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10 hrs ago
Current *insert status questioning why I ever open my mouth when talking just gets people mad at me here*
12 hrs ago
I have one rule for dating me, ladies: you MUST be a nerd. Bonus points if you're an otaku. Extra bonus points if you're a tsundere.
13 hrs ago
Alolan Dugtrio has two main features that set it apart: its fabulous blonde hair and steel type, and what does that make them? A hair metal trio.
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16 hrs ago
@Blaze Gamma— My whole life is sad. Seriously, someone could make a WataMote-esque cringe comedy about my life.
16 hrs ago
I'm not gonna write statuses in third-person anymore. Ironically enough I started doing it to annoy people but now it just annoys ME.


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Inkarnate 20 days ago
Our status rivalry is great. Here's my expression of your one that mentions me.
Inkarnate 2 mos ago
Did you like Expelled from Paradise, tho?
Howilng Zinogre 2 mos ago
You are not alone my friend in your utter hatred of plesioth. I can assure of this that son of bitch has a hip that checks the damn universe and just overall an asshole and mhxx is no better
Patches 5 mos ago
Yep, it is
TwelveOf8 5 mos ago
Oh please do. Teach me the ways of the otaku and of the weaboo. My body is ready. With pocky in hand and my waifu by my side, nothing can stop me.
Gowi 6 mos ago
dat like tho
Mistiel 7 mos ago
Google Translate refuses to translate that sentence. Either you're a baka, or I'm a baka, but something is definitely not daijōubu here. >,>
Smystar99 11 mos ago
For horror Manga I recommend Another, Erased is pretty good too but it's more of a mystery. Another is based on a true story however so it just adds to the creepiness of it.
NekoMizu 11 mos ago
The holes is a pretty dank horror manga.
mskennedy615 1 yr ago
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!
Tyler Night 1 yr ago
what was your first drink?
Aline 1 yr ago
Tyler Night 1 yr ago
a book with Kaiju huh? :D
BlueEyedFeline 1 yr ago
why are you in the hospital brought in by a sheriffs cruiser?
Tyler Night 1 yr ago
Harvest moon is a good slice of life rpg, check out those games for your gba.
Chat Noir 1 yr ago
I hope your mother gets better, Otaku-sama! You're the best partner I've had in a long time. I'm here if you need anything!
Uncertain Tea 1 yr ago
I hope everything is alright with your mother!
Duthguy 1 yr ago
Making our Digimon siblings is fine with me
Tyler Night 1 yr ago
Kiki's Delivery Service is pretty much my favorite Miyazaki movie though Ponyo is on the same level.
Volenvradica 2 yrs ago
Wait, as in recommend you a few from the free/casual that are manga or anime inspired, or do you want ideas?

Madame Kitten 2 yrs ago
Would you accept a huggle? I can't cuddle with you as I fear Karl would kill you.... >.<
Prudence 2 yrs ago
Definitely a possibility
RomanAria 2 yrs ago
hey you! I'd be fine with 1x1ing although you'd have to bear with me because I seriously only just started the series and so much of the nuances of the canon are still beyond me...
Red Helix 2 yrs ago
Did you get my PM?
Korra 2 yrs ago
"She sees you and its creepy, she screeches when a wake. She killed four in Benghazi, so don't vote her for goodness sake!"
Dynamo Frokane 2 yrs ago
what DS games do you play?
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