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Cole Ryder

Cole continued to watch as the cat seemed to be responding well to the girl who had called it over. He also noted her interaction with Kaze. She was a boisterous one, but friendly enough, and that was what mattered. He nodded with a light smile at her words, though, he was still convinced that the feline was a shifter of some sort. I guess that if you're going to stay in that form, you're just asking to be spoken to in such a manner. Regardless, whoever it was probably was not going to stay that way throughout the entire trip, and although he was interested to see the human behind the cat, he was in no hurry to do so.

He then flinched ever so slightly when Serenity suddenly took the seat that the cat had vacated, mainly because such an occurrence was unexpected, though, it might have had something to do with the last time they interacted. It was not that he minded her being next to him, and if she decided that it was alright, then he would trust that it was safe. It was highly likely that it had something to do with her abilities, whatever they were. He remembered that they had not gotten to that yet. He considered the possibility of her being some kind of empath who had seen him for who he truly was, but if that were the case, she would not be approaching him again like she currently was, would she?

"I- uh, yes... that's right. I remember you as well," he stuttered a little at the beginning, being caught off guard. "Well, this last term has been rather challenging for me. Getting accustomed to a new environment is never easy, but nothing too unfortunate apart from that first Arena battle. I hope you have been well."

That was when the Hoverbus slowed to a stop, and the students on board were instructed to disembark. Cole then gestured to Serenity. "After you."

It was not as if he had a choice, considering that she was on the outer seat, but he would leave it at that.


10:30 a.m.

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The still waters of the lake glittered, reflecting the light of the morning Sun. Right by it stood the small but comfortable wooden lodge known as Woodhaven. The structure was equipped with the most basic of facilities, and the students had three rooms to share among them. One on the second floor provided a clear view of the lake, another, also on the second floor, had windows facing the clearing beside the lodge where a campfire place and a couple of picnic tables were located, and the third, on the ground floor, allowed a view into a dense section of the forest. Each room had two bunk beds, allowing four students to a room.

Dr. Sullivan alighted right after Mr. Colles, putting her hand on the vehicle's shell and giving it a rub. The latter had barely been off the Hoverbus for twenty seconds before a large jaguar sprinted out from the woods towards him. It was clear that the two were well acquainted by how Colles immediately bent down to stroke the majestic animal's fur. As both staff members paused to exchange a few words, it was difficult not to notice the striking contrast between them. From the clothes that they wore to their companions of choice, it was apparent that the wild was his domain, while civilization was hers. It was nature versus technology, organic versus synthetic, past versus future.

Dr. Sullivan soon hopped back onto the Hoverbus and sped off to the main school, while Mr. Colles turned to the group of students to get their attention. "Alright kids! Settle in, have a look around. We'll be exploring the caves after lunch."

He gestured to some rock formations that could be seen from a distance past an area of forest, before entering Woodhaven.
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