amir’s face remained stoic but for the lightest twitch of one corner of his mouth. It had been his mother’s favorite thing as children to have their father do such a trick on them. The lovely lady had tempered the red hot steel of a Raif’s soul to a powerful blade. It was her gentle hand that held that blade as it’s sheath. One could even say that she protected him. When she was gone, that blade was left out in the open. One could cut themselves on its edge but this also meant that the blade was open to the elements.

The court seemed to breathe in relief. Amir cast a glance towards Mayet. Her exasperated sigh had not gone unnoticed. Mayet’s tantrum spawned from the high opinion she had of herself but Amir knew that it also stemmed from a deep value of their father. After all, all the Kadir siblings had inherited something from the man. His younger sister just happened to inherit his fiery temper and did not have the benefit of having a sheath. Nahir seemed to fill that role at the second born was at least glad that somebody could calm the wild girl down.

The twin’s eyes narrowed slightly at yet another outburst of Mayet and he sighed softly. The girl did not know how to behave…. At first Amir had also felt the “punishment” had been quite mild but with his sister’s outburst perhaps it was more severe. The Sultan always seemed to have a motive behind every action. Some may say that Hadiz was perhaps the one gifted with more sly cunning but his father had always been a tactician and knew how to play his cards. The proof of this was the fact that it was he who sat on the Alidashti throne and not his younger brother the Vizier.

Still, the things that Mayet said was true. She had been fighting against these set rules all her life. However, Amir could not fault her ideals. It was true that at time those who demanded respect were often the least ones worthy of it. Kahrem would have stood by her side, if on principle if nothing else. Old Amir would have laughed at her and told her that her words were the desperate complaint of a younger sibling who was little more than spent seed upon their mother’s womb. Amir now only let her say her peace. Once their father’s will was made up not even the gods could change it.

Once more his eyebrow raised as a pale young man with dark hair addressed his father in a flowery tongue. The words were formal but what caught Amir’s attention was that the Northern man attempted a very fine impression of the Golden Tongue. While the accent made it obvious that the person was not of Alidasht and to his ear it could never match the practiced fluid voices of his homeland, still the twin could not help but feel honored that someone, probably a tutor, had gone to such lengths. Perhaps not every one in these Northern kingdoms was just a pale faced barbarian. Amir thought.

More people approached his father. Two of them claiming to be royalty. Their manner certainly suggested so. Amir could feel no danger from them. This meant that they only came to brush against his father. Other lords and ladies would follow. His father himself feeling the tightening of the noose excused himself and sought higher ground. Fewer nobles would dare to bother his father if he was surrounded by their own monarchs.

The job of socializing would fall to the Vizier but he doubted Hadiz would much mind it. The twin was sure that his uncle would wring every apology from those gathered as he could while fluttering his plumes like a peacock. The Lady Charlotte, the first who had seemed of any worth so far, appeared to have the best wits about the place as she also sought escape from the encroaching circle of royals and lords.

Trying to escape but still knowing that he could not show any disrespect that would invalidate Alidasht’s own claim of the same after the Lorenzo debacle. He performed his slight bow, though it was obvious that it was less deep than he had offered his father and their rulers. “I am Amir Ibn Kadir. Peace be upon you.” He straightened up again and with his voice still emotionless he addressed them. “If you would excuse me.” He offered no other explanation and moved on.

Kahrem would have stayed and made talk for propriety sake being polite and almost even friendly. Old Amir would have boasted and bragged of his own importance. He would have tried to make snide remarks to belittle those he felt were better than him in a way that was inconspicuous. The Amir now wanted as little contact as possible. Not because he was afraid….

His steps were firm so as not to appear like he was running away but also hurried enough to leave the royals and their friends no chance to hail him. He approached the food tables. The twin could see that there were dishes that had been meant to be pleasing to them. The cook was very talented but obviously not familiar with Alidasht cuisine. He sampled them none the less, giving an ever so slight approving nod. This was as much praise as the chef was like to get from the guests. He never lingered at a table long. His cold gaze keeping any would be feet kisser at bay. His old master at arms had taught him that in a fight, staying still made you vulnerable. Amir applied those concepts here at court.

