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The mob was, as expected, easily taken down and disarmed. The self-proclaimed witch dispelled her tornado with a small smirk and proudly stood with her arms crossed. Without the guns, she had no reason to fear any further attacks, her magic would keep them at bay. Wellnot that her party members would let them get close anyway.

Her attention was stolen away by the appearance of a large, hulking... thing. It seemed humanoid, but beyond that, it was just another monstrous creature. Magilou was beginning to think this city had a tiny problem with horrific monstrosities roaming the streets.
"...So, uh, guys, question," Magilou practically ignored the approaching monster for the moment as she turned towards the other two, "we could fight on and on as much as we like, but at this rate, every corner's going to be hiding these cuties. We might need a new plan."

She ignored Bienfu's frantic tugging at her hair, lazily pointing at the giant monster's general direction to hurl a small fireball at it. For all the carnage going on in these streets, she was curious about the actual inhabitants of this place. Surely, not everyone was a crazed, gun-wielding maniac devoid of all reason? Some houses did seem inhabited, too. Were they trapped?

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Kishinami Hakuno

Hakuno was gripping at her knees tightly as Kiara explained her side of events. She was struggling to make sense of anything. Saikawa Mary's actions seemed completely different from Kiara and Jason's views, not to mention her demeanour. It seemed like she had suddenly started avoiding Kiara for some reason, and dragging her friend into this strange situation... Hakuno didn't want to believe she was deliberately placing him in danger, but the events described to her were just puzzling.

She sat there in silence for a moment, crossing her arms as she pondered what to do next. They could try questioning Mary again, assuming she was better, though she wasn't too confident in her interrogation abilities.

Though come to think of it, Kiara said her number had been disconnected. And given the time frame between her call to Jason, and Kiara's subsequent call...

"...What do you think, Saber?" Hakuno turned towards her small Servant with a troubled frown, "I don't know if Saiawaka-san's phone will have any clues, but at the very least, we might need to speak with her again. It sounds like there's two Saikawa Mary's at this rate."


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

The chilly Berserker was silent as she watched Chiron, who promptly approved their bout. She stomped after the excitable Gareth, glancing at the other combatants as she passed. To be in such close proximity to these famed warriors... it was beyond exciting! It was an honour! A privilege! She would have to fight beyond her best to earn her position in this fight, to ensure her father deserved to be amongst them!

Berserker took her position opposite Gareth, her frozen guandao gripped tightly in her hands. She pointed the blade towards the smaller knight, awaiting the beginning of the bout.
This took a while to finish.

Kishinami Hakuno

Hakuno had never really taken much notice of the temple before. Probably because of how it had been built? She had been vaguely aware it was here, but it always escaped her notice. This poor temple. You suffer the same curse, don't you? Hakuno sympathised with the lifeless building as she placed her hand to the door. To be overlooked even in plain sight... truly, it was a lonely existence sometimes.

After a moment, she finally pushed the door opened, blinking as the smell of incense washed over her. She hesitantly stepped inside, unsure if there were any particular customs to follow when entering a Buddhist temple. Kiara called for them quickly enough, and the brunette approached with a small smile.

"Good day, Kiara-san," Hakuno bowed her head slightly, "I brought Saber and Liu-kun with me. You... aren't in trouble, are you?"

Berserker - Guan Yu

She was still bitter over the conclusion to her previous match, no matter how much she tried to deny it.

Guan gripped her frozen weapon tightly as she awaited the moment to march onto the battlefield once more. This duel would be a chance to make up for her failure from before. When she disgraced her father's name by losing to a mere oni. Maybe it was the Mad Enhancement colouring her thoughts, but losing to a 'mere' monster had been a powerful blow to her pride, to the point that Guan had decided against further battles in the near future. How could she fight on, knowing that she had brought shame to the god of war?

And yet that tiny, excitable knight of the Round Table had convinced her to lift her weapon today.

Beneath the masked helm, Guan smiled. That girl was so... genuine? The Berserker could tell she possessed a kind heart, and those eyes of hers belied an inner strength. Guan did not consider herself to be a warrior, but as the representative of Guan Yu, she felt that Gareth was an opponent worth his time and praise. How could she simply sit back and let this chance pass her by?

And so, she stepped into view, the very air seemingly chilled by her armour. She would give this fight her all, and aim to win!
Hakuno could only hope her expression was conveying a sense of security and professional authority when she met up with Jason, though she highly doubted it. Putting aside her general inability to seem commanding in any situation, she couldn't help but worry about the poor guy. That incident must have been extremely taxing for him, physically and mentally. An overnight stay at HQ was hardly going to help him recover from that.

