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Can you kill someone with sand?
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A bio? You mean you really want to hear my life story? Grew up in Leeds nothing happened.

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Alright folks because I don't know when to stop I'm making another specific search thread. Keep in mind this idea came from a dream so it may or may not make sense, I mean for some reason I thought killing myself in the end was a valid solution to the problem, but we'll get to that later. It was about twin brothers, very close twin brothers (not incest close but you get it), one being sickly. And they who as it happened are ghosts and because I am a horror nut they were not aware of the but unable to move on they kept reliving the events leading to their death. Sound familiar? Probably, I watch a fuckton of horror movies. Or you know if you have a better plot that involves ghosts I'm open.
So some things to note:
-For simplicity's sake let's keep it PG 13 I mean they're children. I guess we could change their age but unless you say so specifically I'm going to go with them being around 12-14.
-Most details are up for alteration.
I can't think of anything that shouldn't be discussed between us as we plot, so I'm gonna leave this here and if I get no takers and I think of something that should be added I will.

~Craving Roses~
Greedy and cruel ooh I'm coming for you
It is customary for a young man to give red roses to a girl when he begins to court her. Then white roses on the eve of their wedding.
Lately the dead bodies of young women have been found holding bouquets of poisoned red roses.
A young woman who has many potential suitors coming to her with roses, but she rejects then all. As the news of the murdered girls reaches her ears she becomes even more reluctant to accept the numerous declarations of love she is given. However one day she finds a bouquet of black roses on her doorstep with a letter from a secret admirer attached. Intrigued she takes them and replies to the letter sending it to the location specified in it. She begins a secret relationship with the admirer sending letters back and forth.
Because I suck at actual romance.
Some things to note:
-Plot twist! The killer and the admirer are one in the same. Not horribly jaw dropping but that's how it is.
-I would say this is more like "romance" than romance. Confused? Let me explain; romantic actions are inevitable, but I do not believe her admirer intends to fall in love with her. He was one of the rejected suitors and plans on getting close and comfortable enough to kill her. Of course if you really want it to go the other way you could persuade me.
-I refer to the character as her/she but I will be perfectly fine if it were MxM. I do however only play males as my primary character.
-Having said that secondary and side characters are fine, be them male or female. If I do this I expect you to as well when needed.
-I see this as a rather dark roleplay or at least potentially dark.
-This roleplay can take place anytime and anywhere you want. Historical? Modern? Fantasy? All fine.
-The specific details of the plot are up for negotiation. If you have any ideas you think might fit then throw them my way.
-This plot was indeed inspired by a song. Feel free to listen for inspiration, or just because, because it's a really good song.
-Your responses may be anywhere from one paragraph to a novel. I average about 2, but I will not hesitate to write smaller or larger amounts should the reply call for it.
-I don't do smut, but other than that I have no limitations.
-I will roleplay over PMs or threads. Though PMs won't be my first choice.
-Let's be friends OK? OOC chatter is great.
-If you are interested send me PM or leave a response here, I'll probably notice either way.
-I will add something here later if I think of it.
~roses wandering free, ooh which one will it be?~
@Smystar99 OK yes, hi. Sorry, I didn't see you responded earlier. But yeah send me a PM.
Alright, I have stated many times in many places romance is not my favourite genre to roleplay, I don't mind incorporating it into roleplays but not just romance. Now let me contradict myself and say I have plot mostly centered around romance...sort of. This is something that stemmed from a dream I had and a story that I half wrote based on it, and now I'm curious to see how it would turn out as a roleplay. Now before I start rambling too much let me explain the basic idea:

Sometime in the past, early 15th century I believe, on the eve of their wedding a young man and woman were cursed by a jealous witch to be torn apart. However their love was able to withstand time and space. They were continuously reincarnated, each time having to find each other again only to meet tragedy until they can find a way to break the witch's curse.

Wow....that was much easier to explain that I anticipated.

Some things to note:
-The reincarnations are a pretty big element, so expect the characters to die....over and over.
-I mainly play male characters however I am perfectly fine with the characters changing genders and exploring multiple sexualities with new reincarnations.
-As the title suggest I'm anticipating this to be relatively dark.
-Originally one of their set backs was difficulty in finding each other again actually remembering each other and what happened. (Note that I said originally).
-Aside from the points made about I am open for alterations, let's be honest it's a plot that leaves a lot of room for improvement. And I'm sure you're all creative enough to be able to put your own spins on it. Feel free to ask me about anything.

