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Just give Skar the Spiral smile and have Gringor wear Kamina's glasses.
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"Are there any streams or baths we can dunk them in real quick? I'd use my sword's magic but its just as likely to shoot magma at them than water."

"Errr....Lilianna, was it? First off, nice to meet you. Secondly, what kind of random ass sword do you have!? And third, you know damn well that it'll take more than a bath to get rid of the scent of a freshly mated pair. Takeshi will have to NOT have sex with Alice again in order for the scent to go away on its own....... and that's IF he can control himself around Alice's charms, which I now doubt.", Kerry answered the fairy before noticing what the mad hatter was broad daylight! Thinking fast, Kerry quickly slapped the mad hatter's hand off Takeshi thigh, grabbing her attention.

"Not. Here!", she said with gritted teeth in low volume, eyes scanning to see if anyone saw the sensual display. "Think about where you are, Madam Mushroom! Save it for later!"

“Though, I will admit this was the last thing that I was expecting to learn about after returning from the mission and getting some relaxation at the hot springs, but I can say you guys at least keep things interesting for me, soooooo when is the wedding”

"Yuki, make no mistake, I'm finding all of this hilarious too. But our stay would go a lot more smoothly if we keep this particular scandel strictly between taskforce members, yes?"

Geez, why am I being the responsible one here?, the hornet thought to herself, groaning mentally. Where's Shizuka when you need him!?

Then she heard a commotion between the Hangni sisters, giving the two siblings a deadpanned stare.

"Atsuha, everyone that's been on this taskforce for more than a day knows that you, your sister and Skar are a mated trio. It's an open secret at this point. Even now, Skar can't seem to keep his hands off you two."

Sighing, Kerry would turn to Takeshi, giving the young lord-to-be a serious look.

"Listen, Takeshi. Ayu is right. Deny it all you want, but you can't fool a mamono's nose, ESPECIALLY when it comes to sex. Right now, it would be very wise to keep this quiet and not bring any more attention yourself. Otherwise, people are gonna notice, which leads to people talking, which leads to people questioning.....which then leads people to finding out. And that's the last thing you want right now, isn't it?"

The cat would've been out of the bag at some point. Better to have an ally nip it before it blew up! XD
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“Well what they said was rather concerning, so it may be wise to bring the matter to him so that he is aware of it, and bringing it up with the others surely wouldn’t hurt anything either, who knows, maybe someone will have a solution, I just don’t think us alone are going to be able to solve it all on our own without any help from the others, it seems like a pretty tricky mess to insert ourselves into under prepared”

"I was just thinking the same thing. It's already gonna be a rough handful dealing with the Varjans, but the additional infighting will just make this more difficult. So yeah, best to get everyone on the same page.", Kerry commented, her hands clasped behind her head as she relaxed in the hot spring. It was for the best, really. Nipping any potential issues at the bub would go a long way to ensure the taskforce didn't run into any headaches during this war. "But, in the mean time.... I didn't answer one of your questions back when we first met. To answer your question, I'm a hornet..."

For the rest of the time they had in the spring, the two mamono chatted, sharing their own stories and experiences. A new friendship growing.

An hour or two later, Kerry and Yuki returned to the Temple, minds and bodies rejuvenated by the hot springs. The duo was just in time to see Takeshi and Alice return from their quest, the mad hatter was catching z's leaning against the young lord's back.

"Oh, Takeshi. Perfect timing.", spoke Kerry as she approached the duo. "So Yuki and I were on our way to the hot springs when we overhe-"


Kerry froze mid-sentence as a particular scent wafted across her nose.


It was slightly faint. Like time had passed and the scent was being muffled by an obstruction (read: clothing), but it was there. By the Demon Lord, it was there!

Kerry knew what this scent was. EVERY MAMONO IN THE WORLD knew what this scent was.

A man's essence.

She snapped her gaze toward Alice and noticed the dopey smile she had as she snoozed. And....was it just her eyes or did the mad hatter had a kind of....glow to her?


