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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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It's October and it's already starting to snow. God damn it.
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Oh, that was fast. Thank you.
I was wondering if I could have my name changed to Riddles, if possible?

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Unsurprisingly, Shaula's 'orgone emitter' did nothing. That wouldn't have been much of a problem, if the ghost hadn't decided to use it as a weapon. Before Mia could even react, the strange glass pyramid was hurtling toward her. It probably wouldn't have done much, if it hadn't been lit on fire. She ended up with a pretty nasty burn on her shoulder.

She was already in the backline, but she got back even further so she could heal herself. She really didn't want to take another attack like that. As her healing vines spread over her injured shoulder, she noticed that Jason and Shaula were still fighting. "That's enough! Both of you!" She wasn't entirely sure that just shouting at them would be enough to stop them, but there was no harm in trying.
With Kiera on his back, Josh teleported back along with the others. It seemed like forever since Josh had been to the guild. He'd almost forgotten what it looked like. Almost immediately, Anthony went to bed, and Josh didn't blame him. He was exhausted too, but he didn't feel right leaving Kiera in the dark until morning. "Hold on a moment, Anthony. I think Kiera should at least know what's going on before we head off to bed, don't you think?"

Kiera nodded in agreement. "You all seem to be good friends with Josh, but I've never met any of you. I'd rather not wait until morning."

Josh heard his stomach growl. It had been a long time since he'd had a full meal. "It's been a while since we've eaten. Aren't you hungry too, Anthony? It's not that late. I'm sure they'll still have food in the mess hall."

As Nina and Rebecca went on to another room, Dexter hung behind. He had to take a minute to recover after that last battle. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something on the floor - the berry that Nina had thrown to him earlier. He walked over and popped it in his mouth, and began to feel the effects almost immediately as the pain from his injuries began to fade.

Just as he was about to rejoin the rest of his team, a trio of blurry figures dashed past him. He knew who they were almost immediately. They were the ones that had stolen their mission yesterday. "Sneaky little fuckers!" He began to run after them. "Get back here! I'm gonna kick your asses!"

He followed them into the room Rebecca and Nina went into, only to find that they'd been warped and distorted, just like that Buneary from a few days ago. As two of them teleported away, the Mudkip stayed behind to fight them - at least, that's what Dexter thought it was. With how badly it had been warped and mutated, it was hard to tell. Normally Bite would be Dexter's go-to attack in this situation, but he really didn't want this thing anywhere near his mouth. Flame Wheel would have to do, type disadvantages be damned.

They were all led to a room, which had a bed for each of them. The others seemed like they were just about ready to go to sleep. Maybe the ass kicking would have to wait until tomorrow. He was about to go wash the paint off his face like he did every night, but then he realized something. The only reason he did it in the first place was because his mom made him, and she wasn't there. He could leave the paint on all night if he wanted.

Grinning to himself, Donovan took a look at the bag and badge sitting next to the bed. Taking a look at the badge first, he noticed that it had several buttons on it. He wasn't entirely sure what any of them did, so he pushed a bunch of them at random. "What do these do?"

"What do these do?"

He looked over as he heard a second voice copy him. It came from over where Magma was, but it sure didn't sound like Magma. "Who said that?"

"Who said that?"

Donovan rushed over to Magma, and looked around. He couldn't see where the voice was coming from, though. "Is someone else hiding over here?"

This time, the voice came from Donovan's bag. "Is someone else hiding over here?"

He hadn't quite realized that the voice he was hearing was his own. He'd probably end up running back and forth for a while, unless one of his teammates stopped him.

Jason and Shaula were fighting again. Normally she wouldn't pay them any mind, but this was probably the worst possible time for them to start arguing. "That's enough!" She approached Jason, and made sure to speak quietly enough that Shaula couldn't hear her. "Just let her ramble. Can't you see she's distracting him?"

Mia quickly darted away from the frontline, not wanting to be in range when the ghost finally decided to attack. She tried to think of a plan that would allow them to defeat the ghost without hurting Trevor too badly. The best she could think of was to pin him down, and make sure he couldn't move. That would be risky, though. They'd have to make sure he couldn't hit anyone with magic, and even if they managed to do that, the ghost might just leave Trevor's body to possess someone else. Perhaps knocking him out was the only solution, after all.
I should be able to get a post up by tomorrow.

As the ghost possessed Trevor, lightning coursed across the battlefield. It did manage to hit Mia, though some of her allies seemed to have worse injuries than she did. She though back to the healing spell she used earlier. It was perfect for this situation, and since Aerin seemed to have stayed behind, she didn't have to worry about hurting him. "Everyone, get close!" She began to concentrate the same way she did before, and sure enough, the same ring of light appeared, healing the wounds of anyone nearby.
I think I need to post here as well. I'll get on that as soon as I can.

The time came to scavenge the forest for food. They had Celina searching the treetops and Jeri searching underground, but everyone else would need to search for food on the surface. As the rabbit explained what foods they could and couldn't eat, Lance made sure to commit it to memory. "I'll keep an eye out" He told the others, and keep an eye out he certainly did. He knew it was important to be vigilant of his surroundings, not just to find food, but also to ensure that nothing would sneak up on them.

It didn't seem like attacking the ghostly dragon would do them any good. Trevor had already tried and failed. Until the ghost possessed someone, they couldn't do anything, or so it seemed. He most likely wouldn't get rid of the barrier until they passed this 'test' of his, either. No matter what, they'd have to fight one of their allies. Mia couldn't think of any other way around it. "I guess we don't have any other options. My healing magic worked on that phoenix back there, so even if he does possess one of us, I should be able to heal them once the fight is over."
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