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Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Perception
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt was glad that his lapse in judgement hadn't seemed to cause too much outrage from any of the group in the room, but he was certainly surprised that it was the doctor that came to his defence first. An olive branch perhaps, a peace offering almost, from the beak-masked man, and not one that Cobalt was going to squander. He smiled at the other man, nodding his head slightly in thanks. But before he could reply, the doctor continued, and what he spoke next was far from an offer of peace, it was a threat. Cobalt couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, his gaze flickering across to where the four men still stood.

If they were phased by the threat, they certainly didn't show it, simply calling for introductions to be made. It was the first time that Cobalt realised none had already been made. In the heat of the moment they had all seemed to skip past the common courtesies and pleasantries. Chanteuse Amaranthine certainly seemed to remember her manners at least, introducing herself to the men. Cobalt didn't want to come across as any more rude that he had already, so he nodded.

"Justice Cobalt. Or at least that is my name for the evening."

As he had been introducing himself, a movement caught Cobalt's eye, another figure moving into the room. His eyes wandered, and he couldn't help but smile as he saw that Madam Mauve had joined the group in the room. Her movements were graceful as she stepped into the room, but that wasn't what caught his eyes. What caught his eye was the blood on her sleeve. His smile faded slightly, it appears that the woman had been busy since last they met. He tried to catch her eye as he bowed his head towards her slightly in greeting.

"It is good to see you again, Madam. I hope you have been enjoying your evening."
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Winter of 1801

1st of November

While Europe seems to be descending into chaos and war, at least in the far reaches of the world peace still appears to reign. A colonist party embarks from Toubrian Coviria, sailing along the coastline until it until they reach the very southern tip of the continent, founding the colony of Toubrian Tavira. As is becoming expected, The Republic of Toubres announces the formation of a new self sustaining group of colonies, the South-Western Territories of Toubres. With it's capital in the oldest colony of the region, Toubrian Bravas, the South-Western Territories serves as a middle ground between the established South Territories and West Territories, and trade is good.

2nd of November

It becomes clear that The Empire of Attolia will not be fighting it's war against The Kingdom of Ubren alone. Quick to stay true to the promise they made with the Continental Alliance, The Kingdom of Aontas officially declares war on Ubren. And they also make it clear that this is no empty threat. The majority of the Aontas fleet sails from the successful siege of Rogosz and begins patrolling the northern coast of Ubren, the territory that belonged to Aontas just years earlier. They are a deterrent more than anything, as Ubren still commands no fleet of their own, but it is still a clear sign of intent.

4th of November

While The Kingdom of Aontas is quick to come to it's allies aid, The Hastel Dominions is slow to come to theirs, in fact they seem resolved to leave The Kingdom of Ubren standing alone. Unsurprisingly, this delay is met by uproar within the Dominions. A mere glance at the history books show that the two nations have been brothers in arms for centuries, and yet now that Ubren finds itself at war again, the Hastel Dominions sits idly by? Protests become a common sight across all of the major cities in the Dominions, demanding that Hastel honours their pledge to Ubren, and joins the war. Although the war does not seem to be a pressing concern for Emperor Erhard Hastel, warfare still is. The Dominions pours money into the development of military technologies, hoping to develop new artillery, even if it means throwing money at the problem until it goes away.

7th of November

The Empire of Attolia makes its first move in the war. General Joel Keskitalo is a man that will no doubt find himself often on the front line of the coming war. A grizzled man with the stubbornness of a mule, Keskitalo has earned his rank through decades of service to the Empire. While he is a far cry from the tactical flair of most of Europe's generals, there are few men who can be better trusted to hold the line. For now, he has been tasked with mustering Attolia's armies. From Calae, he summons soldiers of the Empire to him, and thousands march to his call.

9th of November

Protests continue to rage across The Hastel Dominions, clamouring for the Dominions to march to the aid of The Kingdom of Ubren, and again, the actions of the Emperor serves to both appease, and further inflame the protesters. A recruitment effort is launched, the recruiters travelling all across the Dominions, calling on the sons of Hastel to sign up and fight the nation's wars. And yet the Dominions continue to sit idle, not moving to their allies side.

10th of November

The Three City's Republic of Ianian is clearly keen to continue building relations, despite the war that's spreading through other nation's of Europe. Continuing to strengthen the bonds in the European Trading League, the Republic proposes an idea to The Redcliff Empire, that officers of the Empire's armies 'exchange' with officers of the Republic's navies. The Redcliff Empire, still vying to improve their still burgeoning navy, open their arms to the proposal. Not only do the officers represent a respective strengthening of the two nations weaknesses, it also represents a new and growing friendship, the officers immersing themselves into the culture they now find themselves in, helping break down the stereotypes and labels that had previously marred relations.

12th of November

The Kingdom of Ubren marches to war. But it is not the province of Belgae that trembles before an advancing Ubren army, not this time. General Fritz Hecker is a man better known for his defensive exploits, but that is not to say that he has only one use. As with all of Ubren's generals, he is a leader almost without equal, and he cannot ignore the opportunity presented before him. With twenty thousand men at his back, he crosses into The Empire of Attolia province of Centrix. The province he finds is woefully under defended. A solitary division of Light Infantry are tasked with defending three Attolian cities against an army that outnumbers them almost seven to one. Unsurprisingly, this is an impossible task. Commander Pierre Leclère, the man who has found himself the impromptu commander of the province's defence, decides that his best chance is to hole himself into the provincial capital, Centrix itself, and hope they can prevail until relief arrives. The province's other two cities, Vilset and Avirault, are taken without resistance, and the Siege of Centrix begins, the Ubren forces keen for a quick victory.

