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1 day ago
Current I've rewatched Cowboy Bebop twice in a row. I need more like this.
4 days ago
I wake up to the funniest shit. XD
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16 days ago
Dealt with so many spam bots now I get ads for updating my kitchen and nice furniture. FML.
28 days ago
The Oscars made you cry? Oh, Lord...
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29 days ago
ain't. doing. shit. today. woo!!!!


You could go off what you've been told.

Or you could do the uncommon and find out for yourself.

...I have a feeling I know which option you'll select.

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Nightrunner 2 yrs ago
I just clicked into your page and read your statuses. You're absolutely correct. Drunk RP narration would be much better.
stark 2 yrs ago
Ahem. Mod stuff. Hank outranks us now -- we in trubble, y0.
stark 2 yrs ago
More super important mod stuff.
Gowi 2 yrs ago
Just to clarify, I sincerely apologize if I said something offensive and hurtful. You’re my friend and always have been and I’m glad to have you help me through some of my tougher moments.
Chicogal 2 yrs ago
Not stalking.
Charmander 2 yrs ago
Rica 3 yrs ago
Vanq 3 yrs ago
Hey <3
ChildHoodRuined 3 yrs ago
Umm.. Hello.
Gowi 4 yrs ago
We have VMs.
Tyler Night 4 yrs ago
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