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Current Today I reached the conclusion that, if presented with an exact duplicate of herself, one of my characters would DEFINITELY hit that.
7 mos ago
They're not LONG chapters; but the fact I've managed to right 2 meh and 4 half decent ones in 4 days makes me very happy with myself.
7 mos ago
Wow, I just realized it's been a full year since the Avadon incident.
7 mos ago
Decided to half-ass nanowrimo by doing a RWBY OC fanfic I've been thniking about for ages. The fight scene I'm working on rn just feels.... right.
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According to the scale i just weighed in on I'm down to 313 from a starting point of 330 when i started going to the gym a little ovver a month ago


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So I've been discussing details for my character with a friend of mine and she was wondering what the general tech level for the world is?

She's considering applying if there's any no-shows or drops.
Name : William "Big Bill" Jones
Appearance : Bill is a well built man; 6'2" with muscle to spare. He has kind bright blue eyes; salt and pepper hair kept short and combed; and a scruffy handlebar mustache. Carries a strong jawline lined with stubble and a short, broad nose. Has a slight tan, sun-burned neck, and weathered skin.

Bill's current attire consists of a red-and-black plaid shirt, blue denim coveralls, a dirt stained white cowboy hat, and well-worn pair of work boots.
Race: Human
William -Bill to his friends and friendly strangers- is your prototypical country boy. Hard working, god-fearing, family oriented, and tough as nails. He has a fierce loyalty to those he calls friends, and has a history of poor judgement on whether it is better to help them pick a fight or intervene to calm things down.

Having raised three children, he has a strong paternal instinct; as well as a well developed sense of right and wrong, not relying on cynicism or naive ideals to make difficult choices. Though he lacks an understanding of the world he is being thrown into, he is generally dependable and has a good head on his shoulders; though he is a bit too hasty to pick a fight.

Background: Bill Jones has always been a simple man; a farmer and cowboy at heart. He grew up working on his family’s cattle ranch in Texas; never taking much interest in things beyond the realm of reality. He never truly left home, instead remaining on the ranch and eventually raising a family of his own; a wife, two sons and a daughter.
Age: 40
Class : Gunner
Skills :
Snapshot: A single fast and accurate shot
Fan fire: Fires several shots at a single target at the cost of accuracy
Deadeye: Fires three shots in quick succession at separate targets, deals reduced damage
Pistol whip: A powerful melee strike using his currently held firearm as a bludgeon
Quick Draw: equip and store weapons near-instantly
[ SPECIAL ABILITY/ITEM (Keep this blank as you will choose your special ability during roleplay. ) ]
Secret Password : cutie
Damn. Now I feel like I slacked off writing my backstory.

But, I have committed to the simple farmer fish out of water angle and by god I am sticking to it.

Ah, I getcha. Know it all mode is sorta my default and I had just woken up when I saw your post so I autoamtically went "Oh, time for some 'splaining"
I mean traditionally rangers are sort of like survivalists or elite hunters. They're skilled at things like navigation, hunting, trap-making, and wilderness survival. Shapeshifting is a druid specialty and would most likely be a magician sub-class; but creation of herbal medicine is easily within their realm of expertise.

More typical combat abilities for Rangers are things like marked targets and trick shots (things like shooting someone in the foot to pin it to the ground), and they oftentimes gain some sort of bonus when in a specific terrain.

They also tend to have an animal companion; a strong and specially trained creature which aids them in combat.
Also just a note that the characters will be transported into the new world not reincarnated, I think I might've misused those words a bit! I'm so sorry! >.<

Don't worry too much about the fine details; terminology is hard. There's a LOT of conflicting standards on which word should mean what.

Designing your own skill systems is also pretty rough.

This will be my last post for the night btw; super tired.
Him being very plain is entirely deliberate. He's designed to be... pretty much the polar opposite from your traditional anime characters -and isekai protagonists in particular.

He's not a teenager with delusions of granduer, or someone who has spent their entire life playing/reading/watching things which would prepare him mentally and intellectually for this kind of situaton. He's a farmer; strong and worldly but not well educated or informed on modern culture like anime and manga.

Throwing a character with a lot of real-world skills into a fantasy setting for which he is wildly unprepared is pretty much the idea I had from the beginning. Especially since he's an adult, they're not as good at adapting to a sudden change in environment as teenagers are. There's a lot of development to be found in him learning how these things work. It also encourages him to interact with the younger crowd who have a better comprehension of what's happening.

Admittedly, I would like to write a more extensive sheet; but because of the type of character he is it's kind of hard for me to bulk it up without going into obnoxiously specific detail about stuff like how he names all of his livestock animals and will whoop the ass of anybody who mistreats them.
Any specific notes for improvements to be made?
If not I think I'll leave him as is for now.
Here we are, I think it's a solid first draft. Going for a fish out of water team dad sort of thing with a fun cowboy spin.

<Snipped quote by Firestorm>

Your character is very interesting, I suggest putting hiders on your character images as they are a bit large! On the other hand your skills seem a bit 'high-level', meaning they are described in a very powerful manner. Remember that you are starting off as a beginner warrior so don't expect black flames emitting from your sword, think of skills that use up a lot of stamina than your used to our a special backflip that leads into a striking attack. A majority of these skills are good for a high-level warrior but does not fit a low-level warrior! ^^ Also I forgot a very vital part of the character sheet which is the background! I'm so sorry about that! >.<

Also he forgot the secret password
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