13th of November

While war threatens to consume their heartland, further afield The Empire of Attolia still seems to have it's focus elsewhere. From the colony of Antilla a heavily defended and well protected colonisation fleet sets off, the colonisers defended by no less than six thousand Attolian soldiers as they embark. The journey ahead of them is formidable one, their intended destination on the west coast of the north-western continent. The man tasked with steering the fleet, Commander Renaud Fournier, had liberated for a long time over the course to take, whether to risk the northern passages freezing around them, or brave a stretch of water that strikes fear into the hearts of all sailors. Eventually, the weather forces his hand. A biting cold has latched its icy fingers onto the north, and so the colonising fleet turns south. The voyage ahead is immense, and will take months to complete, but they are on their way.

15th of November

While one fleet of The Empire of Attolia is just beginning their journey, another is, thankfully, coming to the end of theirs. The fleet of Admiral Topi Valtonen, in truth the majority of Attolia's naval strength, even if it has been badly battered in it's fleeing from The Shuren Dynasty, approaches uncharted land. The string of islands they encounter clearly share a cultural bond with the Shuren Dynasty, but they are also something entirely new. The language barrier is of course inescapable, but the Attolian fleet is cautiously accepted into an impressive port, and their gold and silver are accepted as payment for supplies. Over time, they learn that this land is The Tadahisa Shogunate. The Shogunate have enjoyed their isolation from the European powers until now, but they too are concerned about the strength that the Shuren Dynasty now wields, and there is certainly no love lost between the eastern powers. For now they agree to shelter the fleet, in return for continued payment of course.

16th of November

Across The Republic of Toubres, there is a celebration of everything the nation represents. Across every province of the Republic's homeland and across every one of the formidable number of colonies that Toubres now rules. The Western Territories, the South-Western Territories and the Southern Territories all hold lavish and extensive celebrations that last for days, showcasing the best and brightest that the colonies can possess. And in Amzores, the Republic's capital, there is a Grand Expedition, a symbol of a vast wealth and power, followed by a city-wide celebration that seems to never end. The cost of this celebration was colossal, but in what is the two hundred and fiftieth year since the Republic was formed, it is a sign of wealth, and it does wonders in inspiring the people who call Toubres their home.

Unsurprisingly, the other effect that this celebration has is on a colony of The Kingdom of Aontas. Separated by only a narrow strait of water, the people that are currently oppressed, butchered like animals if they so much as speak out against the conditions they have been forced into, are forced to watch their cultural brothers celebrate and laugh, respected subjects of a powerful nation. This seems to push them even further across the tipping point, any who can take up arms, do. The island becomes a war zone, the populace against the mercenaries. The garrison finds itself caught in the middle, resolving to simply bar themselves inside their own fortifications. Several, however, take up arms alongside the populace. The colony is a boiling pot that's been left to overflow.

18th of November

Admiral Kai Kauppinen is slightly surprised when he receives his orders. Rather than being ordered to sail out and bring fiery ruin to The Kingdom of Ubren, the officer of The Empire of Attolia is instead instructed to remain in the capital province, rallying the people and offering Letters of Marquis to any Attolian citizens who wish to take up arms against the advancing Ubren army. A variety of reasons combine to make this idea fall flat. The first is that Admiral Kauppinen is poorly suited to the task, a still young and impetuous man, he loathes being trapped on land for too long, yearning instead for the sea. The second is the fact that those who wish to fight Ubren have already largely joined the Empire's armies and navies, there are a few that do take the offer, quickly adapting their ships to vessels of war, and sailing off, but they are little more than common crooks and rogues already. The effort eventually fades into nothingness, and Admiral Kauppinen gratefully returns to his ship.

21st of November

Again, The Kingdom of Aontas shows that it is committed to supporting The Empire of Attolia, even if chaos is reigning in their territories further abroad. The army previously assigned to watching the Kingdom's border with The Empire of Rubrus, under the command of General Fastulf Arnisson, begins the long journey across the length of the Kingdom, moving towards the province of Kienne. It is a formidable journey, through the bitter winter, but when they arrive, they will almost be withing sight of the northern coast of The Kingdom of Ubren.

22nd of November

The military campaign that The Kingdom of Ubren has launched in the province of Belgae is an extensive one. The formidable army under General Janik Tillich divides into three prongs, each prong marching with the intent to capture one of the provinces three cities. The main force, commanded by General Tillich himself, moves to the provincial capital, Belgae itself. Even without almost fifty thousand men at his back, Tillich is a phenomenal general, undoubtedly one of the greatest strategists alive in Europe. But with an army at his back, he is the stuff of nightmares for The Empire of Attolia defenders. It is in Belgae that the majority of the survivors from Ubren's initial attack have retreated to, but they are still woefully outnumbered. More than eighty Ubren cannons open fire, and few think the garrison can hold out for long.

23rd of November

While one prong of The Kingdom of Ubren army has descended upon the city of Belgae, the second prong find themselves with a far easier task. Marching north, a force of more than thirty thousand soldiers makes for the city of Houte. The closest city to the Ubren border, it is unsurprisingly not only one of the centers of the rebellion in the province, but also The Empire of Attolia city who's garrison was most brutally effected by the Ubren cavalry. Only a few hundred Attolia soldiers made it back to the city, and with the approaching Ubren army, the people rise up, throwing open the gates, and throwing the Attolian soldiers out before the conquerors. In a surprisingly merciful move, the Ubren soldiers spare the Attolians, even going so far as to ensuring their safety from the angry mob that has gathered. However it happened, Houte is firmly under Ubren control.

