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1 yr ago
Honestly, I'm not sure I could do *either* of those...
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Age: 31
Nationality: USA
Gender: Male

At one point in my life I could RP (or so I thought). It seems I've since lost much of my ability to do so.

Here's a small list of specific interests of mine in no particular order:

Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross
Dragon Ball (It's a love-hate relationship.)
-I also used to play Dokkan Battle
Dungeons & Dragons
Dark Souls
Magic the Gathering
Monster Hunter
Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Dynasty Warriors
The Legend of Zelda (especially ALttP and ALBW)
The Elder Scrolls
Rune Factory
Final Fantasy (Mostly the PS1-era ones)
Fire Emblem (I've only played Fates and Heroes)

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat.
I kind of suck at 1x1s and am averse to being expected to write lengthy responses. (You will never catch me in the Advanced Roleplay section.)

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Uhhh...what about this dude?

What do you like to draw?

My OCs, usually. Sufficiently motivated, I might post some of it up here, but don’t expect it to be professional-quality or anything... ^__^;
Hey there, Hiccup. I'm new here too. I'm not too active yet; kind of just lurking for now.
My favorite dragon is definitely the first dragon I'd ever slain:
Gildiss, from the Capcom Arcade game, King of Dragons.
Clockwork Dragon from Magic the Gathering is a close second.
what the hell caused you to click on my profile

I might have seen you online or something. I was browsing a lot of profiles; checking out the community.

Didn’t mean to make anybody uncomfortable. <_<‘
Hi Poo.
Hey guys, Raditz here.

I've been roleplaying in forum-communities since the early 2000s, in locales like Gamestalks(defunct), animetheme(defunct), gaiaonline, and more. For the most part, my recent roleplaying experiences have been tabletop RPGs among my own tight-knit IRL group or similarly small discord channels, and I feel like I need to reach out and meet new people in hopes finding others with similar interests that I can relate to.
When left to my own pacing, I tend to fluctuate between shorter, faster posts and long-winded novel passages. Consistency is admittedly a weakness of mine. ^_^'

My other main interests are anime, video games, tabletop games (MtG and D&D in particular) and drawing. I also like examining stories (usually movies/shows/video games) critically and examining their use of tropes.

I'm not sure if I'm just browsing or here to stay, but you just might see me around.
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