His journey found him by the liquor table. He himself was not a big drinker. However, had he unconsciously been attracted here? He could not know. Acknowledging the bravery and presence of mind of Lady Vikena did not go against the second born’s ethics but any sort of attraction should be out of the question. Still, he found himself near her. With a few steps separating him, his voice was low enough for her to hear amid the din that had erupted in the court when the dancing and mingling commenced. “You did well.” Was all he truly said. His voice calm. Almost as a wind.


On my way there. this way I figured that if I was wrong I could edit and stuff. So the actually question is Should I be at the meeting area already? you can play me as if getting there just so you and the other pair of girls can react to my approach lol.
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Fer had spent his week in training body and mind. With the pending onslaught of the Waves that would descend upon them, there was little time to worry about the political repercussions of his actions and words. There might not be a Melromarc kingdom to hold him in contempt if he did not become strong enough to be of use. Thanks to his magically enhanced endurance, he was able to train hard and stay up long hours. Though every now and then while reading a book of spells or magic application, he did doze off. His once decent armor and clothes showed sign of wear. The same wear that was seen in Fer’s eyes. He was driven by a lone thought, survival.

Every now and then he would meet Cole either on the castle passageways or out in town as his companion and his new entourage made their rounds. He would greet his friend and even speak to him a little. The Shield Hero held nothing against his blonde friend and instead was glad to see the good he was doing. To Fer’s eyes, the Sword Hero brought peace and hope to them. Even these encounters were brief. The eyes of the onlookers always turned a darker shade when the Shield Hero was around. So Fer would move on, trying not to be a shadow that hid Cole’s light.

Speaking of light, he had not seen much of Auriel. She was probably doing some secret training in the Monastery. After all, as the emissary and representative of the Church, it would not do to have her lacking during the waves. Rivia was a welcome addition but he still missed their winged warrior. Perhaps he had relied too much on Auriel to bring him inner peace. Unlike the masses that looked to Cole for such a feeling, Fer felt he could not put that burden on anybody so he carried it himself.

The wolf girl was a huge help in training. Her skill kept him on his toes. Unlike the first time they sparred, each consecutive one after that seemed to grow harder to land a blow. Close quarter combat was her specialty. More often than not, she killed him a dozen times with claw, or dagger. It was scary how she went from killing machine to cute puppy girl.

Reading had been enlightening but it left him with a problem of trying to find somebody to teach him a practical application. Thankfully, one day when he was mumbling a simple spell, an old demi human lady, she seemed to be a racoon of sorts, had approached him. After a bit of elderly contempt, she had agreed to help him get a grasp on magic.

Fer would provide her with small “gifts” like fruit or sweets of what have you. Grumpy as the racoon lady who just asked him to call her Nan, though the shield hero knew that was not her name, she was a good teacher. She seemed to have a good grasp on the mechanics of magic. Lesson after lesson, the young hero felt mentally and physically exhausted.

Every now and then he would see the Bow Hero from a distance. Their eyes meeting more than once. His cold towards her and hers insulting. There would be no love lost between the two. Rin was powerful and at the very least, Fer had to acknowledge that. So, though it took him all the moral strength he could muster, Fer would incline his head ever so slightly and move on. The Bow hero was bound to fight the waves, the least he could do was not wish her ill.

Fer had been walking on his way to another study session in the library when he learned that the Spear Hero had returned. Perhaps the Waves were like magnets, bring all parties involved like a nexus. Tales of his deeds were easy to collect as the populace needed something to distract themselves before the inevitable fight that was approaching. “At least he has not been hiding under a rock. I wonder if he will get the same earful that Rin gave us?” the young hero wondered sarcastically.

