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All part of the healthy engerised nuka cola glow :)
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2077... Nuka cola will dominate the market and make spiffy glowing nuclear enriched rinks to propell your day onward.
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The one good thing about being a adult is you can buy a entire tub of ice cream, or cake and eat it :)


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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria turned slightly to notice the smell of tea, and soon felt the warming liquid both in her hands and giving her the feeling of being warm, it might not be warming completely but it felt warm and it felt comforting on cold winters day. It really helped in its own small way, especially to just sit down with a cup of tea and try and process events. A email was pinging with a bunch of inappropriate suggestions, details and offers that really really did not bear opening. Thr offer for a "movie" was definitely one not to delete, block in about 5 seconds. Some of the others had less than svaory suggestions, a rare few definitely needed the attention of a lawyer. "Zankyou. A Cup of tea Fixes so many things, and for your discretion.

Is this your restuaunt? Zorry, just curious."

It really did fix so many things, a simple warm mug of tea, really quite a great little thing that could change a entire situation or least give you a new perspective. The fact he was a little discreet about her situation was rather comforting. She really did not wnat everyone knowing exactly what her weakness was, well not, but it was a weakness in some respects. For that happened, well she was not reversing it though, done was done.

Waiting, she made sure the cane was handy for when she had to move, it might not be so easy to slide off as it was to on, her balence really was strange like that, it had a mind of its own and decided what it wanted at any given time.

Typing a quick text off to her sister, where she at least, and that Victoria was safe. Marinalia was taking protective big sister to a higher level lately. Betwen her dad, Maria, Marlin a nd others, she probbly got least someone checking of she was alright daily.

Then the food came, which while she was expecting a few basic bits turned out to be what you might class as a full chef grade meal, soup and so. That certainly was a rather pleasent suprise. That really Suprised Victoria, quite abit especially for someone who just walked off the street into a closed establishment. "Your simple is my main meal.

I vas expecting... Well less. Vou did not have to go to so much trouble. But I will definitely return with vy sister after our trip.

Anything to recommend, when we book a table in the future?"
the food, well it tasted good as it looked, that was, well, a quick meal? If that was a quick meal what did they call a propper one, that definitely would be a hopefully intresting only for the food evening. Not arested, pregnancy exposures, drama, arguments, and more besides. There life had been rather dramatic. A tad too dramatic probbly! Especially with a passenger! "Wow... This is. Delicious. I honestly expected... Well vot sure. Not this.

Thankyou. A pleasent suprise to a vather less cheerful morning. Zomoene invaded my privacy rather badly. A private momment... Rather public. Vopefully thr fire, and club will blanket the news instead."
a little dejected to the end, the breach to her privacy had been pretty huge, a rather intimate momment leaked so extensively... Having night vision HD cameras was great... Until they got turned against you! It was not like it could be claimed a fuzzy mess, it was quite clear... Mikes system was turned against them!

A small bleep from her phone as she sipper the steaming cut of tea revenerntly enjoying thr flavour and warmth, her software just listing damage lists, codes and bits. It would take time to review but was clear someone took a great effort to both breach, and link into her systems? They really where a serious pro... After... What... There was far better adult content out there!

A few beeps and buzza later. Oh. Her family would be... Well, that would be a awkward topic when she returned to London for the wedding for sure. Could anyone related by blood or Marriage to a Olympus have a quiet life? Maxamillion, well not after bailing out his daughters from trouble once r twice and ending up in mountains of his own!

The letter sent off in the post a few days before, Maxamillion Olympus knocked back a drink in his office of a 40 year old scotch. His granddaughters plural had inherited there mother's, aunts and other relatives knack for finding trouble.

Atleast Joel seems to have the healthy sense to avoid trouble not run head long into it, and embrace it as a lover.

This one... Was less.. Well not the last time he had to deal with tabloids, a incident years ago when Marla, Maria and rhere friend Amy had taken a private lake for being more olrivate than it was. Fake tan gave him less headaches! The two sisters more European attitudes had been... Well the problem! There next generation had... Well a diffrent but similar nature.

A serris of noises from the high end computer built into the desk, he preffered a hand written letter but some technplogy was unavoidable, just like civil service pen pushers wanting to know exactly about some topic, with numerous documents a 2 minute call could easily resolve. Pen pushers... They where his greatest foe. Still, he preffered to be at the cutting edge so to speak. It paid to know exactly how your company was doing..

Freindly suggestion.

You been active 3 weeks and not even got off the starting blocks.

Strike while iron is hot not needing reheating in the forge.

If your gonna do, do it.

Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Luna sports to Club Eather ruins . Finale day!

Victoria was a alittle... Well she walked into a empty restaurant and managed to get service, almost like having a whole place to herself and more. This certainly was a intresting experience! Certainly a fun tale to tell, little but little things made life worth it. Leaning her cane against the barstool she very carefully pushed herself up, not quite trusting her balence to betray her entirely. A alittle shakey but she was better than before, so even if stuck half way, it beat the starting point. "Very chilly, vi just glad vou let me stay. I saw the club, blown up, see if it vas true. Only there a few nights ago...only just got unbanned too... Zw owner must have not made friends in wrong places.

