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I'm sorryyyyy I'll get it up soon!!!
I should get my post up tomorrow, sorry for the wait!
Even if March could drink he wouldn't... Probably would take a sip and spit it out all over Monty
Oh it's so exciting hehe~ Can't wait to see what happens next, definitely want to see how everyone interacts with eachother!
Olive sent me gifs so now I must use ❤❤
March isn't an adult so he doesn't even have to pretend to function haha

By the time Monty arrives, March wants to disappear. He's not shy, not really, he's just… Anti-social and overwhelmed. Yes. That. The tiny girl hands him a napkin full of macaroons for July, which he honestly finds quite sweet. (No pun intended.) He didn't have to ask, either, which makes it all the better.

“T-thank you!” He mutters in hasty reply, wrapping the macaroons in the napkin neatly. They taste good, according to Minkyu--Minkyu who is currently ignoring him, though not unkindly--so March sneaks a crumb. Very tasty, though admittedly, he prefers savory treats. He eats one anyway, because if he is bringing them home for July then there must be some sort of tax. Maybe he's just a mean brother.

Since Minkyu is busy eating macaroons and looking awkward, March figures he can disappear into that kitchen. He turns to leave, tucking away July's sweets, when Minkyu yells “MONTY!”

Caught terribly off guard, (as Minkyu never yells,) March leaps in the air in surprise and loses half his macaroons to the floor. Slick. Very slick. He is unbelievably proud of himself! Thankfully, it's just Monty--he could hug Monty right now, because he actually does dishes--so he scrambles along the floor to grab any lost macaroons without too much embarrassment. (His ears are bright pink, but not his cheeks. This is improvement.)

"Long time, no see you two! Did you miss me?"

Yes. March would seriously hug him, except there are people watching and the more he thinks about it the worse of an idea it is. So instead, he just grunts out “Yeah.” Anything that even resembles an endearing statement in the slightest is reserved for his mother and siblings only. And then only April and September and occasionally January, since only they bother to be nice to him.

Distracted by practically everything, March doesn't even notice Mari until he looks up from where he is crouching on the floor with macaroons. Besides the fact that the first time he saw her she fell and bled from her nose everywhere, he knows nothing about her. However, she seems shy, small, and actually young (sorry, tiny girl) so his older brother instincts kick in. Then his “run away” instincts kick in, and he decides he still would like to do just that.

"G... G... G-G-Good morning, e-e-everyone!"

After this initial--and rather loud--squeak, March's brotherly instincts come right back and he decides to say “Morning,” with a smile to go with it. He is definitely getting better at this socializing thing.

Finally, he hauls himself up off the floor. The bell on the door jingles again. March wants to die.

"Um...hello? I would like a table."

At this point, everything has become too much, so March lets out and exasperated noise and puts his face in his hands. “I haven't even started prepping food yet…”
Lol you're good, all March did was observe her smallness anyways~

March hops off the subway a stop early, preferring to walk the last bit instead of riding it. His mother doesn't like the subway anyways, she thinks it's seedy and sketchy and--well, he gets the idea. But he can't drive, and he's not walking to work. (Walking would require getting up around 5, no easy feat. As “seedy” and “sketchy” the subway is, it saves him sleep.)

He still needs to decide what pastry to get July. Maybe some sort of tart, or doughnut… He'll see what sort of special Amelia is making, too. Despite his general dislike of sweets, Amelia's are superb. Whatever she makes will be great, he's sure. (But July's turning 13, and now she's a teenager, which deserves some big celebration, he supposes. Dang, he's old now. Since when did all his younger siblings get so big? January and August were so cute when they were younger…) The walk goes by quicker than he expects, and he slides into the cafe at the fashionably no-so-late hour of 6:45. Daehyun is there, walking towards the back already, which surprises him. There's some other person March had never met, too. Please, please, let her be a dishwasher. If Amelia hires a dishwasher, he'll hug her. (Okay, well, probably not. He's not that weird.)

Amelia is nowhere to be seen, so he addresses Minkyu instead, who looks embarrassed. Or is that his normal expression? March can't tell. He is bad at these sort of things.

“Hey Minkyu, is there anything that needs to be done before I go on back?” While saying this, March observes that person who he has never met is extremely tiny. He would like to take care of her, but most people who are tiny don't appreciate such things. She's probably older than him, anyways. That makes everything awkward. Why does he have to be a young little chicken? (His mom's words, not his.)

He turns his attention back to Minkyu and away from tiny girl. Tiny girl, he then realizes, brought pastries. Maybe he can get one for July! They look pretty good... Like, he could totally ask her--who is he kidding, he doesn't even know her! Get a hold of yourself, March.

After another second of getting a hold of himself, he decides he could just ask Minkyu about the pastry. Amelia may be the one who makes them, but whatever.

“Oh, Minkyu,” why does talking to Minkyu have to be so awkward? “Can I take home a pastry tonight? Like, if there's extra or something--I only need one.” Does he sound selfish? “It's for my sister. It's her birthday. Yeah.”

Please save him. It's not his fault socializing isn't his strong suit!
Awwww I love the drawing its so cute!!! I love March's little kitty apron (okay I lied it's not his it's April's but whatever.) It's really cuuuuute~

I'll have a post up tonight or tomorrow, hopefully!
I'm not doing anything but I feel hYPE bc people are here owo
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