A messenger from the castle found him at the library with a summons to gather. Fer nodded to the man. His annoyance was palpable but he knew it was not the messenger’s fault. “Here we go again. Last time I was summoned to a gathering it did not end well. Let alone a gathering of Heroes.”

He pushed himself up and made his way back to the castle. Only time would tell what he was to encounter there.
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Rivia’s arrival had perhaps been a blessing for Fer. Cole was already shouldering plenty and adding one’s own personal misgivings would be uncalled for. Auriel would defer to them or if not feel horrible for having to counsel them. He had already gotten a taste of that medicine and he did not care for it. Having to explain things to Rivia was sort of having a sounding board. By explaining things to the wolf girl it enabled him to think about it again.

Also, he could not help but smile at the cute way she tilted her head. It went very well with the two ears that twitched on top of her head and the tail that communicated what she was feeling. That very same tail let Fer know that Rivia felt happy about sparring. Those innocent eyes widened and sparkled and almost seemed to hunger. Fer could not help but chuckle.

”Ok Rivia. I am in your care.” The Shield Hero took about ten steps away and then turned to face her. “Morph Shield!” He called and the bracer in his left arm glowed green and a small heather shield. Fer gave Rivia a nod to let her know he was ready.

Brimming with excitement and joy, Rivia wasn’t overly too familiar with this whole stepping away from each other thing humans liked to do, but she seemed more than eager to copy Fer in that same motion, though she did it more half turned as if it make the fact she was copying even more obvious.

”Rivia will try to be gentle, as Rivia hopes of Fer as well.” With a brief nod of her head, she seemed to almost flick a switch. Gone were the excited swishing of her tails, the joyous twitch of her ears, that playful innocent sparkle in her eyes. All of it, gone. Instead it was replaced by a stone dead, cold gaze that was almost disturbing to experience. It might’ve been jarring if not for this being a similar disposition to back in the ball room before when she had gone to fight Rin’s bard.

Rivia had switched from being the sheep to being the wolf that Fer had always suspected was under that cute exterior.

”Hunters Mark.” Even her tone had changed to reflect the shift in attitude, though nothing apparent had happened it was all too obvious that she had activated a skill of some kind. At his gesture, she began to close the gap like a lioness going in for the kill on a gazelle. A swipe with a dagger from her right hand, followed by a shift in her footing to change into an elbow directed at his face was her opening move.

The Shield hero chuckled as he watched her antics. Copying his distancing and stating she would be gentle. The assertion was perhaps as truthful as it would come. A certainty in her voice made him think he would later be thankful that she made it. Not knowing the wolf girl’s abilities meant he did not know how skilled or deadly she was to be. Better safe than sorry. “Don't worry Rivia, I don't think there is much danger from my side but yes, I promise to be gentle too.”

Fer watched the cute puppy-like girl with all her quirks and broken speech disappear. The shift had not been as evident to him in the fight at the ball room because he was half blinded and getting beat up by the Bow Hero. The change was quite obvious. In comparison with Auriel, whose martial prowess was out of duty and honor, Rivia’s was out of survival.

The air around the Wolf girl was dangerous as she suddenly charged forward. He would be a fool to just present her his shield because it would mean he would lose sight of her. Instead, he rushed her too, side stepping the swipe. Not being a close combat kind of guy, even in his previous life where he killed from a distance with bow and rifle, her elbow made him jerk back and lose his timing.

His footing slipped some on the sandy ground of the practice yard making his stance unbalanced forcing him to touch his left knee to the ground. His shield was held flat in front of him perpendicular to the ground. “Good opening Rivia….my turn.” He pushed hard with his right leg, looking to close the distance between them. Swinging his shield in a back hand motion trying to ram her. If she evaded that, he would try to follow up with a straight kick to the chest.

The Shield Hero hoped that his bigger mass and magically enhanced strength would be used to overpower the wolf girl. He also hoped that the fight would not be dragged on long because her speed and nimbleness was sure to win a fight like that.

