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Current That's funny. Well I'm guessing not too many people are interested in Power Rangers. Anyway check it out if you're interested, we'd love to have ya
10 mos ago
There's this Power Ranger's RP i'm attempting to join in the casual int area. We need a female rper, any takers?
2 yrs ago
Belief is essential. It harms and grows, one only needs to be led towards greater knowledge to succeed. I'm lacking that guide.
2 yrs ago
Can't assume what you know little to nothing about. There's a whole ocean beneath the surface of everything.
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Late Morning

Oben whistled an impressed tune after getting over the initial shock. He eyed the beast with pity, shaking his head solemnly as he sauntered towards it. "Must be painful," he murmured, thinking of all the ways he could ease the kobold tremendous pain. Which deathblow would make its life and death seamlessly intertwined? One moment it was breathing in agony, the next would be a rather perfect, eternal slumber.

He pulled back his nodachi in a formal stance, jutted forwards, and extended the blade aiming for its head. Whether it was a clean strike or just another messy blow would be up to how quick kobold reacted."Don't struggle, I know it hurts."
@Artifex No problem. I'm just glad to be part of the fold.

As for the classification system, I prefer the new one over the old. This one just "feels" more to the point. I imagine the new system would be offered to the public as a early warning system or something and the old one would be meant for N.O.V.A and other Variant agencies around the world.
@vancexentan I'll get a post up tomorrow. Sorry about the lack of activity.
@Artifex Don’t know if I missed it or not but was Jayson approved?
@Zoey White Obviously a wizard. Patrick Star is a starfish. No one wants to be a Patrick Star
@Zoey White Lol I think he's already a bit OP. Though I had thought about it myself.
@Artifex I would say superficial wounds will heal in minutes and deep/fatal wounds hours. His ability can keep him from deaths door for a few days. A bullet in the head, decapitation, and severe damage to the brain can kill him instantly.
Here's my character. I wanted to keep the character sheet short and simple. I strive to keep all my sheets concise. Hopefully its enough.

@GoMach Just wanted to be clear, is it this Monday or next. I've been staring at this thread all day lol
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