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Julius Grant

@Lucius Cypher@Silver Carrot@PigeonOfAstora@Conscripts@AThousandCurses

The one armed man from the group would walk up next to giving his own thoughts on the plan, pretty much agreeing with what Julius had said. Julius took note of him as he unsheathed his blade.

So we have a one armed swordsman in our group. He must still be capable if Nevyn brought him in.

Shortly after he felt someone cling onto his back, in which he quickly turned to see who had invaded his personal space. Though after seeing whom it was he let out a sigh as the girl was basically quivering in fear. Before he could address Adalia, one of their other teammates waltzed right through the front door before falling. Quickly, Julius turned to see what was going on only to find a puddle of vomit. An audible sigh of disappointment was let out. Great, now there is two people on the team who will have to be baby sat. On another note the entrance to the building was more so an elevator they probably would have to take down, and it had vomit in it.

From there on the one armed swordsman walked through and suggested to the guy that vomited in the elevator to perhaps wait outside before asking if anyone would be going down. Julius would feel Adalia's tiny hands cling tighter to his coat before wishing them the best of luck. An older member of the group stepped up, commenting on Adlia's cowardice before stepping into the elevator as well. The woman also requested that Rokkit stays upstairs which was also probably for the best considering he wouldn't fit on the elevator. As she spoke he took note of her Anima as well.

Julius spun his staff shortening it as he walked onto the elevator.

"We're coming along as well, with me and our swordsman here as the front line we can really throw them into disarray and clear a path if needed."

Rokkit seemed to buy into the plan as well but on the condition that he is coming in as soon as the fighting starts or if they take too long which was fair. He was much more reasonable then expected.

With Julius stepping on he took the elevator was now full, in which shortly after the older woman asked if they minded that she smoked.

"Be my guest, nothing like smoke and vomit to remind you of the shitty 6th" he smirked. "Hope you all pull your weight, drag your lifeless bodies out of there." the boy said, particularly looking at Milton who seemed fine now and Adalia, before tapping the button that was labeled "Yamakazi Restaurant" with his staff.

Julius Grant

The flight there was a reckless one at that, there were plenty of near misses which made the man question whether or not he should pilot them home. Nonetheless, Rokkit was able to to get them there alive, some more than others as one of the agents was barely responsive . The location of interest was definitely suspicious enough, a back alley restaurant within the second pillar was a decent idea but not good enough if they were able to be located rather quickly.

The agents would exit the vehicle and prepare for the incoming battle with Rokkit leading the charge and planning on going in with guns blazing. Despite not being Julius’s initial plan it was the best option they got. Most likely there was a lookout situated in one of these buildings whom already alerted the perpetrator of the agents arrival as soon as the ship arrived. If that wasn’t a giveaway then an Ork armed to the teeth walking straight for the establishment would be the second tip off. Just like the agents, whomever was inside were probably prepping for the impending battle.

Julius reached into his pocket and grabbed his Anima, the lotus staff, within his hands it transformed into its normal form. One of their other teammates, a woman of comparatively older age proposed the idea that they take control of the room with weapons out.

“Not a bad idea but we will have to act fast, we should act off the assumption that they already know that we are here. I doubt WIZARD wouldn’t have somebody playing lookout for one of their significant members. We need to strike fast or we will only be at a bigger disadvantage.”

Julius said as he raised his Anime for battle.

“Let’s try to take the target and anyone of relative significance alive big guy, a couple of broke bones are fine as long as they can talk.” Julius said as he waited for Rokkit to start the battle.
Julius Grant

Julius braces for impact as the ork accepted his gesture, hard to believe that the guy was stronger than he has imagined. His name was Rokkit and he had an interesting accent, one the boy hadn’t heard before surely. Then again there are all types of people within Soma so he wasn’t too surprised. As Julius soothed the dull pain in his arm his attention was brought to the sound of screaming. The boy tilted his head to the side to see a small lady with cat ears gazing upon Rokkit in terror while apologizing.

Despite his stature, Rokkit was actually pretty reasonable and gentle with her. Pretty much treating her like a kid if anything, Julius just observed in silence for the most part. Perhaps she was too busy being afraid of Rokkit to notice him there. Even with Rokkit being forgiving, the cat girl looked like she was ready to burst into tears at anytime. She managed to say something but it was a garble of words which confused Julius and possibly Rokkit as well. She then straightened herself out briefly before shouted out loud

“A-Adalia Isola Rosenthal”

Immediately upon hearing that last name, a bunch of questions popped into Julius’s head. Prior to this job, Julius had got the chance to work with the Rosenthal family. It was hard to believe that she was a Rosenthal, and even now apart of a security unit. Perhaps they could have a chat about it sometime in the future. After the girl introduced herself to Rokkit she retreated to her locker to prepare. In which Julius also took it as his time to leave. While he had been pondering it seemed as though a drone came and assisted the ork with his situation.

“Welp, that was strange. I’m going ahead, see ya at the ship” the boy said putting his hands in his jacket as he took off.

@Lucius Cypher
Julius Grant

Julius propped his chin up with his hand as their commander, Nevyn, debriefed the group on their first mission as well as shared a bit of his background. He was a rather interesting fellow, having been a fixer, he was a decorated individual who was hand picked for the job.

It seems as though Julius was right about having to look into the attack from the other day. The terrorist group WIZARD were the ones to blame for the attack. Who else to track down this highly organized terrorist group equipped with significant firepower? The freshly put together team whom just came together less than 10 minutes ago....great. Not only that but he seemed to be rushing them out the door to their demise. Looks like the benefits that came with the job are beginning to show their costs, imminent peril at a moments notice.

