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Current “After hearing that joke, the Ghost Note has decided to kill himself.” - the Ghost Note’s secretary.
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Say what you will about the Guild, I like how you can basically do more with less using the power of the almighty... [table]
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I’ll tip the nurse alright 😉
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“I’m the villain so YOU can be the hero!” - The Ghost Note to the main protagonist.


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I've updated the CS, please let me know how to looks.

Much, much, better.

Accepted. Move her to the character tab.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ Accessing the Void Light opens Alizée's eyes to the Void itself... and over time, by utilizing the Void Light, she will begin to see hallucinations of the horrors of the Void. Eldritch abominations and people lost to the Void will appear alongside the mundane universe that Alizée is used to, attacking her mental state and making her doubt what is real and what is fake. The more Alizée (or the Apparition she's adjoined to) uses her abstraction, the worse this effect gets so that she will be functionally blind if she goes all out (as she'll see into the Void). This effect wears off over time, but its effects on her mentally will not. However, sapping away someone else strength and energy also begins to drain away at her - it won't be as dramatic as on the victim, but if she does this a lot, she can stop her own heart. An Abstraction like this will unnerve others and make it difficult for people to trust her.

@Bartimaeus Accepted. Move her to the character tab.

Dominion ⫻ The act of casting Domination causes Eksa to remain stationary, and she can easily be injured and knocked out of the spell. If she loses the Dominion grudge match, she can lose control of her body, making this a high-risk, high-reward spell.

Amplified Sealing ⫻ This Spell requires prep time and leaves her vulnerable while she prepares it.

Seek Apparitions ⫻ This Spell is a two-way door that reveals her location to the Apparitions around her as well.

Black Pact ⫻ Eksa must also abide by the conditions she sets or else she will lose access to all of her Spells for a day.

Black Shroud ⫻ While the Black Shroud is active, it also prevents boons from Apparitions such as healing or teleportation.

Interactions: Isabella (@Kamen Evie), and Florian (@Drag)
World Fighting Carnival - Reception Room.



While Izzy was uncomfortable working with Florian, Oh-Seven looked at the bigger picture. If Oh-One won, it was game over for all of them, and she would like to continue her existence as more than one of Oh-One's subroutines. Thankfully, Jill did her job and didn't have to explain Oh-One to him...

Who is Oh-One?”

... but Florian was a different discussion.

Oh-Seven didn't have time to explain things to this clueless rich guy, as they wasted more time. Every second they wasted was another second that Oh-One needed to put his plans into action. A supremely logical being like Oh-One would prioritize every second and make them as valuable as possible. Thankfully, Florian was probably as clueless as they got, so she could give him the most basic explanation she could come up with, and he'd (probably) fall for it.

"Time is of the essence, so I will be concise;" Oh-Seven started, "Big evil robot. He is trying to steal the Power Stone. He's likely here now. We have to be quick-"

That was when a cloud of smoke appeared in the middle of the group... out of reflex, Oh-Seven was about to deploy her machine gun, but her scanners indicated that it was none other than...

"... Jaden Raldo," Oh-Seven tilted her head and put on the most artificial smile she could. The smoke faded, and it revealed Jaden with his fists on his hips, grinning with that damn joint in between his teeth. It was evident that he overheard - likely using some ninja technique. Maybe there was an upside to one of the most obnoxious Nomads out there. According to Oh-Seven's calculations, at the very worst, Jaden will be another thing for Oh-One to laser that isn't one of them!

"In the flesh, baby!" Jaden proudly said as he grabbed his joint with his fingers and looked at Auri, Izzy, and Florian. Then continued, "I just overheard your conversation, and heard that ya'lls got a robot problem. And I'm here to say..."

He grabbed and unsheathed one of his swords, making a loud clinking sound.

"And I'm here to say I'm here to help! Free of charge."

Oh-Seven looked over to Izzy... who already seemed less than pleased and wondered if this group of misfits was more of a threat to each other than Oh-One was a threat to them. Fortunately, all they had to do was go underground, punch Oh-one, and then they could all go their separate ways...

"Excellent! Time is of the essence; we have to head down now!" Oh-Seven said in the most excited tone she could...

... Even though, deep down in that hardware and subroutines, she was screaming.
World Fighting Carnival - Tunnel Underneath.

Thankfully, the doors to the tunnels underneath the World Fighting Carnival were still open... and Oh-Seven led her merry bunch there. By her scans, all the security systems were disabled, which wasn't a good thing, as it meant that Oh-One had already interfaced with them and was likely in a position to turn them back on. She made big, flagrant steps similar to big ol' kicks as she marched through the tunnel halls.

"So, Auri," Jaden spoke to her.

"Yes?" Oh-Seven answered.

"What's your deal? Like, I get you got a bone to pick with roboman... but something about you..." He looked at her with his eyes narrowed. "... is off."

"I am a normal flesh and blood human, just like you. Nothing of note and nothing abnormal,"

"... Sounds like something a robot would say! Right boys?!" Jaden looked around as if he was hoping to get "hahas" and "hehes," but everyone was dead silent!


Oh-Seven came to a dead stop as her sensors detected something... the Necroid 99 from earlier, simply walking through the halls with what seemed to be the Power Stone. When Oh-Seven attempted to scan... it scrambled her scanners. Damn it! Oh-One installed these machines with special bullshit technology!

