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2 yrs ago
Current Cleaning day! Made a ton of progress and even found my long lost DS and my missing laundry card that still has a lot of credits on it. Found it in my winter coat of all places go figure.
2 yrs ago
Finally got into D&D. Now I feel trapped and I am in love. Should I ask for help or ask where I can get more dice?
2 yrs ago
Breaks ups are weird. Not sure how to feel about the other person, or about yourself. It hurts for sure, but it's weird and uncomfortable just how different things seem now.
2 yrs ago
I get that dude. Could be one of those days, in the smae boat myself. Hope you're doing better soon though!
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2 yrs ago
It's an ass kick ass world out there. And all we can do about it is keep kicking ass .


Welcome to my profile! I decided I needed to update this, and I don't have much for updating... Only in a single role-play right now, so far it's going really well!

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Venus 7 yrs ago
Hi honey! I hope you're doing okay! I've missed hearing about all of your crazy adventures! Never forget that you still and will always have a friend in me for anything you might need. Lots of love! Hugs! <3
Remipa Awesome 7 yrs ago
Visitor messages? This seems interesting.
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