Now, this was the first time Rivia was sparring with someone not from her clan. However there was a sense of familiarity as Ferr closed the distance on her. He was bringing the fight to her, something she was used to as was evident as when he went to backhand her with the shield, much like he had sidestepped her swipe she did much the same, though she also used her dagger to deflect it away to prevent any follow up much like she had done just before.

She had actually gone to grab the shield, but her instincts screamed at her not to for some reason. Right, she was sparring with a legendary hero. There was no doubt he was stronger than her, so trying to best him in physical strength was probably a no go. She had to try and use her more nimble frame to her advantage.

However the follow up attack was something else entirely. While trying to grab and grapple with his shield was bound to end poorly, taking this kick and holding his leg while something else entirely. She felt the wind go out of her sails for a brief moment as his heel connected with her, but she was quick to grab hold of his ankles and didn’t seem too keen on letting go anytime soon. She had him!

Now it was all too easy to just snap his leg from here, but she restrained herself. Like oh boy did she restrain herself, as evident by a slitch twitching of her eyebrows and right ear, instead going to pivot, spin and launch him as far she could throw him. Seeing as he literally was on one leg, there wasn’t much he could do about this.

Then once she had done that, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a half dozen of the exact same dagger she had been using. Like, the exact same thing. Same shape. Same design. Same sharpness no doubt as well. Well, he would be able to test that out if he didn’t do something quick as she threw three at him with one hand before throwing another three with the other while he was mid air.

Fer had been in one or two brawls. The hazard of being around drunken men with pent up frustrations. So he had learned a bit of the tricks to close combat fighting. It was expected that she would evade his shield, hence the kick. When he felt he connected with his foot, he felt a bit bad. The strength of his legs and the weight of boot pummeled the wolf girl. However, it would have been disrespectful if he held back too much. So there was nothing left than to fight with purpose.

He need not have worried too much however, Rivia handled the hit like a pro. No doubt, she had sparred against many opponents. She was so quick that it took him a second to react. That second would have been disastrous if she would have aimed for his knee. Soon enough, the Shield Hero was spinning in momentum with her throw. If he had wanted, he would have swung his supporting leg to try and get a heel near her face but it would have only been a glancing blow with not much force.

Instead, Fer opted to fling himself away from Rivia, tucking and rolling. As he landed, he presented the shield in her direction and huddled behind it. The three flying daggers clinked against the metal of his shield as they impacted. The sound caught him by surprise and he reared back in an unconscious reaction.

The daggers fell to the floor just in front of him. The Shield Hero reached for them out of habit and survival instinct. Unfortunately, the System issued him a warning and he was not able to pick them up. Gritting his teeth and cussing, he sprang forward again. Swung his arm in a back hand again hoping she would think he was doing the same front kick.

Instead, this time he launched himself in the air and would try to pinch her between his legs in a scissor take down. His weight and his momentum should help him bring her down. It was his intention to either mount her or if it was more practical, to grab a hold of one of her legs and submit her.

The fact he blocked her daggers came as no surprise. Though she didn’t even seem to scratch his shield…which was disappointing, however, he was a legendary hero. Suppose her weapons wouldn’t be enough to get through his defenses. Confused for a moment when he seemed unable to pick up her daggers, she didn’t get much time to dwell on that as he sprang forward again. Once again sidestepping the swipe with his shield, she went to slash at him with a dagger only to swipe at nothing but air.

She didn’t even have time to be confused as she quickly realized where he was, feeling his legs around her before she was slammed onto her back. Gasping as she felt the air leave her lungs, she began to beat into his leg with her fists, scratching, clawing at it to try and get him to let go of her. She wasn’t familiar with what he was doing, but she knew getting pinned like this was bad so she needed to get free.

