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Current Play a real shen megoomi tensay game, like nocturne or strange journey
10 mos ago
Who ever could've predicted that the leading proof of alternate realities all along was a children's TV show about cartoon bears?
10 mos ago
Yes, clearly only gangsters, jocks and assholes get girls, and "nice guys" like you are suffering for it. "Oh woe is me!"... gimme a break, lmao


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@Cu Chulainn

I'd also say that perhaps Chariot or Strength could fit.
Yup, I'm around.

Yeah, it's a bit more of an obscure game, but one of my personal favorite RPGs out there to this day. Figured why not, put an unknown in there.
Wanting to make an SMT roleplay. The world would be original, but will be similar to SMT IMAGINE, being post-apocalyptic and with humans living in secluded bunker societies. Demon summoning will be in as always, but will be slightly more limited in regards to how many you can have, but more free in terms of abilities for each of them. Your party will be residents or demon hunters from a human settlement, fighting back the growing hordes killing your people day after day or simply living in your bunker trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

No stats, focusing more on pure RP goodness. There will be an EXP system in place but it'll purely be focused for unlocking extra demons and gaining new abilities for yourself and demons, rather than any type of stat gain system.

I'm looking for 3 - 4 players, as I'll be DMing for story progression NPCs and enemies rather than being another focused PC.

As an added extra, I'm making an SMT tabletop at the moment. While it won't be done any time soon, the events that take place in this campaign will serve as something of an origin story or lore basis for the tabletop, and with the players' permission, your end-game party (if we make it that far) as secret bosses of sorts to be made and fought in the future tabletop game.

If you have any questions, feel free to post. And even better, if you're interested in participating, feel free to post as well!
Still here. Just waiting for the RP to start. :P
I'd be down for a Digimon RP. I'd prefer each player only having one Digimon just to prevent clutter, if I was able to give my two cents.
@Cu Chulainn

Either a Master or an Assassin I'd say. Leaning towards Master though.
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