24th of November

The largest of the three The Kingdom of Ubren prongs is the one that marches furthest to the west. All to aware that it is the city of Nartoise that will likely receive reinforcements from The Empire of Attolia, the Kingdom of Ubren looks to break the city as quickly as possible. More than sixty thousand men, and nearly one hundred guns, race to the walls of the city, and begin the siege. Although only a few thousand Attolian soldiers stand to defend the city, the city is the one least troubled by the rebels, and the garrison need only worry about threats outside their walls. Even so, they are heavily outnumbered, and can only hope that that relief arrives before the city crumbles around them.

26th of November

The fratenising of The Empire of Attolia soldiers in The Kingdom of Sescos is drawn to an abrupt halt. General Ilppo Rehn rallies his forces together, and then marches. Although it is not back to Attolian territory that the nearly fifty thousand strong army marches, it is instead to the north, to the border that Sescos shares with The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. There, they deliver an ultimatum, that Vendsyssel agrees to a white peace with The Empire of Rubrus and The kingdom of Claidor, or else risk Attolia joining the war against them. The letter they receive in answer, written by King Casimir Henryk Augustus III himself, is a masterpiece of diplomatic speech. But reading between the lines, the message is clear. The Empire of Attolia is in no position to be making threats. The men at Rehn's back cannot be spared for a second war, not in the face of the formidable strength of The Kingdom of Ubren. Peace will not be announced, not unless it is dictated by Vendsyssel and their allies.

27th of November

The defence of the city of Centrix by Commander Pierre Leclère is undeniably heroic and valiant, the heavily outnumbered soldiers of The Empire of Attolia fighting like lions, and Leclère proves himself a brilliant leader, no doubt worthy of a rapid climbing of the ranks. If he had survived. But he didn't. He is cut down, holding a breach in the wall alone, musket clutched in his hands, a warcry on his lips and a fire burning in his heart. The fire is still in his heart as he falls, but as he dies, so does the spirit of his men. Overwhelmed, and with no leader, the Attolian soldiers surrender in their droves, and their surrender is accepted by the force of The Kingdom of Ubren. The province is entirely under the control of Ubren, but it is not destined to be for long. Almost as soon as the last Attolian soldier has surrendered, the Kingdom of Ubren sends word to The Redcliff Empire. Centrix is to be intended to it's original owners, and Redcliff joyfully takes Ubren up on their offer. Redcliff's involvement in the war is quickly swinging in favour of Ubren, as debates spring up afresh for Redcliff to fight alongside Ubren.

29th of November

Despite clearly being on the back foot in it's war against The Kingdom of Ubren, The Empire of Attolia continues to muster it's armies. This time, it is the turn of General Eerikki Klemetti to rally troops, leaving his post on the border with The Holy Territories of Edoniras to call on a force to gather in the province of Bergen. While still a young man, General Klemetti is undoubtedly a people's champion. A handsome nobleman, Klemetti has become the poster boy of the Attolian army, and he is disarmingly charming. In truth, he is a better poster boy than he is an actual general, but his men will still die for him without question. And this will no doubt be tested, as the city of Belgae falls. Although it boasted the best defences of the province, against the sheer brilliance of General Janik Tillich, it never stood a chance. Now it is only the ragtag defenders in the city of Nartoise that prevents Ubren from claiming the province.

30th of November

Whether it was bureaucratic incompetence, weather delays or something more malicious, it is almost a month after the orders are given that the fleet of The Empire of Attolia, under the command of Admiral Antti ErkkilΓ€. The fleet launches a highly destructive attack on all of the coastal dykes, sea walls and dams along the north coast of the province of Belgae, and it has more than the desired effect. The rivers of the province swell, spilling over their banks, washing away bridges, and flooding the lowlands. Unsurprisingly, this hardly helps the loyalty of the provinces inhabitants, their own nation's navy seemingly attacking them, but it is not them that the flooding it intended to affect, it is the army of The Kingdom of Ubren. Their supply lines back to their homeland are hit hard, but the supply lines will repair themselves in time, and the Ubren armies have no need to advance, the province almost within their grasp. The bitter irony is that if this attack had only happened a few weeks earlier, it would have crippled the Ubren attack, rather than simply inconvenience them.

William Fraser

Location: Annan
Skills: Intelligence

William smiled slightly again as Lady Kirkpatrick continued. He could already tell that he was going to like the woman, and that the rumours of her razor wit and sharp mind were no exaggeration. His mind had already wandered towards ensuring the piles of Soulless stayed down, and he was glad to hear that Lady Kirkpatrick though the same. Not only that, but he was flattered by the Lady's insistence that William and Millicent were the ones to assist her in ensuring the Soulless sunk into true death.

He glanced across to Millicent, and his easy smile faded slightly. The pretty, young woman clearly hesitated, waiting for Rutherford to gesture that she could obey the older woman's instructions. Curious. Whatever power the Lord held over her, it was clearly powerful. He wasn't surprised to see Egerton deign not to help, heading back to the carriage instead. Shrugging slightly, William decided to get to the matter at hand. Turning towards Millicent again, he smiled as sincerely as he could considering the bodies scattered around them, and spoke.

"Shall we, m'lady?"

William had already pulled free the kopis strapped across his back, wary of being caught unarmed if any of the Ryne weren't quite as 'dead' as they seemed. He was half way towards the nearest body when he hesitated. Remembering that he hadn't seen any sign of a weapon on Millicent, he turned back to the young woman, unbuckling the Dirk from around his belt and holding it out to her, hilt first.