As he flew through the air, his adrenaline already pumping, it was easy for Fer to forget he was sparring with an opponent that was probably much lighter than he. However, he would not give Rivia the discourtesy of not giving it his all. As his inner thighs collided against the wolf girl and his momentum brought them both to the ground, there was a slight wince, not in pain himself but hoping his armored body did not add too much to the impact.

There was a slight bounce as their bodies hit the ground. He felt her weight on his leg, as his back leg was trapped. Quickly he scrambled to try and pin her down. He could have chuckled if it had dawned on him that her reaction was like that of a feral canine. Her fluffy ears were pressed back, her teeth bared and her claws raking against his legs. Fabric tore but thankfully he was wearing his greaves which screeched as her sharp claws tried to help her free herself.

Deciding that climbing on top of her and straddling her to pin her would bring his face and other soft parts too close to those claws and seeing that the greaves were working well enough, he scooted backwards freeing his leg and at the same time wrapping the other one on Rivia’s own smaller leg. Fer aimed to force a leg lock on her. However, due to her quickness it was possible for the wolf girl to free herself.

Fer grunted with the exertion of keeping her pinned. Through gritted teeth and even though she was his current opponent the Shield Hero could not help but encourage her. “Come on Rivia…grrr….you can do it…argh…get loose girl…..”
His hands, sweaty already and dust turning into mud, were having a hard time keeping her ankles secured. His booted feet were having an easier time but Rivia was so toned and wiry that even that was taxing.

This was an issue. What she had been wishing to avoid happening was currently unfolding, trapped in the grip of the larger, stronger man which was Ferr. And while she was doing a number on his wardrobe, his greeves stopped the majority of the damage she was trying to inflict upon him. Even her squirming and wriggling, while it seemed more effective it too wasn’t getting her anyway. Well, she could try stabbing Ferr but she was at least conscious enough *not* to go that far. Her fathers words once more bubbling to the surface.

‘You need to learn self control and restraint. Only then can you progress’

Letting out an annoyed grunt, she went limp in his grip and reluctantly tapped his leg as if to give up. She had miscalculated. Not that she had underestimated Ferr’s strength, after all he was a legendary hero, but she had been careless and let him get a hold of her. She should’ve just scooted away and kept chipping away at him.

“Rivia gives up. Doesn’t want to hurt Ferr.” To confirm her surrender, she spoke up, slumping on the hard ground beneath her. Yes, the only way for her to escape proper would be to go beyond what one should do in a spar. Had she already technically done that, with Ferr only being saved by his greaves? Maybe, but we don’t talk about that.

It did not occur to the Shield Hero that Rivia was holding back until she said so. It was true that they were only engaging in a friendly and that they both had agreed to not hurt the other. Fer let go of the wolf girl’s foot and gingerly got up. He felt a bit embarrassed. His voice indicated this as he spoke. “Thanks for the spar Rivia. Though I think that it benefited me more than you. I think it was unfair to limit you. From what I saw, you are a very capable fighter. I would not say you lost this bout. Instead, I would say that you tossed me an easy situation. I think if you had been fighting seriously, I would have not stood a chance.”

The young hero smiled at her awkwardly. “If you would do me the honor,I would appreciate your help in training me more.” Over the next following days, Fer spent his days between the practice field besting and being bested by Rivia and the library learning about magic and how to cast it.


Time: Early Evening

Location: Caesonia Ball Room

Interaction: The Court

Mentions: Kadir Family.

wearing and weapons:

Amir finished his bow settling back into a relaxed stance. His right hand rested comfortably upon the hilt of his kapesh. A thumb caressed the gold plating. To any looking it may even look like he was nervous. Kahrem was adept at the sword but he never liked it. Old Amir was a savage. Not truly skilled but was so dangerous with a blade and his eyes filled with a killer intent that nobody wanted to spar with him.

A clap or two could be heard as the Kadir’s stood before the four other royals. Standing there waiting to be introduced by their father the Sultan was like waiting for one of the hells to freeze over. Thankfully, or perhaps unfortunately, the tension was broken in the most spectacularly way possible.

