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Current Chairman Nao preaches the eternal truth. Glory to Chairman Nao!
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Yes you did but where I come from, your wife is all our wife
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Actually virgin it's benis lol
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Oh quit being such a joyless sob. And respond to my 1x1 DMs, dammit. you really complain that nobody wants your 1x1s and you ignore me. harry potter and the audacity of this bitch, ya'll
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You have my interest! I think the last time I couldn't come up with a concept I was satisfied with, but with a bit more wiggle room with a reboot, I have one that i'm pretty happy with.
I'll give it a few more days and then i'll make my post to move things along -- think Thursday or so.

"And I -- for one -- find these practices of our institution, so repugnant in their antiquity, not only an affront to the image of our dear nation! But to democracy itself!"

An uproar filled the alleys and halls of the Parliament building as the representative made his address. Every claim brought forward sent the whole room into a frenzy, with representatives, chiefs, senators, and governors throwing accusing hands and inflammatory gestures while the debate proceeded.

The issue of the week, as the Parliament had been processing tirelessly for the past four days, had caused such a turmoil in the national circuits that its subject matter was at the forefront of near every conversation. It could hardly escape news headlines, nor dodge the subject at dinner tables, where they caused rancor in such frequency that it was said every dinner fight in Bessaruga was mere continuation of the day's debates in Parliament.

"And you would have us overturn our institutions' practices all because of some tavern-floor rumor?" Pockets of representatives rose in applause as he made his repute, a roaring ovation to match his confidence. The senator in question, now standing proudly against this daring assault to dignity and poise, was a Vasiri man, just entering middle-age from the crestled wrinkles that hugged his facial scales, giving him just an appropriate amount of pudge to his wide-jawed physiognomy to match his stocky frame. His chipped horns -- now clearly filled with puddy and ivory fillings -- were carefully polished and refined so they gleamed so poignantly to the slightest refraction. Parliament knew him as a proud conservative, a champion of the times, not some dilettante careerist looking for a simple way to fame and fortune -- he was a Golden Boy, and around their gilded icon did all the Right of the room throw their lot around.

"And would you, Mr. Godin, state that we aspire by a system of legalized immunity?" his opponent accused.

"Yours -- senator -- are suggesting that our nation should implement legislation from hearsay alone!"

"It is all because of this blasted immunity that this remains 'hearsay'! You would keep and preserve the Parliament's immunity to prosecution safe to harbor the guilty among us!"

"Nonsense!" Senator Godin barked, "This is about principles! And I, for one, will not have us stand idly by while you would have us subject the good men and women of this great nation's Parliament to a witch-hunt!"

"But you know it, Mister Godin -- you know it! You know as well as me, as you, as all of us! I remember the headlines -- you could scarcely breathe without a public uproar over it! The people deserve our faith, and I -- so ordained by God to serve Bessaruga as her representative -- will give them faith and accountability!" The scene about him roared in another applause, an opposite half the room cheering on the senator while he pleaded his case. His face beat a shining red as he gasped from air, the intensity of his speech painting his face like a beat. Senator De Rocha's gaunt, specked face profusely sweat, a radiance gleaming from him that's almost religious in intensity. He doesn't even take the time to wipe his face, only barely catching his breath before the human continues his onslaught.

"'Emblezzlement! Scandal! Senator Purchases New Summer Home After Tax Reform Deadline Missed!' Those are the headlines -- those we all saw! And we know! We KNOW, Mister Godin! We were there! All there! We know it's gone, and lined and filled his pockets with the pennies and pounds of the people! And he lapped it up -- oh yes, he lapped it all up! You know it, and all of us here know it -- the corruption present in this room is something even the demagogues in Fenice would shudder at...!"

"That's it! This slanderous scandal ends now! You've crossed the line, De Rocha!"

And then all Hell broke loose.