"I'm sure your training leaves you more than formidable without a weapon, m'lady, but I'm afraid my honour demands I don't leave you unarmed. Maybe not what you're used to, but better than nothing I hope."
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Winter of 1801

2nd of October

Unsurprisingly, the 'Suveren Issue', as it has been coined, dominates the conversation all across The Kingdom of Aontas. The catastrophic failure of the meeting between the King and the leaders of the rebellion has been well-documented, and the Kingdom seem's set on approaching the issue from another angle. Rather than dealing with the natives that have turned against them, they approach those who have remained loyal. Any native that didn't participate in the rebellion is promised land grants, an appealing offer. However, there are a strong of problems. The first, is that the Kingdom is in no position to offer land, with the colony still in the grip of chaos. And the second, is that this declaration only further ignites the fires of defiance in the hearts of those who still rebel. If their actions have already condemned them to fall from the Kingdom's graces, why should they stop now? In areas of the colony, open rebellion still rages, and in others, it is only subdued through the brutal actions of the mercenaries.

3rd of October

The fleet of The Empire of Attolia, still fleeing to the east from The Shuren Dynasty, are forced to scupper several of their ships, in order to ensure that some of their more damaged ships, especially their flagship, a formidable First-Rate Ship of the Line, have a crew adequate enough to sail. The progress of the fleet's voyage had to practically grind to a halt as the repairs and decisions are made. When they are complete however, the fleet that sails is far more well prepared for the journey ahead.

5th of October

It appears that it is not only in The Kingdom of Aontas that the 'Suveren Issue' is being discussed. The Republic of Toubres seems to still be considering their offer to help restore peace in the colony of Suveren. Moving a sizable portion of the Western Territories fleet to the docks of Toubrian Rilos, primed to make the short crossing at a moment's notice. They are also quick to send another message to Aontas, offering their immediate assistance in the region.

7th of October

The National Conference of Inventors in The Three City's Republic of Ianian continues to drag on, the greatest minds of the Republic fighting against each other to earn the promised reward. Eventually, a winner emerges, a nobleman by the name of Federigo Ampi from the far flung colony of New Genia. What he produces is the first battery capable of continuously providing an electric current to a circuit. This discovery is groundbreaking, and opens the door to a whole host of other potential discoveries.

9th of October

Keen to continue expanding their colonies in the region, while their rivals continue to seem to ignore the unclaimed land, The Three City's Republic of Ianian sails a large colonial party from it's colony of Resia. The sailors cling to the coastline, moving along it to the west until they find a suitable place to land. In a clear sing of intent, the settlers dub the new land South Iberia. With the close links they already shared with the natives through trade, the process of colonising the region is pain-free.

11th of October

Despite the calls for aid in the region from The Empire of Attolia, both the Kingdom of Jinje and the Attolian East Asia Trading Company are found wanting. Jinje simply can't bring any weaponry to bear that could hope to damage the powerhouse that The Shuren Dynasty has become, and while the Trading Company possesses a formidable private navy, the shareholders of the Company demand good trade, not war, so they are forced to ignore the calls of Attolia, instead preferring to continue trading, albeit with larger escorts for their ships. The Echyan Empire too receives the call, and again, are unable to answer it. They send their deepest regrets, explaining that the majority of their fleet is still tasked with defending the Empire itself, and those ships that could be spared would face the same perilous voyage that Attolia themselves are attempting. They do however off the Attolian fleet sanctuary, if they can make it..

12th of October

Even while one of it's colony seems to be consuming itself, The Kingdom of Aontas still clearly has it's eyes set on the future. With it's efforts to improve it's armies main weapon already having proven itself to be an impressive success, Aontas now turns it's attention towards it's production methods. Specifically, the facilities that produce muskets and cannons are expanded, seemingly being prepared for the Kingdom to become a military power, even if it has to be dragged there.

13th of October

Now that a treaty has descended between The Kingdom of Sescos and The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, the thousands of soldiers The Empire of Attolia, still garrisoned in the territories of Sescos, take quickly to the task of attempting to raise the morale of the population. With the tens of thousands of the nations young men slaughtered in the wars of the last few years, the nation has been struggling to repair the damage done to them. This is not helped by the weakness of the nations current ruler, King Ciro Malas. However, with the action and effort of the Attolian soldiers, spirits are lifted, if only a little.

16th of October

Keen to further strengthen their ties, perhaps ensuring that they have friends to call upon if war continues to spread across Europe, The Republic of Toubres joins with The Redcliff Empire and The Holy Territories of Edoniras. This comes in the form of 'war-games'. From their base in the city of Mussara, the formidable Toubres navy leads the fledgling navies of Redcliff and Edoniras through basic maneuvers and mock warfare. This not only improves relations, creating a sense of camaraderie between the soldiers of the three nations, but it also helps improve the sailors of the burgeoning navies, guided by the careful hand of the experienced Toubrian commanders.

17th of October

With support for their call of condemnation against The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri failing to gain traction, The Kingdom of Claidor finds itself looking for another way out of it's current struggles. Although The Empire of Rubrus is making good progress against Vendsyssel, Claidor is a crippled nation, the lost land ripping out the Kingdom's burgeoning industrial heartland. With it's own armies bloodied, Claidor cannot lend it's strength to aid Rubrus, but neither does it have the strength to reclaim the lost land from the defending armies of Ilastiri and Vendsyssel. They are instead forced to simply barricade themselves within the cities they still control, and wait for whatever comes next.