Before the twin knew what was happening, loud cries caught his attention. Almost as if in slow motion, he watched one of their guards rush forward and stop a sickly looking older man. Saw the Alidashti crash into the Vizer’s palanquin, which began a domino effect culminating in Laylay’s own makeshift porters tumble to the ground.

He would have attempted to catch his sibling but a battle instinct overpowered him to protect his father. The Kadir children had already lost a mother, he would not see his father perish in front of him. With a few quick powerful steps, Amir interposed himself between his fallen father and the Duke. His right hand grasping the hilt of his kapesh. He crouched in position, ready to strike.

His sharp eyes noticed that no further threats revealed themselves and the Duke himself projected on obvious threat. If nothing, the man seem as lost as a child in mid-market. A quick recognizance of the surroundings allowed him to see that Munir was also ready to act. A sense of pride briefly crossed his face only to disappear behind stone again. His stance relaxed but his hand stayed on the hilt for a second or two before he lifted it in the air to signal the guards who had drawn blades and were circling not only culprit but also had started advancing on the guest, forming a perimeter. Upon seeing Amir’s raised hand then reluctantly put their swords back but did not let go of them.

It was then that Hadiz started to wail. The sound was like metal grinding against metal in the second born’s ears. His bearded jaw tightened as he took a breath to calm himself. He moved to help the sultan but the palanquin bearers had quickly attended to that. So instead, he got to Layla just as Ali was helping her up and offered her his hand too. If any one had a presence of mind, they would find this behavior queer. After all, old Amir might have kicked her while she was down.

Instead, his strong hand closed against her own. Delicate it may be but the twin knew that her hands were no less deadly than his. Any of his siblings were capable and skillful enough to kill. The Vizier’s calls for death caused a few of the Alidashti guards to begin to move again, however, a look from Amir and they stood there uncomfortable again.

His father, ever the danger just below the surface, was calmer than Hadiz but his voice was much more foreceful in demanding some sort of explanation for this obvious fumble. Amir’s eyes studied the faces of the royals close. Had they planned to humiliate them from the start? Was this proclaimed Duke merely following their orders? Or was the man just a fool who had innocently walked into a nest of vipers?

King Edin’s answer did not sit well with the second born. It offered empty apologies and offered no recompense trying to brush it aside. One of his nobles seemed to second his monarch’s suggestion causing Amir to glare at him dangerously. The requested applause was like salt in the wounds.

Mayet’s strong voice was as loud as that of her tiger’s as she demanded silence and the room grew quiet. The gaze she gave the onlookers as deadly as if her claws had been bared. His younger sister then proceeded to scold the masses. Thankfully, nobody was foolish enough to object or try to argue. Despite his dislike of his uncle, Amir almost felt like obliging the Vizier’s call for blood much like the rest of his siblings. Thankfully, Queen Alibeth at the very least offered some sort of recompense.

Amir was feeling as murderous as his siblings until he witnessed something he would have never thought. A young woman ran and prostrated herself in front of the group. Such bravery, or perhaps foolishness, stunned the son of Kadir. She introduced herself as Charlotte Vikena, the daughter of the offending noble. Confused, the twin looked from her to Duke Lorenzo. He could not see any way in which the two could be related. She exuded such class, propriety and in some small measure authority which the sickly looking man did not.

Apparently, even Mayet was impressed with the girl. Being one who rejected any established norms and customs, his younger sister’s comments could be counted as high praise. Such recognition was not easily given. In fact, Amir could not remember any single time his sister had offered even a hint of that to him.

He was about to offer her his hands when the eldest of his siblings moved in to do just that. Though Layla’s words were kind and understanding, the undertone was a dangerous one. Amir almost felt pity on the girl as the older sister wrapped her arms around her. “A snake securing its prey.” He thought. Zilal, an actual snake, was drawn in by the fresh catch. A prayer for the poor girl went up to the gods. There was little he could do for her other than that. Layla would surely play with the girl but Amir knew that the girl would be relatively safe.

