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Sir Rhayven A. DarkMorne

Rhayven let a slight smile lift the corner of his lips as the king granted his request, before it shifted to a lifted eye brow as the doctor volunteered her services to convey the kings wishes. As she turned to him he glanced to the king with a respectful nod, before giving her a full grin and gesturing for the door. For all intents and purposes the king had condoned his course of action, and rather than waste time it suited him to be on with his task. Palming the ring he gestured for Rose to head to the door. He would follow shortly behind her, discreetly leaving the meeting. Once outside he would make his way out to the courtyard hopefully with Rose in pursuit where he would send the raven on his shoulder skyward to stretch her wings, she would mind her business until she chose to rejoin him. With that a priority for him out of the way he would turn to the good doctor. "Would you lead the way then?" His tone was cheerful and his manner polite as he let his mind turn to the enormity of their task.

Once the doctor started off in the direction of the library, the mage knight would follow his hand dipping to a pouch at his belt, from the pouch which he found by muscle memory he drew a strand of leather, and quickly strong the ring through a loop and tied it off, pulling it over his head and tucking it into his shirt under his leather coat. A slight scowl crossed his otherwise fair features as he contemplated the thing he was starting, this was going to be a long and dangerous road, and he hoped that the number of people who got stepped on in the process of traveling it would not be too great.
Sir Rhayven A. DarkMorne

Rhayven stood silent once his part was spoken, he listened as one after another the others in the room spoke, culminating in a statement by the king, all but giving them their marching orders. As the king spoke or rather just after the first of the Isparians left the room with their own thoughts. Rhayven stifled the desire to shake his head in distaste at the mans behavior, instead he listened briefly to the kings second bit of speech, with the rings placed on the table Rhayven nodded. "As you command my king. Since we do not know, yet where we should look the rings are useful but not in an immediate sense. If it pleases you my lord I would ask for access to the royal library. Perhaps there are clues within, that might point us at one or more of the artifacts." He spoke the words as he took one of the rings turning to the king with a respectful bow of his head.

As he waited for the kings response he looked among those who remained, the young countess, the count, the prince, the doctor, he himself. They all had different backgrounds, perhaps they could with their disparate experiences and knowledge sets puzzle out the locations of the artifacts. For now, that tract would have to be suggested by one of the others in accord with their specialties, perhaps the Isparian guest knew a legend or could recall one. Perhaps the Count had heard rumors in his business dealings. Event he medic through her patients might have heard such stories, or from comrades and field medics. Each of them had different connections, perhaps if they were lucky those connections would become the short cut to an age of research and searching. Rhayven would use his research ability but he would also send a message to his former colleagues at the college, they might have rumors legends and lore to draw from which might suit his needs as well. One way or another Rhayven could see the first foot steps he would take along this path forward.

I feel like the meeting should happen in course, we are worrying about speed before the thread has managed to develop a natural rhythm. The council is mostly in agreement already, take that agreement parlay it into a course of action and trigger the first arc of the story. Things will move quickly enough now that we have settled on a path, and once we settle on a way to pursue that. Then you can directed story at events or introduce a character to participate with which you can use to help guide us and interject relevant information.

In any case I think too much focus is on getting this going, and not enough on developing the story and getting a natural rhythm for posting for the thread going.
I have no personal objection as a roleplayer with the use of foreign languages to substitute for actual foreign languages in the world we are inhabiting. As a roleplayer it lets me consciously keep myself in the dark about things I have no business knowing for my character.

As a reader I think it detracts from the joint story that we are writing and enjoying together as some of the nuance of the interactions require the use of a translator to attain.

Trying to balance between my enjoyment and the choices as a roleplayer and the choices I would make as a reader is sometimes hard.

I think they way I would encourage resolving this, is if only the characters who know the language or should know the language indulge in translation, (this requires the honor system). Or all language be handled in our accepted common dialect for writing, in this case english, and that writer discretion be used to limit meta gaming, (this also requires the honor system, but lets everyone enjoy the writing to the fullest in the process.)
All of that is fair, Rhayven feels horribly out of place.
well the new round has started
I added you, also posted.

Sir Rhayven A. DarkMorne

Rhayven had smiled slightly at her blush but hadnt pushed her on it, when she started to move to introduce herself though, things got very serious. The king and queen's presence triggered Rhayven's years of military training, and he snapped into a traditional salute, out of hand. He hadnt been addressed so he spent the time listening and processing information. The dragon Abraxas, not seen or heard from since the fall of Ispar, well it certainly explained the Isparian Knights who had just been seemingly at each others throats. It also explained the gathering of the nobility two of the counts and the prince, perhaps even the doctor's presence. What didnt mesh for the knight was his own presence here. Sure he was an accomplished knight with fifteen years of service, and twenty five years spend as a mage might offer some relevance, but even his military service and education didnt quite fit. He was happy to serve since he had been called to do so, but it would be interesting to see how he could apply his skills to this.

As a commander Rhayven was looking at the map of his country, and thinking that it seemed pertinent to array the army in such a way to track the dragon if it was still laying waste across the country side, those reports could help determine the dragons patterns, which would be important for deploying resources to protect the people. Meanwhile scholars should be pouring over old texts, attempting to identify and locate the relics, in a war you dont leave any weapon you can use lying on the ground for someone else to use against you. It also occurred to Rhayven that with the chaos would probably come incursions monsters and the like crossing the borders attacking the people. Then hanging over it all, the princess, and what had changed that the dragon had suddenly crossed into the kingdoms territory to take her. The dragon was no wild beast, and getting ahead of it would require understanding what motivations the dragon might have.

"Perhaps it is not my place to say so, but acting against the dragon with the present state of things seems unwise. The dragon took her, rather than burning her in the wreckage of that city as he well could have, so he must have some motivation that keeps her alive. For the moment then we should turn our eyes on how to best the dragon, protect our people, and assure victory, rather than racing and risking when such isnt necessary. With careful preparation, and thorough understanding, Abraxas will fall and gods willing the princess be saves." The knight in Rhayven felt as though he risked much speaking that way before the nobles, but the mage in him, well, it told him to speak his mind and share his thoughts, he had been brought here for a reason, and it wasnt as a wall ornament.
I am more than happy too, I just wasnt sure if a post was incoming, to bring order or if he was waiting on me
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