19th of October

It appears The Redcliff Empire is a popular friend to have. This time, it is The Hastel Dominions that sends a diplomatic party to Redcliff, attempting to not only increase relations, but also to open up a vital trade route. The Redcliff Empire is happy to accept the offer of trade, it's economy always looking for a welcome boost, and the Empire also tentatively accept the offer of increased relations, although they are hesitant to putting anything official between the two nations, wary of the Dominions apparent warmongering.

20th of October

While The Kingdom of Claidor lingers, The Empire of Rubrus does not. Buoyed with confidence from their successful capture of Norzeg, and secure in the knowledge that The Kingdom of Aontas has shattered the naval strength of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel, General Klavdiy Levin pushes onwards. Two cities remain under Vendsyssel control in the province of Rogosz. The first is the port city, and province capital, of Rosgoz itself. But between General Levin and Rosgoz lies the city of Pives, and it is there that the Rubrus army marches towards. As they march, Empress Alina Romanovna formally requests the aid of the Continental Alliance, calling on The Kingdom of Aontas, The Empire of Attolia and The Echyan Empire.

21st of October

Now that it's fleet has been brought back to at least some idea of combat-ready, the Admiral of The Empire of Attolia, Topi Valtonen, begins to turn his mind away from fleeing, and back to vengeance. Finally making the decision, and still wary of the colossal distance ahead of his fleet and the safety of The Echyan Empire colonies, Admiral Valtonen turns his fleet around, and sails west. Where they are bound, still stands to be seen.

23rd of October

The constant unrest in the province of Belgae seems to build to a frenzied crescendo. Rebels and spies that had managed to evade the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia for months suddenly break cover, seeming to be simply trying to cause as much chaos as possible. The sheer ferocity of it is too much for the Sentinels to handle alone, and the soldiers of Attolia in the province are quickly dispatched all across Belgae to help restore some semblance of peace.

25th of October

Despite the efforts of the peace summit, the seemingly inevitable finally occurs. The Kingdom of Ubren officially declares war on The Empire of Attolia, blaming Attolia's 'conspiracy' against Ubren for fanning the flames beyond the point that they can be extinguished. Ubren is quick to call their allies to their side, chiefly The Redcliff Empire and The Hastel Dominions. War continues to consume Europe.

26th of October

Not willing to squander the advantage they currently hold, The Kingdom of Ubren is quick to strike the first blow in it's war with The Empire of Attolia. An army group under the command of the highly respected General Janik Tillich marches to war. The General has nearly one hundred and fifty thousand men at his back as he marches into the Attolian province of Belgae, moving fast with a clear purpose to crush the garrison of the Empire underfoot.

28th of October

With the vast majority of the garrison scattered across Belgae handling the uprisings, clearly now an organised strike to distract the Empire before the invasion, The Empire of Attolia is woefully unprepared to handle the immense army bearing down on it. The cavalry of The Kingdom of Ubren, twenty thousand riders, race ahead of the main force. Thousands of Attolian soldiers are cut off, and cut down, dying on the streets as they are forced to either flee to the relative safety of the province's cities, or attempt heroic, but futile, last stands. First blood has been drawn. The fractions of the garrison that do survive find themselves seeking shelter in cities in which the people are constantly rising up against them, forcing them to spend as much time ensuring that the townsfolk don't throw open the gates from within as they do ensuring Ubren don't break through them from without.

30th of October

At least one nation of Europe is still attempting to maintain peace. The Three City's Republic of Ianian calls together representatives of both The Echyan Empire and The Republic of Toubres. The treaty proposes a colonial divide in the Americas. Although the proposal is certainly in favour of Toubres and Ianian, and in truth offers little than what is already a certainty, for The Echyan Empire, it offers a security for their colonies. Both Toubres and Echya are quick to sign the treaty, and it becomes official. Not only does this avoid potential squabbles, it also further strengthens the relationship between the three nations, potentially even tempting Echya away from the Continental Alliance.

Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Charisma
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt caught hold of Amaranthine's hand before she could pull it away, pulling her backwards and almost off her feet. He made it a few paces backwards before she managed to yank her hand free, and the withering look she gave him shook him out of whatever moment of madness had seized him. Frowning slightly, more at himself than anything, Cobalt watched as Amaranthine turned back to the four men and seemed to agree, to something at least, but there was still a distinct tension in the room, a chill that wasn't simply from the night air still blowing through the open doorway.

Now that he had at least somewhat come to his senses, Cobalt did what he could to repair the damage his lapse may have caused. His mouth firmly set into the friendliest smile he could manage, he nodded his head towards first Amaranthine, then the four men, and then the doctor.

"Please forgive me, Chanteuse, for that indiscretion. And I hope I haven't made too much of a fool out of myself before you gentleman. I can only blame the stress of the evening for that momentary lapse in judgement."

Justice kept holding his easy smile. Luck had certainly seemed to turn against him in the last few moments, but if he couldn't rely on his charm, what could he rely on?

"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

1st of September

In another move clearly intended to hopefully stimulate it's economy, The Three City's Republic of Ianian puts into action a string of tariffs. The idea is that the tariffs will be unobtrusive, so as to ensure that they do not become a burden on the poor and the needy, but effective enough that they will bring a welcome boost to the coffers of the Republic. Remarkably, the scheme works exactly as planned, seamlessly implementing itself amongst the other economic measures already in place. Ianian is quickly rebuilding it's status as an economic titan, if nothing else.

5th of September

The Hastel Dominions again look to increase the spending in their budget, this time in the government spending. Increasing the budget, the Dominions strive to increase efficiency, and to decrease corruption. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, pouring more money into the government does the opposite of decreasing corruption, instead allowing those already corrupt to run rife with more freedom than ever before. Although it does not have the desired effect, the move is still a clear sign of intent. The Hastel Dominions has aspirations of being one of the major powers of Europe, and it is willing to ruffle feathers to get there.