A bit about me and my roleplaying:
-I will roleplay through PMs and threads.
-I average about 2 ish paragraphs a reply, but will not hesitate to write novels if needs be (particularly my introductory post).
-I am over 18, but will not do smut. I mean I never have and probably wont, but It's not impossible to convince me to try new things provided you have some patience with me.
-Expect art. This isn't really related to the roleplay itself, I just felt like saying it's something I like to do and I will probably draw things relevant to the roleplay.
-Side characters are not a must but let's be honest most roleplays could do with some extra characters here and there, that being said if if the roleplay calls for it expect me to play other characters and hopefully this will be something you do as well.
-I'm not a history buff. Obviously the reincarnations originally span centuries so I'm willing to do a bit of learning.

That's all I can think of right now without rambling too much, which I fear I've already done. So I shall begin the wait to hear from you.

OK I'm closing this plot now, because 4 people have expressed interest in this and I think that's more than enough.
I could also go for a zombie apocalypse.
I haven't actually produced anything worth looking at in years, the avatar I have now was made I think 5 years ago, and I haven't been able to replicate that style or quality in a long time. I'm on a marker kick right now, but as you can see I have done digital art in the past.

My style is....I have no idea, it's a mutt style. Unless of course I am attempting realism, which isn't often, its somewhere between anime and semi realistic. Can you make the images shown smaller? I don't know, but if its possible let me know because I don't want to fill up the screen with huge images.

And of course there's the obligatory DeviantArt link here:

Normally I would be open to requests, but I'm currently in the middle of 4 and they're halted because I am awaiting supplies. But yeah thats me.
Just because I updated it.
@Miss Gallagher Good good, because I don't really play female characters. But Outlast is fresh in my head and I found that plot intriguing, somehow different from most "asylum" roleplays I come across. Movies and games are another thing entirely.
For some reason I am excited over the fact that you can mention someone in a post. -happy hand flaps-
No idea if you're still looking for it but Jasper's Asylum sounds promising. If I understood you correctly you are looking for someone to play a male character are you not?
Look, I haven't been on a roleplaying forum for at least 5 years, I'm not entirely sure what one is supposed to put here but I suppose I'll start with what I'm looking for most. And as the title suggests that would be something creepypasta. You see I have had a Jeff muse that I have yet to actually play with, but he is persistent in his pestering me so I've decided to try him out. I can't guarantee I'll be wonderful at playing him given I haven't had the opportunity to. Either not as many people are interested in him as I was led to believe or they're in the same boat.
Now then with that out of the way I did say that I'm open to more than just creepypasta. I have been known to play various types of fantasy and horror. I can with confidence say my niche is serial killers, but I'm not going to force anyone into that. I'm not afraid to touch some sensitive subjects, mainly mental illness (as someone with multiple disorders myself I can say I am sufficient), however things like rape and sexual abuse...You'd be hard pressed to talk me into. I do do fandoms but am a bit limited in what I will do (give me some Death Note and I will be a happy cat), the only ones I can really think of at the moment are of course Death Note, and Vocaloid, but I'm sure if someone brought up something else I might have my attention sparked. Things like school/college and slice of life? Why would I want to do something I can just go outside and observe? They have as much appeal to me as eating soggy cardboard. Romance is iffy, I will definitely play it as a subplot but if that's the only element then I will probably lose interest fast (I'm about as romantic as a date at McDonald's). I would definitely say I lean toward playing male characters, but can be persuaded otherwise if you put up a good argument. I don't even know what to say anymore I think I'm just rambling I could probably start talking about my pets at any moment.
My roleplaying style is...Well my posts are all over the place, I do take some pride in my work but in general I say what needs to be said and if that takes 2 sentences or 2 novels so be it. Plots are not my strong suit, but I am more than willing to make an attempt if you inspire me.
I will probably add details as they come to mind but for now I think I've rambled enough. Happy roleplaying children.
Like my friend was just talking about Dracula and now I feel like roleplaying a vampire.
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