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How's everyone's characters going?

She looked forward to having a nice drink and some discussion about the nature of her powers. And some time with Linxi. Although, the latter, well, that could get awkward and she needed to not let it. Or out, really. Then again, Xanara had a tendency to crush. And then not. So, time would tell.

It seemed, though, that she needed to meet some people. Sira was one of those people. And the headmaster, from the sound of it. So, she figured she'd start with the things that had to happen. And maybe she'd run into a few of the people she's met so far. Taking a breath she began moving, hating crowds she zipped through as they barely moved. She was so excited about maybe understanding things that, at least, she'd like to have future plans to actually understand.

She made her way to the front of the group. Well, the side of the front since Sira had taken to the sides as Ema led the tour. At the moment she didn't hear anything, out of sync with the psychic. It all came back to normal, people moving, noises she could hear in real time. Though, to others it almost seemed like teleportation. "Um...hello, Sira? Linxi suggested we meet since I have some questions about temporal causality and paradox. I'm Xanara. And, I'm, maybe, a bit overexcited since my powers have created some possible problems related to such things. But, I don't want to impose now." Well, she did but it would be rude to do so more than just that.
Orions...I think we are all on the same ship going to the school no matter where we are from. The ship was the meeting place that took everyone to the school.
Tentative interest from me.
What sorts of other religions/gods are popular?
This seems interesting.
Yeah, I meant the open carry. I mean just because you can summon a death machine doesn't mean you walk around with it all day.
I would imagine the school would have some sort of rule about the whole thing.
I'm sure they're a big old patriarchy.
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