7th of September

Despite the tribunal of The Holy Territories of Edoniras imminent, the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia continue their vigorous 'peace-keeping' actions in the province of Belgae. It is this vigour that may prove to be their downfall. A citizen of The Kingdom of Ubren, by the name of Josua Hasselmann, is seized by the Sentinel's. Dragged into a cell on suspicion of spying he is given the full assortment of rough 'persuading', almost bordering on torture, that the Sentinel's bring to bear. A few days later, he is cast out blinking into the sun, allowed to return home with his name cleared. This could have been the end of it, if Josua Hasselmann's cousin wasn't Kevin Holthusen, the man synonymous with newspapers in the Kingdom of Ubren. By the end of the day, the story is on the front cover of every newspaper in the Kingdom, spilling across into the neighbouring countries as well. It evokes total outrage, and the calls for vengeance for this injustice grow to a cacophony.

11th of September

The diplomatic party of The Three City's Republic of Ianian need wait no longer. Soldiers, wearing a uniform that none of them recognise, and riding jet black steeds, emerge from the stands. They are whisked away, and although they are not blindfolded, they soon lose all sense of direction in the rolling dunes and the seemingly endless plains. After seemingly an eternity, they arrive at the sun-bleached ruins of an ancient city. There, they are led before a hooded figure. The figure explains that he is not Majdi al-Selim, he is instead one of al-Selim's 'prophets', one of the chosen few to preach the great man's words. The prophet gives the Ianian representatives a message. al-Selim has a vision, a dream, an idea, and he will see that vision realized, no matter the cost, and no matter who attempts to stand in his way. They are given an ominous warning, that the days of Hijeens being oppressed are over, and they will not be seen again. The prophet thanks Ianian for it's gifts, and promises that if al-Selim has more to say, then he will deliver the message himself, but for now, the diplomatic party is whisked away, back to Tangir.

13th of September

With the rebellions across Suveren continuing, the King of The Kingdom of Aontas himself invites the self-elected leaders of the rebellion to come to the capital for a "redress of grievances". This is a difficult request, because in truth, the rebellions are truly movements without leaders. However, some representatives are chosen from amongst the masses, and they begin the long journey to the Aontas capital, keen to hear what the King plans to propose.

16th of September

The Tribunal of The Holy Territories of Edoniras begins. The spies are submitted to hours upon hours of rigorous questioning by representatives of nearly every European nation. They prove to be hardened characters, refusing to give up their employers, or even their mission. The handful of spies brought before the tribunal, four men and one woman, originate from all across Europe, so no clues can be drawn from there. They are difficult to break, but the tribunal is confident that they can be broken, and they continue their work.

18th of September

The Siege of Norzeg has been a long and bloody affair. The two armies, The Empire of Rubrus and The Kingdom of Vendsyssel are both made up of hardened warriors, who refuse to take even a single step backwards. The shelling from the navy of Vendsyssel has been relentless, and moored in the relative safety of the cities harbour, they have been beyond the retribution of the Rubrus forces. That, however, is soon to change. The cries of Rubrus for aid have not fallen on deaf ears, and the fleet of The Kingdom of Aontas sails to war. Catching the Vendsyssel fleet off guard, what follows is a frantic, brutal, but ultimately one-sided naval conflict. The Vendsyssel fleet is left in tatters, and with their greatest strength in ruins, the courage of the Vendsyssel garrison begins to run out. As the Marines of Aontas land, and begin aiding in the attacks on the city, the spirit of the defenders breaks. The city is stormed, and Rubrus wins their first victory in the war. Unsurprisingly, the Kingdom of Vendsyssel is quick to declare war on the Kingdom of Aontas.

21st of September

All too aware that they are being doggedly pursued, the fleet of The Empire of Attolia changes their route, cutting east and making for the friendly ports of The Echyan Empire. This is no small feat, the journey ahead of them standing at more than eight thousand nautical miles, and the most generous estimations by the navigators put their journey at taking more than a month, assuming there are no weather problems, or other complications. With nothing but open water between them and their destination, the supplies of the ships will be unbearably stretched. The Shuren Dynasty abandons their chase, although they watch carefully for the Attolian's return. If any of the fleet ever reach friendly waters, still stands to be seen.

23rd of September

Concerned that they are losing control in Suveren, The Kingdom of Aontas looks to bring in outside 'assistance'. That assistance comes in the form of mercenaries that Aontas hires, sailing them to the colony and putting them to work. This proves to be a lapse of judgement. The mercenaries are hired to keep the peace, and they do that with ruthless efficiency. Rebels are dragged into the streets and shot, their remains displayed as grisly reminders of what happens to those who disturb the peace. This all but entirely crushes the moderate rebels, but for the radicals, it fuels the fires within their souls, and drives them to committing to all but open warfare in the colony. The news of these atrocities cannot arrive at Aontas at a worse time, the stories being announced just as the King prepares for his meeting with the elected representatives of the rebels. The news is only made worse due to the well-known knowledge that The Republic of Toubres offered it's aid in restoring peace, an offer that Aontas seems to have ignored in favour of hiring savage thugs. Unsurprisingly, all of the rebel leaders refuse to attend the meeting, and the Aontas hopes of resolving the issue lie in tatters.

26th of September

At least in some corners of the world, peace seems to be shining through. Although an informal ceasefire has existed between The Kingdom of Sescos and The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar for some time, with the aid of The Empire of Attolia, this ceasefire is made official. Not only that, but an exchange of remains is arranged, a shred of goodwill in an otherwise foreboding world. How long this goodwill will last in such a bitter war, few can say. But it is a beginning, and it is hope.

