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lol I healed for 7. I figured the orc might be a bit miffed if it was just 1.
<Snipped quote by Riaxh>

What is the prognosis doctor?!

pff who needs one. Slapping a few HPs on solves everything.

"Hmm, you're awake." Raugar said. An orc? how could he have ever mistook an orc for an elf? She was aggressive, though some of the others tried to calm her down. Given her injuries, he was surprised she was conscious. He accepted the javelin from Angus in surprise, having thought it lost in the storm, and thanked him for recovering it. "Well, as you have heard, we have no quarrel with you, orc." he said turning back to the glowering woman. He raised a gauntleted hand, and a tiny nimbus of light surrounded his fingers. "It seems like you got caught in the rain." he said dryly. "I am a healer. But I also don't want my fingers bitten off. If you stay peaceful, ill get you back on your feet, what say you?"

(OOC: In the interests of not posting twice, if she accepts, Raugar places a hand carefully on her wound and heals her for 7hp)
Have no fear, Dr Raugar is in the house.

Raugar nodded in agreement with Thokk. "Indeed, right now our words mean little. In the days to come, we must give them value through action." He turned back to the kobold. "Speaking of important words, I would know your name, small one, if you are to accompany us on our quest." He wasn't surprised the kobold had little information about the area, now that he knew her story. She was as much as stranger here as they. "I am Raugar, of the Serrated Spikes." he said, gesturing to himself. The dragonborn proceeded to briefly introduce the rest of the party members in turn.

"Alive?" Raugar questioned grimly, turning his gaze to the red haired woman Angus and Roy had pointed out. It might have been better if she were dead. If they were alive that meant he could probably heal her, but he hesitated. He had not come to Nurn to be burdened with every waif and lost sheep they came across. Their company was already growing to be quite large, which meant a lot of people he didn't yet trust. Nevertheless, he emerged from the temple and approached the steps. "Cover me." he said to the others as he descended, eyes darting around for signs of an ambush, unsure if the troglodytes were advanced enough to use bait. The fact the giant sea creature was missing disturbed him, he sincerely hoped it was the work of the storm. Heeding Thokk's warning, he drew his glaive as he approached. He could see her features more clearly now, and she did indeed appear to be alive. Was she an elf? He gave her a non-too-gentle prod with the butt of the long weapon, trying to determine if she was conscious.


Raugar tried to hide his surprise at the small display of magic. There was more to the kobold than met the eye. More surprising was the request to be taken home. It was a great commitment to ask and perhaps a foolish one for him to make. He felt like he had heard the name "Stormurrfadir" before in his studies with the order, which leant credence to her story, but scholarship had never been his forte, and he had no idea where or how far away he might dwell. But still... Returning to the dragon delivering a favoured servant. Could he turn away from the chance to meet one of the Elder race under favourable circumstances…? Perhaps the presence of the kobold in this temple was some kind of sign.

"Very well. You have my word." He answered, after a moment of deliberation, before turning back to the others. "Her purpose here is not so different from our own. She claims to be a bard, on a quest to collect tales and wonders for her master. As you can probably tell from that projection, her party fell afoul of the troglodytes. I'm inclined to believe her, and promised she will not be harmed, though I still say we can't let her go just in case." He gave a shrug. He couldn't be sure how the kobold would behave once it was no longer frightened for it's life, but he couldn't see many alternatives. "I guess that means she's coming with us. I will take responsibility for the outcome." he said seriously, looking outside. The sun had risen properly now. "In any case we're wasting daylight, whether in search of the ruins or this mysterious swordsman, we should be away."

"No Angus, we cannot allow it to leave." Raugar said grimly. "It may fetch others of it's kind." He removed his hand from his weapon as he overcame his surprise, and drew closer to scrutinize the creature. What was a kobold doing here? Did that mean there was an Ancestor dwelling nearby? It was clearly terrified out of it's wits. It had a wild look. He'd seen that look before in soldiers after a desperate battle. It, or she, he realized, had been through something harrowing, though that was hardly surprising in this place.

Still, they finally had a denizen of the area to interrogate. Hopefully they could learn something useful. "You will answer our questions." he said addressing the kobold slowly, but firmly in draconic. "Answer truthfully, and I give you my word we will not harm you. Attempt to trick or deceive us, and I will drag you outside, where the wraith will not be disturbed. Firstly, whom do you serve, what is your purpose in this place, and where are your allies? What do you know of Brighthaven and the surrounding area?"
@Searat ill post tonight.
Life Before Death, Journey before Destination.

@Searat It's alright I've posted, sorry I took my time.

@Lucius Cypher I skipped till dawn to get things moving, though obviously Angus went further into the temple. If something happens that the rest of us would need to interact with before dawn I'll delete that part of my post.
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