Julius made sure to make a mental note about this woman's Anima, he was sure someone like this would have some equally powerful friends. This mission won't be a breeze by any means, they were even given the option to capture or kill the said perpetrator. Capture is a possibility but it wont be easy, unless someone on the team had something for that but at what cost? It would be with the risk of causalities which in turn would cause more public uncertainty. Even his teammates raised some similar questions, but furthermore it seemed like it did not matter all to much to Nevyn. In the commanders eyes they were expendable, just like the last security unit who were wiped out. If they were to fail he could always just hire a new one on moments notice.

Welp, I don't plan on dying anytime soon so looks like we have a job on our hands Julius let out with a sigh.

Nevyn's assistant, Alayna, took over from there and explained the locker rooms as well as what they should expect to find within their lockers. It was actually pretty convenient, he didn't expect anything less from the unit. They even assigned Anima to those who didn't have one. Julius made his way to the locker with the rest of his unit, his assigned locker seemed to be more towards the end of the room. Inside he found everything Alayna spoked about, Uniform, PDA, Headset, and holo-badge . His even had...an umbrella? Wait was that supposed to be his assigned Anima? what the hell was he supposed to do with that? Julius brushed the thought of protecting his enemy from rainfall to the side as he slipped the PDA and holo-badge into one of the many pockets on his coat. He then put the headset into his ear and gave it a test.

"Switch to channel 4"

"Channel 4 selected"

The voice that replied back to him was a clear and pleasant voice of a mid-age woman. Once Julius was geared up for the mission he turned to his shoulder to see the big guy slapping the gear onto his body and then tying his uniform around his neck. Julius just watched with a deadpan look, so much for a first impression huh. He heard the guy mumble about the gear. Now was a good a time as ever to break the ice right?

"Hey, you don't have to wear the uniform if you don't want to. As long as you have your badge and other equipment you should be fine. I'm sure its probably uncomfortable for a big guy like you" Julius said trying his best not to stair at the mess of technology on the ork's helmet.

"Names, Julius Grant." the boy said holding his fist out waiting for the Ork to bump it. It seemed less painful then shaking this guys hand.

@Lucius Cypher
Julius Grant



With great annoyance, sigh echoes within Julius's bedroom following the abrupt ring of the alarm clock. As the new security agent swung his feet out of bed he took a moment to wake himself and muster up strength to get up and start his day. Vigorously, he rubbed his eyes until he was nearly blind before stretching and standing up on his own two feet. Upon his toes making contact with the hardwood floor of his bedroom the boy gathered his bearings a bit before making his way out the room.

That's going to take some time getting used to

For a native of the second pillar it wasn't much of a big deal but for Julius's case it was something he hadn't adjusted to. A nice hardwood floor that you did not have to gamble on winning splinters from was something entirely different from the ex-6th pillar resident. Nonetheless the boy was slowly warming up to the coziness of his new home provided by the security unit. His home was a standard 1 bed 1 bath and good enmities, his favorite one being the in-home laundry system.

As he slugged his way over to the bathroom he took notice of the mop of hair atop his head in which he instantly took a comb to and brushed out his hair until he didn't look stupid before tying hair that traveled down his neck into a small ponytail. While Julius brushed his teeth he read up on the news displayed upon the mirror in his bathroom. Aside from the 'situation' that happened recently, not much was being displayed. It was clear enough someone must have had bad blood with late council member, and most likely he'd have to look into it. Julius was already aware of how much of a pain this would be but nonetheless his new job was protecting the privilege of the 2nd pillars residents first and foremost.

Julius slipped into some decently breathable attire. A large black tactical combat shirt along with some grey cargo pants. Over it he wore a large yellow and white parka adorned with black and sand colored accents. Before leaving his house he grabbed his wallet, goggles, and most importantly his Anima. As he wielded the staff he gave the weapon a few spins before shrinking it down to the size of a pen and stuffed into his coat pocket.

Before long he was on the streets of the 2nd pillar and grabbing a bite to eat at a local breakfast vendor. Usually his go to being a bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, From there he was on his way to the tower. While taking his walk Julius sunk his teeth into the sandwich while taking in the scenery. The 2nd pillar truly was a much different place, not nearly as rugged and dirty as the 6th nor as openly corrupted as the 4th was. Even the people were seemingly pretty friendly, it was almost something like a foreign land. On the streets pretty much everyone was talking about the assassination which was not much of a surprise. The public is in fear, not only did whomever manage to kill a newly appointed council member but there was plenty of other causalities. Not the mention that the culprits are still at large, at least in the publics eyes.

Not before long, The sandwhich was finished and Julius was in the front yard of the tower. He had never really came close to one of these and it was surely a sight to see. It truly was an icon almost reminiscent to that of a symbol, for civilians to take purchase in and criminals to fear. Even the people who came inside and out the building, most of them being dressed in business attire with a few exceptions.

Passing through security was easy enough, pretty much just taking all the stuff out of his pockets and placing them through the checkpoint. Now he simply had to ask for instructions at reception

"Morning, I'm looking for the IXth SU δ Division"

The lady directed the new recruit towards the elevators, before leaving off he gave his thanks and hopped into the elevator. Before long he had reached the meeting place, he had deducted that he was probably one of the last one to arrive considering that there was already a decent amount of people already there. Couple that with the time and you have your verdict. Julius decided to hang out in the back of the group, not wanting to attract anymore attention then he already has being one of the stragglers. Nonetheless he didn't mind considering that the scenic route was definitely more enjoyable


My character won’t have a devil fruit so we should be good xD
My patience is finally paying off :)

From what it seems we have totally different styles so you’re good.

Also doing a swordsman as well too. I’m kinda surprised there isn’t more devil fruit users.
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