With no time to waste, Oh-Seven's right hand turned into a rocket launcher, and she shot "Necroid 99" on his side with the rocket... which caused it to stumble, but it didn't drop the Power Stone.

World Fighting Carnival - Tunnel Underneath.

Interface complete, breaking firewalls and accessing internal systems.

Oh-One held his hand against the terminal, interfacing with its inner systems.

Firewall one of twenty, broken. Time elapsed: two minutes. Twenty minutes are estimated before all firewalls and security systems are disabled. Cameras are active and have been interfaced with. All other security systems have been disabled. Will remain disabled for the duration of the Power Stone retrieval. Combatants, security, and spectators are unaware of their presence. The tournament is still ongoing...

However, the cameras detected two groups of individuals heading down into the vaults.



The three robotic copies of the machine that Olivia Bell referred to as "Necroid 99" stirred to life. They were merely decoys for Oh-One's plan, and each held an artificial copy of the Power Stone that glowed brightly in their hands. Suddenly, the three minions walked into the tunnels, going in directions so that they would absolutely be seen by the intruders.

Calculating the odds of the plan needing adjustment... minimal.

Calculating the odds of the security system requiring reactivating... minimal.

Calculating the odds of personal involvement being required... minimal.

Calculating odds of success... extremely high.

Interactions: Ijsvogel (@Mao Mao).
The Beach

At this point, a good chunk of the rainforest that provided them with cover was on fire. It was not an immediate danger to the Shells, like the drones and the fighters, but eventually, that would be a huge problem if they didn't wrap this up soon. Magpie liked not getting ripped to shreds by fighters. She kept boosting as a few fighters were on her tail and eventually hopped over a charred piece of debris from a destroyed Airship. It was large enough to accommodate her minimal-sized Shell, and she quickly reactivated the claw and unleashed another barrage of missiles and created fireworks as they brightly exploded.

It was enough to give Magpie some time to get her bearings. Crow and Barn Owl were taking on the other fighters, and Magpie was tempted to provide support.... then Kingfisher dropped his damn weapon. Magpie rolled her eyes, wondered if this was his first fight, and saw Ossifrage leave cover to provide support....

Her sensors alerted her towards the downed cargo carrier, and she turned her head towards it to see a massive blue beam come out of the craft... and it hit Ossifrage head-on. It cleaved through the core of her shell, and she was launched backward and hit the ground with a thud. That hit incinerated the cockpit, and Magpie's sensors detected that her pilot was now deceased.

"Aaxie!" Magpie shouted.

"... Ossifrage-80 down. The good news is that you all will get her share of the payment for this mission. Searching for a replacement..." Ava finally chimed in with her dull monotone. "... Replacement found."

Magpie resisted the urge to curse Ava out as a Shell wielding a massive weapon leaped out of the Shell. It blasted its colossal beam into the treeline, trying to destroy as much of the cover the Vultures used as possible. A barrage of tiny missiles exploded from its shoulders, creating a white fireworks-like effect and spreading a targeting scrambling that interfered with Magpie's (and the others') FSC systems.

"Now, Vultures, I will be more hands-on since letting you all... out of your cage... has proven to be ineffectual. That is the Ushi-oni Model of Autonomous Murakumo Shells. They likely have other Shells within the carrier, but remember, this is simply a stalling tactic while they wait for reinforcements to arrive... I will ensure that they only find the aftermath of our handiwork. It's going to be difficult to handle this and the fighters, but the good news is that you have me here."

Magpie could just feel Ava placing her fingers together.

"Shrike, support Ijsvogel so he can get his weapon back; together, the two of you will destroy the remaining Shells before they activate. Crow and Barn Owl draw its attention and keep on the move. Magpie, cover them and make sure any fighters that get any bright ideas... don't get any. While that happens, I want Gizzard and Hachidori to rip the thing to shreds with their weapons. Copy?"

Magpie shook her head from within her Shell and begrudgingly said,

Wow, you're fast; I like how you correctly used Emotional-Fields and mentioned the Void. I see where you're going with this, but this character could use just a little work:

1. First, backstory! My first (and biggest) issue was that she's way too young to have been in the original Sycamore Tree Coven - the youngest member I mentioned was ten, and even that got a lot of flack. But, a seven-year-old... I live with a seven-year-old, and I don't even trust her to be by herself for more than five seconds, and I think she would be more harm than good in a fight against a borderline eldritch abomination — abstraction or not.

Also, a teenager being a private investigator? lol

2. Speaking of the backstory, it could use some expansion because of some holes. You don't explain how she got roped into the old Coven; just cuts to her fighting the Stygian Snake. You mentioned that the old coven didn't like her due to night stalking but never expanded on that. The backstory also seems to cut off and doesn't explain her returning to the Coven (or why).

3. As for her abstraction... I'm unsure how I feel about it; it seems to be all over the place. She can summon hands that can bend steel and sap strength away (which is good enough on its own, to be honest). Then she can also detect magic and paranormal beings, create weapons, and teleport anywhere she can see. If you want to keep all of these abilities, she could be like a master of none - where she can do many different things but isn't super good at it.

Could you also elaborate on the sapping strength part?

4. Maybe also expand on the Apparition because it's very vague.

The character has potential to be good, but I think she needs a little bit of work.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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