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Current I’m sorry to the people I have ghosted with our roleplays. I have been dealing with a lot of bad things lately. I’m sorry.
3 mos ago
So sick and tired of everyone giving up on me, so sick of being constantly unhappy, I’m so sick of life.
4 mos ago
I need someone to help me proofread, review and feedback my writing for a certain roleplay I’m working on at the moment. Any takers?
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5 mos ago
I’ll be taking a break, maybe even leaving this site. I will contact my partners with my contact details shortly.
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Posts coming some point tonight!
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I’m really craving this! :( Someone’s gotta be interested...
Good morning/afternoon/evening!
As the title suggests, this idea is entirely inspired by the latest season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse; though it doesn't matter whether or not you've seen it! However, I am seeking someone who is willing and able to play as a cruel, sinister, sadistic character -- the spawn of Satan, to be precise. :>

When Good Meet Evil (a brief into' to what I'm looking for)

No one was aware of who he was, nor what he was capable of. No one had their suspicions of the seemingly ordinary man, nor did they know that one day he would make the World crash and burn. No one knew that <insert YC's name here> took great pleasure in slaughtering the unlucky ones that crossed his path, and they certainly didn't know that he sent his victims souls to Hell to burn for eternity with his father, but he knew exactly who he was, and the reason he trod on Earth. The place was his own personal playground to do as he chose, and where he went, chaos followed.
There had been a dramatic increase in crime in Rhode Island. People were going around mindlessly and brutally murdering one another, mothers were killing their children, law enforcement had collapsed across the state, school shootings had increased profoundly, there was rape happening on every block -- havoc wreaked the state, and it was all the doing of one man and his ability to spread evil.

But then there were the witches, a group of gifted girls untouched by his cruel ways. And they sensed his evil, and who he was -- and they knew they had to use their powers to kill him and rid the world of his wickedness once and for all before it was all too late.
After weeks of planning, it was time for them to put an end to the madness that had rocked their hometown.
That's how the four gifted girls found themselves at his residence late one night, having used their powers to silently break into the large property he owned.
Within twenty minutes, Ariana Rhodes <mc>, the youngest (and therefore weakest) had witnessed the three witches she'd classed as sisters be slaughtered before her eyes, their powers deemed useless and pathetic under his touch. The young girl, terrified and shaking where she stood, desperately uttered a defence spell, creating a wall of energy between the Antichrist and herself -- yet she watched in horror as he stepped straight through it, an evil grin staining his lips as he eyed the only remaining survivor.

"You really thought you could defeat me, huh?"


Now, I'm fully aware the plot is a shambles but it's simply to give a rough idea of the kind of roleplay that I'm looking for. Later on down the line, MC might be able to sway YC from being a complete mindlessly evil being, and there may even eventually be romance involved between the two.
If you're interested then we can certainly work out specifics and discuss in greater detail through PM's.​

- This roleplay will contain violence, gore, rape and death (not of either of our characters) just to name a few of the themes I had in mind for such a story.

- I have plenty of experience when it comes to roleplaying and would consider myself to be a fairly descriptive writer. My typical post length is (depending on who I'm working with) from one to four paragraphs. On a side note, I prefer my roleplays to be plot driven with smut weaved throughout the story, but for this roleplay in particular I am anticipating that there'll be an abundance of smut -- at least in the beginning.​

- I don’t mind working with either gender as long as you’re able to play as the (male) character I seek! That said, when it comes to our characters, I'm going to request that you use one of my celebrity crushes' faceclaims (you'll have the freedom of choosing who!) for visualisation purposes and I can do the same for you, if you wish. If that’s too much of a problem for you, then don’t sweat it. I’m a pretty easy going gal. ​

My f-list: rhodes

If you're interested, have any questions or have any ideas of your own, then please don’t hesitate to PM me! It'd be great to hear from you. :>
Thank you for taking the time to have a read!

prettyskeleton x
As always... bump!
Another bump for the road! :p
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