Two other Northern nobles came forth trying to placate the Alidasht contingent. Once seemed to be labeled a prince. Neither knew how dangerous being so close to his fuming siblings was. Despite their honey words, Amir knew that only blood would appease. Mayet issued her own demands. They were as much mercy as could be expected of that young vixen. Not at all illogical or unfair. It could actually be said that it was the best course of action. However, Amir knew in these Northern kingdoms this would not do. Glancing again at Lady Vikena he let out a sigh as if he had resigned himself to something. Taking a breath and steeling himself, he did what few had ever seen the twin do, he stepped into the spot light.

He bowed deeply in the Alidasht fashion in front of his father, the Sultan. His voice was clear and he spoke loud enough for all to hear. When addressing his father it was laced with respect. “Your Radiance, I humbly implore your forgiveness at my audacity but request your indulgence in hearing my words. I believe there was no ill intent or pre fabricated accord to bring shame to your worship. Only a fool would dare to offer up ridicule to a guest that could take offense and massacre all in attendance. Ridicule is the only weapon available to a coward. Only the craven hide behind smiles and japes no more worth drawing steel than the obnoxious monkeys we have brought with us.” He stole a side wise look at the royals behind him.

“Nor do I believe that it was the servant’s fervor in polishing the floors that is at fault either as this gentleman would like to suggest.” His hand pointed in the direction of Count Calbert still bowing. “Even if this was true, I think it hardly fair to punish those who worked so diligently in their duties to ensure that their own royals were able to present a venue worthy of your presence.”

“I completely understand the Vizier’s call for punishment but disagree that these actions have detracted from the might and power of Alidasht. It would take more than a few snickers and a bumbling fool to do that.” His eyes now gave a side ways look to Hadiz.

“No, oh exulted Sultan. The true culprit is lack of understanding. We know as little of them as they do of us. In Alidasht, this man’s blood would have already pooled besides his body where his severed head might be but I would like to remind the honorable Vizier that THIS is not Alisdasht. Who knows? Maybe in these lands, it is common practice for fools to hold high offices. If I understand correctly a Duke is a person of importance. It is not for us to judge oh most venerable father. The man would have never gotten close enough in our own land. Our guards stood transfixed not knowing if the man was a performer hired to provide comedic relief. This still does not excuse their laxness. I will see to it myself that they receive a suitable punishment.”

His eyes fell on the guards. While it was true that it was not fully their fault, this blunder could have been deadly. Lowered eyes let Amir know that they felt shame and awaited their punishment. Perhaps not gladly but they were resigned. The two that had been carrying Layla were a different matter. She might want only to tan their hides or might even go as far as tripping flesh from bone. There was nothing he could do for them either.

His voice took on an almost theatric quality. “It is not this poor man’s fault if he confused us for performers being used to nobles clad in stuffy and ruffled lace. He called us tamers only because he could not fathom that my distinguished siblings had the ability to be deadlier than their familiars so that even such animals cower and respect them.”

“No, oh most glorious one. I ask your mercy in their stead. I ask my honorable siblings their forgiveness. Let us not judge the good harvest from the chaff. As we can see.” He gestured towards Charlotte. “There are those valiant and dutiful even amongst them” he paused remembering his uncle “…and I ask the honorable Vizier to withdraw his demand of blood. We came not at their behest but due to your radiance’s grace and in solidarity. It was you who deemed it right to share our culture and the magnificence of Alidasth with the rest of the world. Yet if his worship demands it, my own blade shall separate this man’s head from his body”

Amir stayed bowing, waiting his father’s pleasure. He hoped that he had swayed his sire enough to foregoe any violence. He was not sure if all this was playing straight into Hadiz’s hand. The Vizier might proclaim to the Kadir’s shield but a sibling in Alidasht was still someone that could sabotage you for the throne.

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