29th of September

It is not only The Three City's Republic of Ianian that has been looking to be granted audience with Majdi al-Selim. In the Holy City of Akteme, representatives of The Republic of Toubres await their own meeting. They are eventually greeted by a similar figure, a hooded man that introduces himself as a prophet of al-Selim, and they are given a similar message. The vision will be realised, and the Hijeens will no longer be oppressed. But the warning does not end there. It is not only the Hijeens that will no longer be oppressed. The power of al-Selim reach every corner of the world, and too long have natives been ground under foot by the European powers. No longer.

William Fraser

Location: Annan
Skills: Charisma

Lady Kirkpatrick was clearly as formidable a woman as William had heard. He barely managed to suppress a smirk as she scolded Egerton like a child. Millicent at least seemed inclined to offer help, rather than bicker like Egerton and Rutherford, and William smiled slightly, glad to see that the woman was continuing to prove her good soul. The air seemed to chill as Lady Kirkpatrick cut off Millicent's introductions. Sensing the awkwardness in the group, William took it upon himself to alleviate it.

Stepping forward slightly, William smiled widely, holding out his hands slightly in greeting as he bowed his head towards first Lady Kirkpatrick, and then the young woman beside her.

"William Fraser at your service, m'lady. And your's, ma'am. It seems lucky that our paths have crossed when they did."

William allowed himself an inward smile, his gaze flicking between the faces of the two ladies in front of him. Not to be overly confident, but William had known his whole life that charm was a weapon he was well-versed to wield. His handsome face was a help no doubt, but his charisma was the force that had led him through life. Inherited from his father, no doubt, just as he had inherited his father's dark hair and natural talent for music.

For some reason, in the midst of this action, even as he kept his easy smile, and his head bowed towards the two women, William found his mind wandering to his mother. Blue eyes, that's what he had without doubt inherited from his mother. He could remember them, it was one of the few things he could remember about her. Wide eyes, more beautiful than anything he had ever seen, as deep as the ocean. He'd had the privilege to admire sapphires in his life, more often than not on discarded jewelry, strewn across the floor beside whatever bed he was sharing that night, but not one of those priceless jewels could ever compare to his mothers eyes...

He shook himself out of it, his charming persona clamping down on the emotional lapse. Only an instant had passed, and William resumed his easy smile, awaiting a response to his introduction.
Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Perception
Hit Points: 6

So Chanteuse Amaranthine was not one to be easily persuaded then. Something to remember undoubtedly. Cobalt noticed her slight shift towards him, and her glance towards the still open door behind him, but she made no further action. Her refusal was clear, and Cobalt found himself instinctively raising an eyebrow beneath his mask again, still leaning on the fireplace mantle. The night had already been filled with surprises, and it appeared that the trend was not ending anytime soon.

From somewhere, a moment of madness seemed to seize Cobalt. Maybe he was standing too close to the fire, maybe there had been something wrong with food he had nibbled on earlier, or maybe the stress of the evening so far had gotten to him far more than he realized. His eyes looked around, wild for an instant. Amaranthine was in danger, these four strange men were here to drag her away to who knows where. Jane's warnings had not fallen on deaf ears, and Cobalt was going to make sure that Amaranthine didn't succumb to whatever horrors stalked this house. The door behind him, they wouldn't have thought of that! An escape, for both of them.

Taking a step forward, Cobalt reached out to grab Amaranthine's hand, intending to pull her back with him towards the opened wall panel. As he did, he spoke, his eyes darting between the four men.

"You heard the lady! Now back off"
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

3rd of August

Undisturbed by the raging dissent still rife just across the water in The Kingdom of Aontas colony of Suveren, the Western Territories of The Republic of Toubres continues to go from strength to strength. A colonist group embarks for the land to the west of the already established colony of Toubrian Budel. Unsurprisingly, due to the close bonds that Toubres already shares with the areas natives, the settling is pain-free, and the colony of Toubrian Lamao is formed. This only serves to further inflame the fires of rebellion in Suveren, as the natives continue to see their cultural brethren flourishing under Toubrian rule, rather than Aontas 'oppression'.

5th of August

The Hastel Dominions clearly does not want to be forgotten. All along the nation's border with The Kingdom of Vendsyssel, the army groups of the Dominions begin military exercises. The military exercises are foreboding, as the soldiers are drilled in invasion tactics, attempting to raise the armies morale, and prepare for apparently inevitable action. News unsurprisingly reaches the Kingdom of Vendsyssel, and it is not received well. Much of the Kingdom's forces are to the east, engaged in the war against The Kingdom of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus. They are poorly prepared for a war to the west, let alone a war on two fronts. And yet there are murmurings starting to reach across Europe, rumours that what many thought was an illicit agreement between Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri was in fact simply the strengthening of an alliance, and that it was an alliance of three, not simply of two.

9th of August

For now at least, the seemingly relentless march of the combined army of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri grinds to a halt. With The Empire of Rubrus finally having roused itself, the overwhelming advantage that the invaders possessed is slipping. Instead of pushing on, they dig in, deploying garrisons in the cities they have captured, and beginning the process of bringing the people into the fold. Both nations have gained a vital province, and the clearly intend to not lose it.

14th of August

Again, The Hastel Dominions seems to prepare itself for war. Increasing their military spending, the army looks to ensure that all of it's forces are well-supplied for what may well be a long and drawn out war. However, as is often the case, the money allocated is never quite enough, and bureaucracy, as always, stands in the way. New ammunition and provisions are created, and some units are equipped, but it is ultimately a drop in the ocean, as the bulk of the army remains not re-supplied.