Tea would be lovely, vood, food. please. If its not a hastle. "
rubbing her pale hands slightly and unbuttoning a warm coat partly, her figure was always somewhat scarily thin thiugh she never really managed to out much weight on. Ernough to be mostly healthy anyway. Tea... How the cold made a simple cup of tea a blessing. "Thankyou, vou have won a customer!"

Tapping away on her phone, luckily thr connection had rebooted quicker than expected and was securing itself, mutating the codes to better confuse a attacker. Cerberous took so much effort to create for a reason but some days it really paid off. The report suggested who ever attacked...was a real pro. They came in, took what they wnated and left leaving and skirting round the heavier and nastier defences, traps and alarms. But that meant you knew what you where after! How... That was a bloody fucking mystery!


<Milady>Moscow. Remember the dawn.

<Cardinal>And Dusks secrets remain.

<Milady>Well that was intresting... Someone was a pro. My defenses are not exactly light. Damage report your eminence? Old friend tirned foe?

<Cardinal>Be careful V, a muscateer? Nare.. Athos was dark but he was more intrested in banks. Buckingham got caught when he lost focus and went zealot. Even Kitty... She was dark but she... She was more dramatic. Never without a full cast and orchestra. Unknown... And more scary.

<Milady>You knew them longer. I left early, not work against motherland. I almost wish.... Least I knew there old tells.. News broke, no hiding it... Fuck. If I knew who...

<Cardinal>Not lost your touch... I should know. You always where passionate underneath.

<Milady>Hey! OK... Enjoy... most Youl get right now. Fuck, well that was the point eh... Not going public... Whoever did this is not a enemy I want. Definitely keep clear.

<Cardinal>Black hair suits you V. Il not forget you in a hurry. Agreed... Watch. Wait. Yes, just use to to keep safe and out of the storms path.

Cardinal out.


Closing her phone as the hot towel arrived that was a very pleasant suprise, tea coming, warm hands, well he certainly knew what she needed even before she did! Her brief chat, well that was clear, someone had eyes, ans eyes normally attached to bodies.... A body she rather avoid. A old memory, little codes and events. It definitely was them. No one had piggy backed this time and pretended to be the other. Still, Victoria was rather both concerned and anagred by the breach of her most private moments to the world, who... Who could possibly gain from that information!

Turning her thoughts back to the real world, Victoria looking welcoming and gave a sigh feeling the warmth return to her hands slowly but steadily and regaining a alittle of there colour, pale.. But she never would be exactly calafornia glow. "Thankyou, ahh. Varmth. Oh. Sorry, my name is Victoria, my manners much have frozen up as much as my hands.

Umm, well. But please, keep it quiet, I Vound out in a too public way... Probbly should, um... Little tiny feet on the way. I vend to Google ahead to avoid telling."
A little bit more quietly, she had to admit that for sheer safety on food choices, and Google normally told her what was safe and what to avoid. Google was a good friend. Tensing a fraction she suppressed a tell tale reaction and shifted slightly on her seat, legs dangling off the floor. "Vy Doctor probbly not need know I got chilled. I would take care today, I hav a bad feeling about this day, vit is not over, just a opening scene."

A little warning, it was only fair, this day made her have some very strange feelings, like somthing was about to happen. Call it a 6th sense about things, her gut feeling. Sadly normaly her feelings where pretty Acurate about these things somehow. "This will least be a new story, trouble Magenets, my family be. Might distract them from the other stuff for few minutes atleast! "

Meanwhile a long way across the sea, a family gathered round the living room table with cups of tea and a laptop showing some rather intresting news footage.

There kids really really had inherited Maria's and Marla,s talent for trouble. Well related to Maria, Hopefully Marla son and to be kid skipped a generation on that front!

Things where... Difficult. The footage was acquired illegally but legal boundaries across multiple nations and two continents with several diffrent laws including the rather Liberal Europeans... The lawyers where at a loss.

At a shipyard far far away in another land, cranes lowered a large covered multi ton module onto the deck, mounts, sparks and the busy fabricators refitting thr ship for its next voyage. Engineers where busy, welders and fabricators for thry had little time.

*Father Jimmy has a bad feeling and casts sheild of light on himself and others of possible*

>ya all... This place give be the jeebies... Blessing be all for fear no darkness!
OK, can you move past people again?

So... Wanna gamble or play it safe?

Questions indeed!
Sorry for delay, I work this laf of week!

Il reply on a day or three, deendanhoe the posts go and time does.
I work later half of week full days so you might have to wait for me a few days if if things a busier.

Il reply, I always do my best yo keep that promise to anyone who reacts to me :)
I'm about, not sure who else is :)
Short post for folks who I could interact with.
Have fun.
Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Luna sports to Club Eather ruins . Finale day!

Victoria did pick up on the reactions, little in s but definitely there, Hospitals and her had not had a good relationship for 10 years or so, her balence was somewhat shakey, her skin paler though luckily thanks to experimental treatments her hair now raven black dyed, but returning its colour from snow white. Thanks to circumstances she had slipped abit and relied on cane more than before though. Luckily he was kind ernough not to mention her height, very light build or condition. Thanks to a issue with her bodies very cells acting up, all was symptoms of somthing rather more complex she could not be bothered to explain.