Her eyes swapped to Takeshi, seeing how withdrawn and subdued he appeared. Like he did something he wasn't supposed to do. Like....he regretted doing something.

No. Fucking. Way.

Her eyes went back to Alice.....then back to Takeshi....Back to Alice....Before settling back on Takeshi. And then....

The dots connected.

Kerry took a moment to survey her surroundings. Outside of Yuki and Ayu, none of the other taskforce members seemed to notice Takeshi's return yet. The mamono members will definitely notice the smell. Hell, Yuki is probably smelling it right now. But more importantly, the villagers and refugees are out of earshot and seemed to be preoccupied with their own affairs right now.

This was good, because what Kerry was about say, if an outside ear caught wind, would completely cause chaos and destroy any chance of getting cooperation from the locals.

And if the other taskforce members walk in on it.....well, here's hoping the others have enough sense to not blurt it out for the world to hear.

"Takeshi...", began Kerry, her tone low enough for anyone just a few feet away could hear. ".....did you fuck Alice?"
I'll have a post ready by tonight.

I have a funny idea, considering mamono can smell a man's.....essence.
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"Also, I didn't lose, I something else to do. It was getting boring anyways."

Oh.....Oh hohohoooooo. This guy. Got. CLAPPED., thought Kerry, giving Gringor a deadpanned stare as he spoke. The hornet would turn to Yuki with a smirk, silently asking the oni if she really did believe the BS the high orc was spouting. Oddly enough, with the bravado in his voice, Gringor would 've been convincing if wasn't for the battle wounds that were evident on his body. Then again, when has a high orc ever thought to hide his scars? Never in the history of the world, that's when.

"Whatever you say, dude.", Kerry responded, rolling her eyes as her tone made it clear that she didn't believe a word of Gringor's report. "Yuki and I are heading to the hot springs. If you're looking for Shizuka and Takeshi, both are currently on missions. Don't know when they'll be back."

With the conversation done, the duo continued toward their destination, but not before unintentionally eavesdropping on two passing women. The words spoken.....concerning, to say the least.

Aaaaaaaaaa~....I SO needed this.", Kerry blissfully commented, letting loose a moan that was borderline erotic as the steamy water washed away the grime of the day and the stress of the past few. Kerry and Yuki were lucky enough to find a hot spring that was still near the Temple yet secluded and far enough from the beaten path that peeping eyes were a low likelihood. Not that the hornet mind, but as her father once said, there's a time and place for everything.

Still....The words of the two women they passed earlier still clung to her mind like a Beelzebub on garbage day.

"So....Yuki? About what those two women were saying back there..... You think we should bring it up to the others? To Takeshi?"

Well, damn. Had I known my guy got Ritsuka to react like that, I would've had Reggie stick around to conversate more.

Regardless, let's just chalk it up to Reggie refusing to acknowledge her statement because, as I have pointed out, he's got bigger things to worry about.

.....BUT! If Reggie did acknowledge those words:

"So you got called up without any input on your part.", Reggie responded, standing on the threshold of the door as he turned around to fix the Director a serious glare. "News flash: When shit happens, it often doesn't wait for your permission, so with all due respect, that's a lame-ass excuse for being an unsupportive leader. Don't go painting me like I'm some pompous, privileged know-it-all. I've SEEN what happens if Chaldea fails, so I'm absolutely willing to put my life on the line to ensure Humanity still has a future. While I don't doubt this team can get the mission done, some of us just don't have the heart for it. Do you not see Cordelia and Michel expressing their fear? Would it kill you to show a bit of compassion and lift their spirits? Shit like that goes a long way, you know. You say I'm not the first Master of Rider and I'm likely not going to be the last. And? All that tells me is that you have tried, and failed, 7 times at this point. Have you learned anything from those failures? Have you improved from them that they don't happen again? Because if you haven't....... then what the fuck have you been doing? I'm not saying this is gonna be a cake walk, because it won't be. I'm not saying that everything is gonna be okay, because not everything will be okay. All I'm saying is that if Chaldea hopes to avert and resolve this crisis, it all starts with you and how you lead! And so far.... you lead like you interact with people: Lousy. Do better. Start. Leading."

