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Grognak was passed out drunk. He'd been out for quite a few hours now after winning (and losing) some drinking contest with fellow residents of Independence. The day had been full of merriment for the supermutant, the likes of which he had never seen at either of the last two places he called home. As he laid there in a dreamless slumber the first gunshot went off and Grognak... did nothing, not even a gunshot being able to rouse the giant. However the explosion finally woke Grognak with a start.

Grognak was still decently sloshed but the supermutant still sprung to his feet, letting out a slurred battle cry consistently as he ran towards the gates. He didn't know what was happening or really where the noise had come from but his instincts told him to run until he found something to hit.
Grognak gave a nod of acknowledgment to the sheriff as he moved on to go about his business. The supermutant thought nothing more of it as he really didn't know anyone here well enough to pick out what was them acting out of character. Turning back to the man called Holland, Grognak's fast would contort into a smile at the mention of the 'good stuff' and pumped his fists in the air.

"Now you speaking Grognak's language!" the supermutant exclaimed before bringing his hands down, one of which resting firmly on Holland's shoulder as he spoke up again "lead the way Lawman!"
I’m still down
Grognak was satisfied with the response of Mr.Shaw, feeling the explanation was genuine enough to soothe the Supermutant's growing nerves and taking mild interest in the ghoul's offer. He watched him walk away before turning back to the man known as Holland and hearing out his thanks and warnings.

"Grognak love celebrate! A flagon of ale would quench Grognak's thirst!" Grognak exclaimed, heaving his mighty hand into the air and brought it down to give Holland a solid pat to the back, making sure to hold back as to not accidentally provoke the law man into attacking. Living with the traders taught Grognak that communicating physically with humans was full of restraint, a skill he was all too happy to hone as a warrior needed to be all to familiar with the discipline.
Satisfied with the Sheriff's response, Grogank prepared to head off and continue with the festivities. This was stopped however as a man approached the Sheriff and his compatriot. The man spoke with a lot of unsaid words behind his voice and the words he did say weren't nice ones. Dissing someone wasn't a concept lost on the supermutant but he knew there was a time and place and this wasn't either.

"Grognak don't like tone undead. You speak your thoughts freely then do to persons who care, not those worried about Mayor." Grognak said, irked by the man. Grognak may be a barbarian but even he had manners.
Ya you know what you've convinced me. Go ahead and take him in, there's a lot of cool that could happen behind bars.
I'm ok with Wraith pulling the move to bring Ted down to the ship again but I'm not sure how he can finesse that and have Ted still able to push the button on his gauntlet. Maybe grabbing him by the back of the armour and flying him down?

Also I'd like it to be out there that I'd rather not have Ted full blown incarcerated yet but if it comes to that I'll more than gladly play along. His plan wasn't the greatest to begin with so I understand if that the direction this all goes and having some up close, non-action packed interaction with the titans might be cool.
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