He obviously did not know Tatu, they where from the 90's and rather not active currently, though it was good to have a alittle fun. "Russain, 2000's mostly. Might be abit difficult!

YouTube is your friend."
It was nice to talk about somthing diffrent other than her problems, medical or otherwise. Music was a fun topic and gave her somthing least happy thought. Think about. Calls placed earlier at least to try and head off her... Well intresting night. The US was too prudish to even show screen grabs, the Europeans where far less scared of things and that kind of stuff. Urgh. Victoria really was wondering why she did not just run back to the UK or Russia, it was her sister and her medical support needed keeping her in Sol city if she boiled down to the boggest issues.

"Thqnkyou, il try anyway." Trouble was rather magenetic to the sisters... Seriously where they cursed or somthing, did they need a priest, or perhaps a blessing by every known religion to beat it! He did try to reassure her, though it came across a little differently, heading off fairly quickly, well for a cane anyway. She was not that quick though he seemed more to be vision than balence.

Keeping a close grip on her came to help balence whole she sat, at least everyone could not see the snow flake patten blade concealed inside, a handy suprise if she ever needed one anyway. Things where getting a little colder and as she sat thinking. Probbly be a better idea to head over to somewhere else and try to get a little warmer, rubbing her small pale hands together definitely time to find somewhere warmer.

Passing a smaller place, it was still morning so quiet, the petite pale skinned woman with striking raven black hair highlighted with a small area of vibrant purples and blues wandered in and looked round for someone to serve or even know if it was waitor or bar service.

It was later morning by the time she left thr club ruins and found somewhere to warm up. Glancing round as she unbottoed her wool coat slightly, it was warmer in here and she wnated to warm up a little before heading on home? A warm fire, hot Choclate or so sounded alot more welcoming. Tapping on the counter she gave a small smile and glanced round not really bothing to hide her mixture of Russian and English, too tired wirh the crap she had to deal with that morning. "hi, are vou open yet? Zorry, it's pretty cold out vere.

Vould love a varm drink, decaf, and anything you recommend, vooked without Salmon or so? Vegetarian maybe?
relaxed, she relised japanese food might not be ideal but first place Victoria had come across.

Thr barstool was a alittle tall for thr 4'9 woman to use easily so leant against the near royal blue walking stick, snow glak guard on top. The artist was plain beuterful, sadly her relationship with its maker had been a alittle more complicated than that.

Looking round to see if any other patrons, she just hoped that they where erving otherwise it might be the city hell traffic home and she really could was not looking forward to the work needed to fix the loophole the hackers had made. The security had locked the houses systems down tight, the secure servers would be still secure. Just the outer circuit as such had been breached. The inner walls and gates remained intact and draw bridges where raised.

@KillBox@Tenma Tendo

(little post for ye, feel free to join in if you want to interact anyone reading this note)


I like your take on the whole thing, and having discussion is a good way to explore whether or not ideas like these should be allowed. Creativity is a wonderful thing and I'd like to take a creative concept under my wing myself, so I'm in full support for people experimenting and wanting to try certain things. Gunswords and blastsabres have a lot of things in common, which is why I'd like to bring up this little quote from wikipedia:

<Snipped quote>
I only found this out due to the Clone Wars series, but contrary to how fast and flashy they swing their blades around, lightsabers are pretty darn heavy. Not only those, but blasters, too. And naturally, when you combine them both, you get something which is inaccurate, expensive, heavy, and lacking in firepower. Prototypes can definitely be made, sure, but how many people would actively consider using them when there are better alternatives? Star Wars has wrist-mounted blasters which would more or less serve the same purpose, and it can more easily be argued to have one in-character. They're lighter, shoot further, are less expensive to make, and are more accurate, plus you can use them while wielding a lightsaber. If we're basing this off of history, which Star Wars likes to borrow from, I'd argue that blastsabers wouldn't be a popular choice because of all the info we can infer from reality and canon.

While the idea sounds cool, it's hard to justify IC based on these merits. Again, I like the idea, but I can't think of a solid reason as to why a character wouldn't seek any other alternative before inventing a prototype blastsaber. Unless that person is someone who likes tinkering with lightsabers and stuff, which would be interesting, which I think the GMs could get behind. A lot of stuff in Star Wars is done for the sake of looking cool, so it's not like there couldn't be a way to make a prototype for one character to use which solves most of these problems (save expenses), it just needs to be done in a way that makes sense imo.

Aaaaaand Ell already posted most of this. Bleh.

Besides.... Far more intresting ways to conceal a blaster that's not in a obvious weapon.

Taking cuew from other universes low power limited shot derrenger style pistols, but easier to hide.

Or weapons built into jewrally, a prosthetic, or other objects that are not as obvious as carrying a light sabre when say your ring has a low power single shot hold out weapon built in.

Far more fitting for say a smuggler or undercover charceter to have access to such alternetove weaponry.
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