Representatives rose one by one, pouncing from each their chairs into the frenzy. For every one to leap headfirst into the fray, hands and arms, claws and nails into the melee rose two more to their sides, each intuitively pinning one of their arms or legs as they rose from the melee. Some threw in their lot, dragging their sorry opposition into the ruckus with a sorry senator trailing behind, dragging their feet as they shouted terrified implores to cease the rhubarb. Senators Godin and De Roxa stood hairs-widths from one another, barking like hounds in fanatical arrays of colorful, four-letter symphonies with such frequency that the two could virtually swear the paint off of the walls. Each of them were restrained, just barely, by three or four other representatives, themselves taking beatings from assorted representatives who had their own retainers -- themselves receiving thrashings in turn, and so on, endlessly, until the entire Parliament floor was dissolved into a formless riot while the Orderly and the President watched from their podiums.

Business as usual in Parliament.

"Order! Order! Order in the room!" The rapport of the gavel rang across the floor, each knock matching just in time with the Orderly's announcements. Little by little, bang by bang, the room unhanded one another and broke their brawls, breaking contact with one another in matching stares and scowls. The room returned to their seats, each looking a bit worse for wear, casting exhausted glances back at one another as the session continued.

President Lacerda, a young-looking High Elf -- insofar that any elf of reasonable age could be described as anything but -- sat comfortably in his specially-tailored reclining chair upon the back of the Presidential podium. He had six of them -- three for his office, one here, and two at his home -- and in these comfortable leather-bound chairs did his long, straight blonde hair rest itself behind its headrest, drooping along its back with his arms crossed behind his head. Lacerda, in natural High Elven demeanor, had always appeared rather pleased with himself irrespective of the occasion, and accompanied by his bright emerald eyes did he gaze over the floor of Parliament, amused at the sight before him. Parliament brawls never seemed to get old -- though secretly as he did recline deeper into his seat did he reminisce unto his mere times as but a humble senator, and although he captained this ship of Bessaruga's fate, he did find himself missing the time when he was but a humble cabin boy.

"If there cannot be an effective verdict delivered today," The Orderly announced with a sigh, "then I will have to call for an adjournment on the topic for today's session." Some among the senators, Roxa's supporters in particular, groaned and mumbled with the announcement, but soon gave way to a universal agreement as heads nodded and pages flipped. The issue of members of Parliament granted immunity to prosecution would have to wait, much to some's chagrin, but if there was nothing to be done, then all the same.

"Onto our next point of discussion: Ms. Madregal would like to present a case to Parliament."

Rising and standing forth, very cautiously after the display that ruptured the whole Parliament into a brawl. The older woman was some sort of human-offshoot, adorning a rather pinkish complexion to her and matched with a silver hair color and spotted with a single beauty mark just below the right side of her lip. Madregal resided as the Chief of Department of Finance, and spent much of her waking day in near-constant arguments with the Department of Commerce and the Department of Internal Affairs. Much of her duties were adjourned to her professionalism -- to have her present a subject of her work before Parliament for their opinion was, to put it lightly, ill-boding news.

"As some here may know," she began, posing up her glasses -- which she found slightly ajar after the most recent rumble, "there have been a series of recent reports from various joint-stock corporations operating in Conquerdia concerning joint-stock venture securities. As reports here: 'the 28th, last month: Missed royalties.', 'the 25th, last month: Asset depreciation, missed royalties.', 'the 14th, this month: Joint-stock deflation, depreciation, missed royalties.'. All reported by banks and investment firms within the last fiscal month tied to ventures with operations on Conquerdia -- all with direct ties to subsidiary payments on behalf of the Government of the Dual Monarchy."

"Damn royalists." The president remarked, fuming while he rubbed his chin. "Crownies could be holding out on us."

"That seems unlikely." The Chief of Finance refuted, "The fact that there have been some localized outbreaks of disease in Conquerdia as of late has, without a doubt, strained their economy. This all could very well simply be natural market contraction. Even so, Conquerdia has been a reliable trading partner in times past -- I doubt that they would have anything to gain from defaulting."

"Even so, we must safeguard our investors." The room hummed in agreement. One senator stood up.

