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A bio? You mean you really want to hear my life story? Grew up in Leeds nothing happened.

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-insert random dramatic theme song- I am looking again.
Didn't mention this before but I'm more than willing to do the same plot with more than one person.
I had a period were I wasn't doing much in the way of roleplaying, but I am back for more searching. I'll try and keep this boring stuff short and I'll start by listing the plots then if you're still here I get to the boring yet important stuff stuff and you can decide if we're a good match. Oh one thing first. I gave the characters names for the sake of explaining the plots, obviously they're just temporary. I don't like referring to characters as A and B because my brain runs on Death Note. I am only looking for the first two right now, but I am keeping the third up because there is a chance I'll be looking for it again someday.

Never stray from the old road in the woods, they say. Elves live in them. Elves that bring misfortune to anyone that happens upon them. Belle has lived a life full of hardships. One day while on an errand that took her through the woods she came across a an injured man. Out of pity she took him in and nurse him back to health only to learn that he was one of the elves she had been warned about. He promised her that for helping him she would be rewarded. Sure enough her fortunes begin to improve, but at the expense of all those around her.

A neighboring kingdom kidnaps the princess of their rival kingdom. As she is confined within the walls of her captor's palace she meets the king's pet dragon. The two slowly become friends, perhaps they even develop romantic feelings for each other. Both are being kept against their will and they plan to help each other escape. Will they?

Sharon has always been fair at her job as a detective. Though she hasn't always enjoyed the success she deserved. She believes she's caught her big break when assigned to a serial murder case that has been stumping everyone else for months. Shortly after, she runs into an old friend who seems very interested in her and her job. Both supposedly feeling romantic feelings for each other they begin a relationship. All the while she is unaware that he is the killer she is searching for.

Now that all the fun stuff is out of the way here are the things that everyone thinks they should talk about, that no one really wants to read.
1.None of the roles in those plots are up for negotiation. I've had some time to think characters over and have ideas in mind as well as a very well developed character for one of them. The gender of your character however, is. I only play males but will play along side any gender of sexuality whether romance is involved or not.
2.I will not hold you to any frequency of replies or length. I am not a fast replier, once a week is my goal, so you do not need to feel like you have to reply quickly either. Same for length, as long as my character can react to what you said everything's good.
3.On that same note even if you only reply once a month, that's fine. If you no longer wish to continue the roleplay It would be decent to let me know so I don't waste time waiting for a reply that wont ever comes. I never drop roleplays without warning. If I wish to stop or can't reply for whatever reason, someone will let you know.
4. You may hear from someone calling herself Stacy or more likely someone calling himself Beyond. This is relatively normal, no cause for alarm. I mean if you don't want to talk to them that's fine, but you'll have to say so.
5.I always write in third person with the intent of writing in past tense. Let's be honest we're all guilty of changing tense unintentionally. I usually average two or three paragraphs, but my first posts are almost always the longest. They can be anywhere from five paragraphs to The Wheel of Time.
6.Use whatever picture or description you want for your character. I always design and draw my characters myself so if you're one of those weird people who have something against art then descriptions will work fine.
7.Character sheets can be used upon request. Want them? Fine I can put them together. Hate them? Also fine. They're really only useful for our own reference.
8.I love character driven roleplays. Yes, give me that sweet, sweet character development.
9. I do not do smut. I do not do smut. Sorry not sorry, it's for personal reasons.
10. Cursing and violence is fine. Encouraged it if would work. I love angst.
11. OOC chatter is wonderful. Want to be friends? OK. Talk about anything from the plot to how baffling it is that people like Nina the killer. Brownie points if you like Death Note. I always keep IC posts and OOC chatter separate though.
12. I'll roleplay through either threads or PMs with PMs being my first choice.
13.This one just exists because I am bored and I have a weird sense of humor. You can stop reading now all the relevant information has already been said. I can't stop you from reading whatever I have typed up but if you're still here you must be really bored.
I'm not looking for any particular type of roleplay for this but the title is mostly right, I have a character I've been working on on and off that I would like to get into roleplaying with. In a setting I imagine to be in the Victorian era or perhaps Edwardian (not a history buff here but I'm not clueless either) or even steampunk.I suggest reading all this nonsense I have to say before deciding. Now onto the actual character. The character was born into a high class family as female named Harriett, but was always more on the masculine side and had a craving for juicy mysteries. Once a bit older she created her alter ego, William, to begin a job as a detective. And was pretty successful at both the job and living a double life with a little help from family. At least until someone caught onto the secret.

