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Angus was right, Raugar did have trouble believing him. Someone with a giant weapon was out in the storm scaring off the creatures? He was inclined to think the barbarian had let his imagination run away with him, but he sounded very convinced. Something must have scared the troglodytes. He nearly discouraged Angus from wandering further into the temple, since they hadn't secured the other rooms, but the man could look after himself, and Raugar had ended up being grateful for the fire's warmth. We should salvage more firewood from the town in the morning he thought, as he took up a kneeling position in front of the entrance, with his blade layed out before him. He sat in quiet reflection, his ears pricked to discern anything amongst the sounds of the dying storm, and waited...

Dawn rolled around. Raugar had heard nothing unusual. No trace of Angus's mysterious swordsman. He stretched his stiff legs as he stood up, whilst the rest of the party roused themselves and got ready. "We need to decide our next move." he said, when they were all assembled. "I for one do not think there is much point in staying in Brighthaven. We should head into the ruins whilst our supplies last. However, Angus heard someone outside scare off the trogs last night. If people still live here, it might be worth trying to find them and find out what they know, before they find us."

Exactly! Lets go looking for it.
perception: 9
cool so Raugar and Angus split the watch. Does anything happen before morning @Lucius Cypher?

If not, do you guys want to keep exploring Brighthaven? Otherwise I'd say lets head straight for the ruins.
if nobody wants to do anything else, is it worth time skipping till morning?
@Searat yeah, it was mostly a reaction to Roy's discomfort. But we might get attacked, and if we don't, I get the healing back at the end of a long rest anyway, so it works out the same.

"Very well. It is decided." Raugar said with a nod, glancing over at where the wraith had been. Oddly enough he felt more uneasy now that the spirit had departed. "I suggest we wait until morning before our next move. I'll take the first watch." He plucked two torches from his pack for the fire. We better not miss these when we're underground he thought, handing them over to Angus. The temperature might not be ideal but it was hardly freezing, however if his companions had been chilled by the rain it wouldn't do for them to get sick either.

Raugar hesitated as the soldier lamented his wounds. Things were likely going to get worse in future and he had no interest in mollycoddling the man. No doubt a good night's rest would set him straight. But still, even if they seemed safe for the moment, there was no guarantee they would remain undisturbed and it was best for the group to be at full strength. "Indeed. I suggest you steel yourself. Pain and discomfort are likely the best we can hope for in the coming days." he said, putting his cleaned blade aside and trudging over. "Still, whilst the times permit..." Reaching for the small well of energy inside himself, he layed a hand on the man's shoulder, and allowed some to flow over and repair the man injuries. "I can heal you too, Thokk." he said, offering a hand to the half-orc and doing the same.

would it not be a long rest if we held out till morning? I don't fancy wandering around at night, even if the storm passes xD

Raugar peered intensely at the wraith. He could sense that it was indeed undead, something he was normally called upon to destroy wherever he encountered it, but in the walls of the temple he could also see written the truth of it's words. This was a hallowed place, untouched by the corruption outside, and it was likely this mysterious guardian who kept it so.

Lowering his weapon, he turned and closed the doors as requested, shutting out the ravaging rain and other horrors. "Then I thank you spirit, for the hospitality of your church." he said, allowing himself to relax a little now that the immediate danger had passed. Seating himself on one of the pews, he removed a cloth from his pack and proceeded to wipe down his blade methodically, as he turned his attention to the next point of interest: his new companions, who still seemed mostly on guard against their strange host. Now that the fight was over he found himself evaluating his next move. They had earned shelter here, but in the morning it would be time to move on. The question was, did he want these three to accompany him? Their trustworthiness was questionable, but they had made short work of the troglodytes together.

His lip curled in mild amusement at Angus's brazen descriptions of them. He might have looked down on the unsophisticated barbarian, but he had proved his might in battle, and so earned the dragonborn's respect. "I am Raugar, a paladin of the Serrated Spikes. I am here, as I assume the rest of you are, to plunder Nurn." he said, introducing himself to the group. "I know little of you, but you fight well. I have no doubt our bounty would be manyfold what we could muster alone if we work together. I propose an alliance. Which of you will conquer Nurn with me?"


The last trog collapsed in front him. With a nod to the soldier, Raugar scanned the area around him as he lowered his weapon, though he did not stow it. Blast it was getting dark, but it didn't look like the rest were upon them... yet. By chance he spotted the javelin he'd missed earlier and scooped it up. Listening closely, he could still hear the monster's cries over the now torrential rain, frantic now that they had ceased to elicit a response from their fellows.

Finally he turned his gaze to the strangely undisturbed temple. The orc stood urgently at the door, as the barbarian casually strolled inside. Raugar had expected it to be barred, instead it was oddly welcome to receive them. He spared the edifice a nod of respect and thanks as he cautiously crossed the threshold, calmly opening his inner senses as entered it's gloom, listening and watching in a different way to try and uncover what whispered secrets this place could tell.

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