"If that's the case, why bring this before Parliament?" the senator inquired.

"Representatives on behalf of Conquerdia have yet to release any statement on their assortments of missed payments. It is unlike them to suddenly retract like this to their investors: It could be possible that they are hoping to staunch a potential recession by withholding such information. If so, we will need to launch an official inquiry before we are to make our next move."

"I am not convinced." interjected Senator Godin, "People need to learn lessons in life -- Conquerdia needs to pay their debts." A small round of applause followed his exclamation. The President rose his hand in turn, followed by a small sigh from Madregal. She adjusted her glasses, packing up her documents and setting them unto the table.

"If this should be the current case for the movement, I shall dispatch and issue a discrete telegramme to the Dual Monarchy in regards to these investments." The room agreed in turn, and her case was in turn waved away by a resounding vote of confidence.

"Right then. Onto our next topic...-"

How's everyone doing on posts? Again if we're having some difficulty, I can put something up to nudge at everyone.
If you guys are having some trouble coming up with a first scene to mingle together, let me know and i'll set one up for everyone
@Psyker Landshark Thanks for that, it's a bit much at the moment.

And yeah, it's just one sent out to all of the characters. I'm not sure if it was clear in the post that, but you have a bit of time to mingle and nudge around before heades off to see them.
@Psyker Landshark@Smike@Dusty@LetMeDoStuff@ReedeThe23rd@Chev@Kuro Hey guys, I got two big announcements!

1) Well as you can see I finally got the IC up after too long, lol. But that does lead into the second bit as to why:

2) So I got news earlier this week of some pretty big life stuff. My grandmother's called and said she's dying. I won't send all the details, but it's not good news. Most of my family thinks she'll be going into hospice pretty soon and i'll be needing to take some time to go take care of that and say some final goodbyes. It means I haven't been really as active as i'd have liked in getting this sorry, but I hope it's understandable for the circumstances. I haven't been the best at communicating it, but truth be told I needed a little bit of time to take care of it. Thanks.

Even in the aftermath of a grueling battle, Telos IV maintains a certain inescapable beauty. Battle-scarred craters scrawl across the greenery, and even what was a few days ago a fierce battlefield now finds itself steadily reclaimed by Telos's greenery. Among the entrenchment lines and immumerate bunkers dug from the spires on which you're now housed, Telos IV stands strong, even as the cratering wreckages of AT-AT and older AT-TE litter the landscape far in the distance. From the balcony above where most of the CIS forces in the city of Vara, collections of CIS battle flags -- bundled up like matches and kindling sticks -- join together and bellow in the wind, scorched and littered with blaster-holes in defiance to the Imperial onslaught below.

You're exhausted. Everyone's exhausted. The battle took positions more apropos a siege than a true battle: Star Destroyers bludgeoned every position while anti-ship batteries fired with such ferocity that it became impossible to tell night from day. Imperial Stormtroopers descended upon the planet, incision after incision, attempting to flank and breach, and after each successful cut they made they would find themselves further pressed into a deeper defense. The entirety of the Imperial assault fleet would be here after a months-long pursuit along the Hydian Way, until a battered CIS remnant and Imperial force alike pitched their forces along this fated battle. The Empire did not retreat.

Even after the battle was won and the Imperial task force in ruins, the respite of victory was only so brief. This particular CIS force has taken up residence in a series of tenements along the sprawling Residential districts of Vara -- one of Telos' many starport cities -- to something of the chagrin of its landlords. You've noticed a particular antipathy as you've strode along the surface of Telos - its citizens have struggled long and hard for their homeworld, straggled with civil war in the years prior to the Clone Wars. Scars of the conflict reverb along even along the planet's architecture. As you cast gazes out of one of Telos' spires and elevators, the battered, skeletal remains of air defense towers and megalithic housing spires puncture the otherwise lush verdant of the escapement.