Now I realize the character still needs work, which is one of the reasons I want to roleplay with them. As for the roleplay itself I have no plots right this second, but I am more than willing to come up with or discuss one. The roleplay can have most any elements you want thrown in. Some generic drama? Yes. Horror, also yes. Mystery, good idea. Romance? Why not? Just keep in mind the character is perhaps transgender or non-binary. You are pretty free to do what you want with your character.. Anyway thats all I can think of for now, so if something else comes to mind I'll add it. And if you're interested then feel free to ask me questions like we're playing I spy.

Oh right! I should mention some things first. 1. I'm willing to do most things, but not smut. 2. I'm not a really fast replier once a week is my goal. 3. Length is not something I care about. I average 2-3 paragraphs but I will do however much I think necessary to keep things rolling.
I'm not sure why I thought making an entirely new thread would be easier, yet here I am. Because I have updated the list some. First let me introduce myself, I am Sam I have been roleplaying seriously for about 10 years and I love to write and draw. I occasionally draw things for my roleplay partners if the roleplay actually manages to get somewhere.

As the title suggest I am only looking for fandom related roleplays right now. I don't have any plots on hand as they are not my strong suit, so I will simply be listing characters I could or would like to play. The only one I have had a chance to play Is Beyond, so be patient with me as the majority of them I have no experience with. I'm not looking for any one at the moment, just mostly a chance to try some out. I do have a few things to say about some that may or may not effect how they are played, and of course whether you wish to play against them or not. I don't think there's much of a want for any of them, but eh why not try.

Oh! first let me tell you a bit about how I roleplay, or what things I like to do and things I wont do. I love lots of angst, I enjoy royally fucking characters up. I will do AUs. Doubling up and doing side characters is something I will do if necessary. I'm willing to do most things aside from smut, I will not do that under any circumstances. Sorry not sorry. I don't mind romance but it is not my favourite thing to do. I cannot guarantee how often I will reply but I will never leave you hanging. I don't ditch, if I can't or don't want to continue then I will say so. And I will usually keep in touch OOC. If you happen to hear from Either Stacy or Beyond, don't worry. Sometimes they like to talk to the people I talk to. As for how much I post, I suppose I mirror most times. I will post how ever much or little necessary to keep the roleplay going. I will not hold you to any length or frequency but it would be nice if you let me know if you want to quit or wont be replying for a while.

-Beyond Birthday
-Link (specifically from BOTW it's the one I know best)
-Beyond Birthday
-Jeff the killer
-Near (from the drama not the anime or manga)
-Jareth (Labyrinth)
-Erik (OK musical version of POTO because I didn't actually like the book)
-Dracula (book, any movie, you can pick and I will try to deliver)
-Josh (Until Dawn. An awesome game really even if he isn't the most popular character)
-Daniel (Amnesia TDD. As you can clearly see I love horror)
-Loki (My knowledge of the comics can easily be summed up as I know they exist. So movies only, which I am currently making my way through because I clearly have nothing better to do, however I have not gotten the chance to see all in the MCU)

That makes a horrible uneven list but whatever. I also thought it was shorter for some reason...I'm just rambling now you don't need to read this. So yeah if anyone is interested that's wonderful. I guess in the meantime I will continue to procrastinate and watch movies. By the way don't watch Alone if you like animals. All I ask of movies is that they don't kill animals, the people, they can do whatever they want to. It let me down in much too graphic a way.
@rise13eyond Have you read the book 'Fallen'? It's about that, I have it at home, but didn't read it yet

Never heard of it but I'll remember that.
Why am I doing this when I should be getting ready for bed? Why am I doing this at all? I have no idea, but here I am searching again. as the title suggests I am looking for a romance, and I have a plot. Now if you'll excuse the cheesiness I'll tell you. The basic idea is that two lovers had been cursed to never find happiness together, they continuously die and are reincarnated until they can find a way to break it. ...Wow that was very easy to describe. I have attempted this plot with people before but all of them died fairly quickly. I was going through files and reading one of them and I missed it. I love the idea so I'd love to give it another go.

So some things to note first:
-I don't do smut, other than that I have no limits.
-I generally play males, but for this I'm willing for the characters gender and even sexuality to be changed up with different reincarnations.
-I wont do huge age gaps.
-OOC chatting is good!
-PMs or threads are good.
-I will write how ever little or how ever much is necessary.

That's all I can think of right now, so if you're interested hit me up!
The cat got all poofy because the dog tried to walk over him.
Well people show interest in this yet no roleplay has even gotten to a starting point, so still looking.
Would you lean more toward Death Note or Yu Yu Hakusho?

Hm...I am going to have to honestly say Death Note, because I live and breath it, and I haven't watched Yu Yu Hakusho all that recently.
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