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Current A book series recommendation: I highly suggest Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson! It's amazing! Just finished era 2 of it (Wax and Wayne). Likewise, if anyone wants to talk to me about it, please do!
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3 mos ago
I went from having four days off to having one (1) day off. Curse my love for money! Also inventory is coming up so thats no fun.
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4 mos ago
Getting up to go to the bathroom and then finding yourself on the floor with your dad pressing a cold towel to your forehead because you fainted is not a good way to start the morning.
8 mos ago
Just an FYI if I started an RP with you and never responded, chances are I just forgot, so if you wanna continue send me a PM
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11 mos ago
I got a job! @ my partners, this shouldn't effect my replies *too* much, but if I respond a lot less than normal, thats why


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Always looking!
I'm a female RPer who is looking for a male character, but you yourself do not have to be male! I have no real plot in mind, but I'm always up for ideas! I usually only play MxF, and will only start to play male characters once I get to know you better (so usually after one or two complete roleplays. This has to do with an unfortunate experience at my former RP site.) or if we involve multiple characters. But my main character will usually be female.

I do like the following stuff!
*Romance (I'm lonely, so romance is usually a must)
*Omegaverse (I'm still fairly new to this, so please bare with me!)(I'm really craving a good omegaverse RP tbh)
*Slice of Life (I'm totally down for a mellow RP)

Mermaid/Marine Biologist
Poor girl/Rich Business owner
Best friends to lovers
Pirate Captain/Righthand man or crew member
Goth/Prep (I find pairings like this super cute tbh? Also maybe a hades/persephone type deal, with the goddess of spring and king of the underworld, but with our OCs.)
SOMETHING TO DO WITH MISTBORN. I just finished reading the second Era (Wax and Wayne) and I'm just,,,love these characters.

I'm alright with mature things, usually only when I talk and get to know my RP partner! Until that moment, if theres smut, I'd rather just fade to black, unless we discuss it beforehand and I feel like we have a good connection.

Please note: I do have a job in retail, so that means I'm working longer hours for the holiday season, so replies may come in slower until it ends
If you're interested, send me a PM with what you're idea is/ what you're interested in! :)
I'd be interested in the knightxfemale one!
In Yo! 2 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I haven't posted here in a while, but my name is Otaku! I love to RP, and would love some new friends/RP partners! I usually do FxM or MxM (usually FxM) with me being the female (I'm still getting my footing on playing guys, honestly). If you wanna RP an original story, hit me up! I also do BNHA RPs, if you're ok with me playing my OCs and are ok with discussing a story that i have in mind (I don't do canon characters, but if you wanna play canon characters with my OC, or OCxOC thats ok too!) I'm really into romance RPs as well!
Don't know if this is still a thing, but I would be down for it, I love eragon
(Hopefully i'd have time for this ;w; )
In Yo~ 2 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I made another post a few months ago. Anyways, I'm not techincally new, I made this account 2 years ago, but I have done 2 RPs here, and I don't really have many friends or RP groups here

RPs that I like

BNHA (My hero Academia) RPs (1x1 is fine, we can discuss it)
Light Drama

I'm always up for new ideas and RPs to join <3

i am all about this
Sure! I'm down for that! =w=

I myself am team instinct too! :D

I'll be sure to check it out! Also I saw that you're into doing 1x1 Roleplays? If so, we should try it then! I'm just not very used to writing very lengthy paragraphs in Role plays, so if you're into those, you'll have to excuse me ;w;


I love romance and slice of life Role plays! ;w; probably because my life is boring and I'm single AF lmaoo

If you know any of those kinds of RPs you should tell me =w= Also, lets be friends! :D u seem pretty Neato Supremo =w=
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