You know, after typing that, it's a good thing Reggie walked out. Otherwise, he and Ritsuka would've been butting heads.

Reggie, belly full of his apparent 'last supper', leaned back against his seat and sighed. He looked to Rider, who gazed back at him despite the blindfold. A second passes.....and both nod to each other.

"Well, if there is nothing more to be said, we'll take our leave and prepare for our mission. Thanks for the food, Da Vinci. Tasted just like home.", Reggie said as he rose from his seat to leave, his Servant doing the same. Before the duo walked out the door, however, the young man gave one final comment to his boss. "Oh, by the way, Director? Da Vinci is right: Your social skills are absolute trash. An angsty preteen would give better motivation and reassurance than you. For your sake and..... practically everyone else's, please work on that."

"Well, to me. How's our shot lookin'?", the young man asked as the lone pair walked the halls.

"....Honestly, it's 50/50.", the youngest Gorgon replied, airing her two cents. "On the Servant side, it's actually pretty solid. Archer, Saber and Caster bring some much-needed maturity and focus to alleviate Lancer and Berserker's battle thirst and aggressiveness. Assassin, however..... I can't get a read on her, but something tells me that we shouldn't completely trust her. She has the look of one who hides much behind a kindly mask."

"You got vibe from her too, huh? We are definitely on the same page when it comes to her. Well, when it comes to the Masters, it's very much a coin toss. Though she may be a tad meat headed, I feel we can trust Cassandra. Chabi as well, even if Saber has to make sure that girl's head ain't up in the clouds too often. Cordelia and Michel..... those two worry me. They don't seem to have much courage and faith in themselves to see the mission through. Doesn't help that their paired with battle hungry Servants. We may need to keep an eye on them. Katerina..... I'm gonna be honest, I think she might bow out of this one. This situation is way too big and dangerous for a kid like her. I'd rather have an older Master as her replacement. Lastly, there's Penni. Much like Assassin, I can't get a read on her, as well. She seems alright, but has the aura of someone who is.... tweaked. And when I say tweaked, I mean someone who might snap at a random moment's notice.

"All in all.....our team is a shot in the dark....", Reggie said with a chuckle before his face became somber and serious. "....and we better hit our mark."

Medusa hummed and gave a silent nod in agreement as the duo made their way to Reggie's prepare themselves for the First Singularity in the coming hour. This was it. The first sign of the coming calamity, as foretold by Bastion's vision. A calamity that Chaldea must prevent.

For if they fail, Bastion will intervene. And if he intervenes..... then Humanity is well and truly finished.
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"I'm fairly sure Lady Kyouko's still readying some stuff back in Otomo Port. And with the Varjan blockade surrounding the island and the major ports occupied, it's gonna be hard for her to come here with her forces. Uhh, sorry for getting your hopes up if I did."

"Eh. Whatever she needs for this to go more smoothly, let her take her time. Seems like we're in this for the long haul, anyway", Kerry replied with a shrug.

"Anyway, you all can take a breather first before heading out. I believe we even have some hot springs near here if you wanna take a dip."

"I think I'll take you up on that offer for the hot springs, I've not had the chance to use one in quite some time so it should be a nice time of relaxation"

"Count me in, Yuki. A dip in the hot springs sounds absolutely divine right now."

Before the girls could make their way however, Gringor had returned from his quest.....looking quite worse for wear.

"G-Gringor!?, the hornet exclaimed, looking bewildered at the high orc's battle-worn appearance. "Dude, you look like you lost a fight to a tornado full of rocks and knives! The hell happened out there!?"
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Dude, now I HAVE to get Kerry to point that out!
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