Still, until the investigation was fully resolved to the CF's satisfaction, he would be under the watch of Saber and herself. Hopefully Hakuno could do something to help ease his mind. Though as Benienma voiced her opinion, the walkie-talkie crackled to life with a message for the young Master. Somewhat surprised, she made her way to the main desk with the other two in tow. What awaited her was a message.

"...I feel like we're seeing each other a lot," Hakuno murmured to herself with a small frown. She hoped it wasn't something too serious troubling the nice lady. Was it related to the incident after all? Any new information would be more than welcomed, after all. Jason would have to tag along, but it might be good for him to get some fresh air. The plain-faced Master came to a decision, to meet Kiara as soon as available.


Magilou's expression was blank when she was handed the boots, having not expected anyone to be carrying spares. Or willing to part with them. She looked at them briefly, responded with a "great", and soon followed after Hibiki and Zeke. Given how terribly the clashed with the rest of her outfit, Magilou had no intent of actually putting them on. Besides, they seemed a bit big. Bienfu ignored the despairing sigh of Bienfu, who knew he was going to have to clean her shoes up later.

It didn't take long before they came across another sickeningly brutal sight. It was truly concerning just how stricken with madness this entire place was, completely unlike Daemonblight. It was hard to believe, but whatever afflictions ran rampant in this strange city, it was probably far worse than what Magilou was familiar with.
And of course, more of the mad inhabitants were there too, admiring(?) the macabre execution of yet another wolf-like monster. Bienfu shrunk back on her shoulder at the sight, and gave a cry of alarm when the barking started. Magician and Normin turned towards the source of the sound, seeing a less than pleasant dog approaching them.

"...Even the pets here aren't cute," Magilou sighed, finally dropping the boots and stepping forward, facing the group once more. Given their numbers, as well as the thankfully open space available, she could pitch in a little more and show off! Her allies could deal with one little canine, the jester figured.
"Now now, put those away~" Magilou wagged her finger at the group, not at all intimidated by the firearms pointed at her. Her wagging finger stared making circular motions, and with a flick of her wrist, the wind picked up considerably. It took only a moment for a small tornado to form between her and the hunters, barrelling towards them at speed. The spell would only last a few seconds, but it should be more than enough to send the group flying. Then she could pick off any stragglers that decided not to stay down.

If any of that gets on me, you're joining them down there."

"Please no, it's bad enough being up here with you, lady Magilou!"

As Bienfu made his disdain for the messy battle below clear, Magilou was much more passive, watching from her paper perch. She could try helping them out, but given the tight confines of the streets, as well as their penchant for getting right up in the monsters' faces, accurate spell-slinging was quite difficult. Plus, they had things under control, so why over-complicate things?

...Besides, Magilou wasn't too fond of the gory mess left behind either.

With a small frown, Magilou surveyed the alley from up high. She couldn't maintain her Guardian's flight indefinitely, so sooner or later she'd have to join them on the ground. But she didn't mind running the timer down to the last second if it meant avoiding the bloody goop. Her eyes flickered upward, to the other end of the alley, and she tilted her head curiously. The fog was making it difficult to tell, but something familiar looked to be on the other side.

Magilou sighed, and resigned herself to gently gliding back down below. Hopping onto the ground, her Guardian shrunk in size and flipped back into her hand before she addressed Zeke and Hibiki, "well, great news guys. Looks like our lead is just over yonder. you wouldn't happen to have spare boots, would you?"

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It is still accepting, yes.
Himeko was struggling to suppress her laughter. Really, these girls were an utter delight! Chise wanted absolutely everything in the hop, and wasn't even attempting to hide it. Hina was taking her friend's words so literally, and that cutely serious way of delivering her words of wisdom managed to break even Chise's sweets-induced trance. And little Hanako was browsing for more sweets... oh yeah, was she still under the belief that she needed an offering or something? Well, clearly it would be too embarrassing to clear that up now, so best to leave that as-is.

Still, as generous as Hanako could be, her budget was limited, and being too carefree around Chise seemed disastrous, so with a clap of her hands, the shrine maiden reminded the girls, "Let's try keeping it to a maximum of three snacks each, okay~? Restraint is a sign of power and selflessness, after all~!"@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze
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