17th of August

A ship embarks from The Republic of Toubres. A Frigate, built for speed, and a dwarf next to the formidable Ships of the Line that the Toubres fleet commands, it sails south. Cutting through the strait and entering the Mediterranean. From there, the Frigate is lost for some time, but rumours echo back to the European powers. Echoes of a ship sailing into a port of The Republic of Oflua, and of a party setting out with guides hired to lead them to the Holy City of Akteme. Other rumours follow, but they vary drastically between the absurd and mundane. Very few know what truly transpired in the Holy City.

19th of August

Still preparing for a war with The Kingdom of Ubren, in The Empire of Attolia, great strides are taken to prepare the economy for the inevitable drain that war will become. The intent is to motivate those who traditionally don't work to contribute to the war effort, chiefly the elderly, children, and women. This is no insignificant feat, and is met with mixed reactions. Those that have had the fires of patriotism lit by the nationalistic rhetoric being used in the last months are quick to join up and do their part, but the effort is ultimately crippled by the fact that war has not yet broken out. Not only that, but with the summit doing what it can to stave off war, many see that as a waste of time, expecting the soldiers to return to work in the coming months.

23rd of August

Seizing on the opportunity, the colonising thirst of The Echyan Empire seemingly satisfied, The Republic of Toubres sends colonists south from the colony of Toubrian Rintes, settling the land that they dub Toubrian Coviria. Not only does this effectively cur off the Echyan's southern expansion, it also provides Toubres with crucial ports on the eastern coast of the great continent. The colonial holdings of the Republic are vast, stretching to every corner of the explored earth, and almost comically outmatching any other nation. As well as bringing in huge amounts of wealth, the colonies also provide the Republic with a friendly harbour , no matter where they sail. As the most pessimistic Europeans begin to speculate that the next great war will be a global one, Toubres finds itself a global power.

25th of August

The Empire of Attolia fleet, still pursued by a formidable fleet of The Shuren Dynasty, continue their flight to the north, attacking ports and merchant ships as they go, attempting to cripple the naval capabilities of the Dynasty. Yet every-time they hesitate, the hounding fleet of the Dynasty draws closer, and it does not take a brilliant strategist that eventually, the Attolian fleet is going to run out of north to run to.

26th of August

Keen to suppress their own rebellion, before it escalates to the chaos of The Empire of Attolia province of Belgae, The Kingdom of Ubren begins promoting patriotism all across it's territories. While this proves to be unsurprisingly popular across most of the Kingdom, in the province of Obertal, it does not silent the murmuring of dissent. Something is fanning the flames, something that has taken root in the province, and refuses to be flushed out.

28th of August

As Majdi al-Selim continues to silently watch Europe squabble internally, at least one nation seems dedicated to being proactive. Attempting to use their connections with the Hijeen people, through their colonies, The Three City's Republic of Ianian strives to seek an audience with the almost mythical man himself. Dark deals are done in the shadows, but somehow, the message appears to reach al-Selim. The Ianian representatives are told to wait, that their request for audience has been heard, and that it will be answered in time.

30th of August

In their capital province of Altubren, The Kingdom of Ubren begins preparing for a major infrastructure project. The province is in stark contrast with it's neighbour to the west, the province of Belgae. By now, Belgae is effectively under martial law, the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia forced to fight desperate battles against a rebellious population that is armed and motivated, and showing no signs of backing down.

31st of August

In what may prove to be a decisive move in the Ubren-Attolian conflict, spies seized by the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia during the early days of dissent in the province of Belgae are transported to The Holy Territories of Edoniras. The journey itself is thankfully uneventful, and the Pope himself takes custody of the prisoners, preparing them for the coming tribunal. It is only The Kingdom of Ubren that voted against the tribunal, and now, many are beginning to whisper the same thing about what the tribunal will prove.

William Fraser

Location: Annan
Skills: Perception

The breath caught in William's throat as they came over the crest. There was certainly the air of adventure in the air, but it was masked with the stench of death and blood. Bodies were littered all across lakeside clearing that they had arrived in, blood already sinking into the mud. The majority of the bodies were dressed in worn out clothing, and William knew that what he was looking at was a Soulless attack. From what he could tell, more than a dozen of the creatures had descended upon a carriage, the same carriage that now stood, harnessed to two dead horses.

Rutherford was out of the door almost before it had rolled to a halt, Millicent following after him despite Egerton's feeble attempts to stop her. William wasn't about to be left behind, even if Egerton seemed content to remain in the carriage, and he hurried to follow after them, stepping down from the carriage as he took in more of the scene. There were two bodies amongst the dead that caught his attention, he assumed two of the carriages former passengers judging by their fresher clothes. One of the bodies was simply dressed, the carriage driver if William had to guess, but the other was dressed like a catholic priest, an over-sized crucifix still gripped in his hand.

An exclamation from Rutherford turned William's attention to the two strangers still standing amongst the carnage. While the men had fallen, it appeared the women had persevered. The first was injured, although it looked to only be minor, at least from where William was standing. She was fairly well clothed, a lady's maid perhaps, but certainly one who could handle herself, considering the bodies littered around her. But it was the other woman that demanded William's attention, not least due to her calling out to them.

It only took a moment for William to recognise her, even without the sigil emblazoned across the stranded carriage. Lady Kirkpatrick. William stayed silent for now, glancing across to Rutherford to judge his reaction, with no doubt that he too would recognise the woman as well.
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