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Can you kill someone with sand?
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A bio? You mean you really want to hear my life story? Grew up in Leeds nothing happened.

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I'm not sure why I thought making an entirely new thread would be easier, yet here I am. Because I have updated the list some. First let me introduce myself, I am Sam I have been roleplaying seriously for about 10 years and I love to write and draw. I occasionally draw things for my roleplay partners if the roleplay actually manages to get somewhere.

As the title suggest I am only looking for fandom related roleplays right now. I don't have any plots on hand as they are not my strong suit, so I will simply be listing characters I could or would like to play. The only one I have had a chance to play Is Beyond, so be patient with me as the majority of them I have no experience with. I'm not looking for any one at the moment, just mostly a chance to try some out. I do have a few things to say about some that may or may not effect how they are played, and of course whether you wish to play against them or not. I don't think there's much of a want for any of them, but eh why not try.

Oh! first let me tell you a bit about how I roleplay, or what things I like to do and things I wont do. I love lots of angst, I enjoy royally fucking characters up. I will do AUs. Doubling up and doing side characters is something I will do if necessary. I'm willing to do most things aside from smut, I will not do that under any circumstances. Sorry not sorry. I don't mind romance but it is not my favourite thing to do. I cannot guarantee how often I will reply but I will never leave you hanging. I don't ditch, if I can't or don't want to continue then I will say so. And I will usually keep in touch OOC. If you happen to hear from Either Stacy or Beyond, don't worry. Sometimes they like to talk to the people I talk to. As for how much I post, I suppose I mirror most times. I will post how ever much or little necessary to keep the roleplay going. I will not hold you to any length or frequency but it would be nice if you let me know if you want to quit or wont be replying for a while.

-Beyond Birthday
-Link (specifically from BOTW it's the one I know best)
-Beyond Birthday
-Jeff the killer
-Near (from the drama not the anime or manga)
-Jareth (Labyrinth)
-Erik (OK musical version of POTO because I didn't actually like the book)
-Dracula (book, any movie, you can pick and I will try to deliver)
-Josh (Until Dawn. An awesome game really even if he isn't the most popular character)
-Daniel (Amnesia TDD. As you can clearly see I love horror)
-Loki (My knowledge of the comics can easily be summed up as I know they exist. So movies only, which I am currently making my way through because I clearly have nothing better to do, however I have not gotten the chance to see all in the MCU)

That makes a horrible uneven list but whatever. I also thought it was shorter for some reason...I'm just rambling now you don't need to read this. So yeah if anyone is interested that's wonderful. I guess in the meantime I will continue to procrastinate and watch movies. By the way don't watch Alone if you like animals. All I ask of movies is that they don't kill animals, the people, they can do whatever they want to. It let me down in much too graphic a way.
@rise13eyond Have you read the book 'Fallen'? It's about that, I have it at home, but didn't read it yet

Never heard of it but I'll remember that.
Why am I doing this when I should be getting ready for bed? Why am I doing this at all? I have no idea, but here I am searching again. as the title suggests I am looking for a romance, and I have a plot. Now if you'll excuse the cheesiness I'll tell you. The basic idea is that two lovers had been cursed to never find happiness together, they continuously die and are reincarnated until they can find a way to break it. ...Wow that was very easy to describe. I have attempted this plot with people before but all of them died fairly quickly. I was going through files and reading one of them and I missed it. I love the idea so I'd love to give it another go.

So some things to note first:
-I don't do smut, other than that I have no limits.
-I generally play males, but for this I'm willing for the characters gender and even sexuality to be changed up with different reincarnations.
-I wont do huge age gaps.
-OOC chatting is good!
-PMs or threads are good.
-I will write how ever little or how ever much is necessary.

That's all I can think of right now, so if you're interested hit me up!
The cat got all poofy because the dog tried to walk over him.
Well people show interest in this yet no roleplay has even gotten to a starting point, so still looking.
Would you lean more toward Death Note or Yu Yu Hakusho?

Hm...I am going to have to honestly say Death Note, because I live and breath it, and I haven't watched Yu Yu Hakusho all that recently.
Would you be up for a L x Misa RP (I have a lot of plots for them actually) or a Hiei x Botan RP?

I'd be up for either TBH, I'm just wanting roleplays.
You know a bunch of those muses I've really tried ignoring but they want to play.
So yeah the aforementioned character is coming along well.
Well you read the title and here you are. I have a rather specific craving right now, so it get's its own search thread. I am looking for a roleplay about partners in crime. Like Bonnie and Clyde. Whether they have any romantic relationship is up to you as well as what kind of pairing it is. I pretty much only play males so it would either be M// or MxF. Now, I have no problem with cursing and violence, but I don't do smut, so if you're looking for that you're looking in the wrong place.
I did something similar years ago and quite liked the whole idea of it (it died fast though), but it's been in my head for a while now. Anyway the power went out for about an hour and I was bored so I came up with a character design and half a character sheet for one I might like to use for this.
Now I think anything else that needs to be discussed can be done if you actually have any interest in doing this with me. So yeah knock yourself out.
Oh also here are some music videos to get you inspired
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