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That's fine. Either way, it's just a thought since they easily could have hired the Iron Saints. And she could easily be a stranger in the area since these lands seem to be directly under the king. Jessica's family lands are farther out, sizable but less urban. She has spent time in the city but has also done her fair share of fighting. Although, it's much more out of boredom and a somewhat insatiable blood lust seeing as she has no real need for additional money. She does the work of defense of the land in her grandfather's stead.
@Arkitekt Would you like to have been one of the group hired to deal with some gang activity? That could give them some shared background.
More likely it would be gangs they'd need assistance to deal with. Although, politics may be another. Grandfather is getting old and likely wants the transition to go smoothly for his only heir.
@Arkitekt Duvets are like a fantasy for me. I mean, I live in the subtropics and am allergic to down.

@Lord Orgasmo Are there reasons an Earl to have need of mercenaries? Are there criminal organizations that could have been threatening their outlying lands? Or even more local ones to their personal manor?
@ArkitektWell, nobody is undead. Just partly undead with a healthy craving for blood. And, my bed is plenty warm, between me and the roaring fire, the silk sheets and down duvet.
Yes, it wouldn't be bad to know what sort of positions people have in the city and if they'd know each other before hand.
@Arkitekt Well, membership does have its privileges. Although, I wasn't meaning that sort of neck nibble. All that warm, velvety liquid just wanting to escape.
How does Margarette feel about the aristocracy?

How about the occasional neck nibble?
I have an idea for a half elven bard.
So, basically diceless DnD?
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