The locals, while not antagonistic, seem rather apprehensive about your continued stay on Telos. The atmosphere of Telos has been tense for decades by this point, and it's an odd day when you can go out and about your business without attracting a glance or a curious gaze from a local or two. Most seem willing -- if not eager -- to conduct their daily essential business with Confederate forces, but there's always a tone behind them that seems to belie a certain suspicion of outsiders that isn't known for a world known for its tourism. A world that once attracted visitors from all corners of the galaxy along the Outer Rim has found itself closing itself in, tighter and tighter, much to the dismay of the Telosians.

A message goes off on your datapad in the early hours of the morning, ringing at the characteristic buzz of a new MMS over the planetary E-Feed.

You see it's from Raash Ti: The planetary commander for the CIS' operations on Telos IV and one of the regional commanders -- or rather who is left for the job, at this rate -- for the Kwymar Sector. You haven't met him personally many times, but his delegate lieutenant Kaven Zur is a very familiar sight.

From: RTi559416@ciskwymar.sfd
Subject: Updates: MMS / SFD Protocol & Announcements

All Personnel,

As of yesterday, EWD (Electronic Warfare Division) noticed an influx of erratic patterns going out of the planetary system. They've reported encryption discrepancies in the transmissions. Until further notice, I am ordering comm silence until this issue can be resolved. ALL communications, on and off-planet, are ceased until we can locate these fluxes and resolve them. Orders will be dispatched through authorized comm channels ONLY and will be delegated to troops as necessary. ETA on comm patches is two weeks out.

If MP catches any of you sending unauthorized MMS's, enjoy a one-way trip into the brig. No questions.

Commander Raash Ti,

As you go about the morning, the entirety of the Remnant forces are buzzing to one another about the most recent orders -- confusion and suspicion dripping from all their hushed conversations, whispering of leave and Imperial sympathizers. Some grow cautious, even from the curbed tones of their voice, suspicious of some bands of the more quiet locals, or even one of the Reformists there. Some are just happy to have a few days of downtime between orders, happy to indulge their spare time mingling in one of Telos' many cantinas and clubs, throwing out what spare credits they've got in solidarity to another day yet survived.

Another MMS over the E-Feed lights your datapad up in the late morning. As it buzzes, you see another message: This one's from the second-in-command. Must be important for the circumstances.

From: KZu528916@@ciskwymar.sfd
Subject: Last Update

I won't take long. This'll be the last MMS you'll get from me until our issue is resolved.

Scara has been working with EWD to patch up the most recent encryption issues, and she's requested your help. Because of the nature of the investigation and the most recent orders, it's a good window of opportunity between the three of us, so the both of us are asking for your help here.

I've also got the most recent assignment from Commander Ti. Due to the data breach I can't go into details about it like we usually do over E-Feed, i'll be giving you the intel via datacard once we're all assembled. Meet us at the EWD compound this evening (19:00) and i'll brief you there.

Maj. Kaven Zur,

Scara is one of the intelligence leads in the employ of Commander Ti. The woman's done an exemplary job -- she seems to be able to decipher enigma after enigma even in the most bleak of days, and nobody's quite sure on how she does it: Not even herself. She's always been an odd one, a bit difficult to figure out, rather Delphian and always a bit aloof. There was a certain queerness to her that made her perfect for her job in intelligence. She gets results -- for Raash Ti, that's always been more than enough.

But if she's saying there's issues with encryption? That can't be a good sign.

Still, you've got a good bit of time to mingle and get your bearings for the day. If the Major's saying to wait that long to give the might need it.

Fourth Bessarugan Republic

Hey everybody! Sorry for being getting this all out so late -- life got pretty hectic for me and my weekend ended up being taken over by me needing to do a bunch of errands.

@Chev Your app looks pretty good to me, so I say that you're good to go!

@Dusty I like most of it, but the only question is I was wondering how you envisioned his fleet to function in more of a narrative sense. I don't know if I caught how long most of them would have been around Tal, or where most of his crew comes from -- like if they've been around forever or if they're all new additions.
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