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Current ...ok, Shiva, you don't have to call me pointless on the SB...
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tfw the asshole is dumb enough to go along with it.
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You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.
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You won't know if I lurk your profile. js. ;)
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Don't make a girl drop the ban hamster.


Honey I stay stoned on your love all the time...

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Mind if I had my name changed to BleedingLover if possible, please?


can someone delete this

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Discord is where a lot of clique-think meets reality, and the result is a mess. Not a surprise.

RP's just more functionality than Tinychat and Skype. It's easier for people to come and go from Discord servers, and you can easily hype up your friends on one server and then bring that to another server. It's almost like digital tribal warfare at times when the drama really kicks up.

It's pretty funny, and sad.

Yeah I can see Discord increasing the level of toxic drama, just as much as it increases convenience and functionality for GMs and RPers. Staff often finds it's a very small percentage of people that participate in the toxic drama and RP regularly. You're usually around for one, or the other, rarely both. Discord exposes people that way.

Balances out in the end.

I got zero notifications from this thread.

Heartfelt awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and thanks to everyone with a shoutout to me. Right back at each and every one of you.

As for me...Freddie, David. This place would suck without you two.


Happy V-day bitches!

Vera-Li S'vrone understood it.

It was as intuitive to her as it would have been counter-intuitive for most of the galaxy. Even to the hearts that were attuned to it there was but pings of sound, distant notes of wonder in which they fascinated upon and meditated upon. This was the Force as they understood it. The longer that a Jedi meditated and reflected upon each sound and note, the better they might come to understand it. One day, many years from now, they might even be able to master it. The very foundational logic in which the entire Jedi Order had been constructed upon over the generations.

It just wasn't always true. What Vera-Li heard when she closed her eyes and opened her heart to the very primordial energies of the universe she heard sounds and notes too. The difference was almost beyond comprehension. Whereas a Jedi Master might hear a distinct sound, prehaps even close, Vera-Li heard many sounds and more. She heard each note played pricely, struck with cosmic precision so that it sang loud and endless into the void of all creation. One note was struck after another, then another, at times simultaneously. Each echoed with the ones before it, until just a moment's meditation upon the Force became a symphony of universal sound playing any time she but slowed her mind and listened.

That she could sense Master Catsai approach was comparable to saying she could see the dim lighting recessed in the polished pale stone ceiling of the tower temple chamber that was occupied by Vera-Li, and had been since she was first graduated to the rank of Padawan at the age of thirteen standard years. There were a few wooden chests tucked carefully under the large bed that had found it's way into her room by a simple requisitions mistake by the temple Quartermaster Corps. Funny how Vera-Li always managed to have the right kind of sweet fruit that the Quartermasters that cared for her tower always favored.

Allow the Force to guide you, and you can never go wrong.

That was the advice the old Holocron gave her. That was the advice she took to heart as a Youngling. It hadn't failed her yet, and didn't especially when she had wished for a larger bed aloud to one of the Quartermasters. She'd already been sneaking them treats for years by that point. Always asking about them, always caring, always being courteous. Some in the Order called her spoiled, most just seemed to agree she was maybe the most agreeable and sweet natured Jedi in the Order.

She sensed her Master from across the Temple, where the Knights were housed. Battle Meditation had come to her from the Sense school of the Force. More specifically telepathy. It was as natural to Vera-Li as breathing. She sensed her Master in her sleep at this point. Respect and her own integrity had kept Vera-Li from going any further than the sensation of presence, and the flares of emotion that licked off Catsai's Force presence like solar flares off a hot star.

When Catsai entered the room, the meditating Padawan floating with crossed legs and hands calmly pressed palms together before her simply but noticably tilted her head to her left--the direction from which her Master entered the room. Even untethered and allowing her mind to float like her body ended up doing in the physical realm she was still hardwired to Catsai. It explained the tiny frown that resulted in the corners of her pale pink lips, still wet from the protective gloss she had applied before entering into meditation. It wasn't enough to her that while most Padawans were trying to follow small floating droids around the Temple, and she was following her Master with laser precision every moment of the day.

Not while Master Catsai felt like this. Moments after Catsai walked in did Vera-Li ground herself, her big green eyes opened, and she stood from the ground in a single fluid motion before approaching the small fireplace framed in the center of the half circle shaped room and the tea kettle. The tea was too hot to do more than take a tiny little test sip. The tea was half as hot as Master Catsai's Force presence.

It was a different kind of heat than usual. Then the news came from Catsai's lips.

"You're upset, Master," words that came like faint murmurs, yet words that would not have been more clearly heard had Vera-Li screamed them instead. Pale pink lips came together as they blew on the cup of Orzan rose tea. Once as she stared at the tea, once as her eyes lifted and stared into Catsai's eyes. It always made her smile, staring into Catsai's eyes. Even hot as her Master was, there was no helping that hint of a smile from playing at the corners of her mouth. The only way she stopped the smile was taking a full sip of the hot tea, before passing it on to Catsai. "Please, my Master, drink."

She sat directly next to Catsai, kneeling beside her before coming to sit on the legs folded beneath her. Catsai smelled of the halls of the Temple, of the places where Knights lingered and spoke quickly in otherwise Temple corridors and vaults. Vera-Li's eyes never left Catsai's now, green eyes smoldering in the dim lighting of the tower chamber, flickering light and shadow from the fire in the small fireplace looming over her face as she focused on Catsai.

Trying to read while keeping herself half-blind. Vera-Li thought she saw, even half-blinded, and the image it brought to her only brought sadness to her voice.

"They made you leave because of me, again."

Vera-Li's head jerked. Away from Catsai. Away from the sight of her. What erupted in the Padawan was emotion, and could only obscure her connection to the Force. Worst of all was the source of the silent and unseen emotional outburst: attachment to Catsai. Vera-Li was anything but impulsive and random. The words that followed were well thought out. She had even practiced saying them before, so she wouldn't mess them up. "I could petition a change in Master. The Council would be inclined to grant any request I gave them, especially in this matter. My holding you back from where you need to be is detrimental to your path in the Force. They would see the wisdom in that."

She nodded after she finished speaking, as if she was adding a level of certainty to her words. As if just saying the words hadn't made her feel nauseated. Emotion would be ignored. This was doing what was best for all, and especially for Catsai, who had never been anything less than an amazing Master to her. Despite the heat, despite the unspoken--and that had to be this. That had to be the feeling that Vera-Li was holding her back.

No more, the Padawan was certain. No more, she promised herself.
<Snipped quote by Sep>

Theres the nail and the head.

While you may have progress, and solid grounds / ideas. To most of the guild they might perceive as there is no viable progress, after the last one tanked too, the perception that it is worth the time investment is important.

Simple updates listing that development, ideas and concepts shows its not the same as its predecessor.

Now You shall probbly rage at me for this statement but it is true. Sometimes the perception, is just as important as the progress. From afar looking at that, it seems in 3 weeks you have little gains when you have many. Yet there is no sign to show it.

Hate all you like but the above is thr honest truth of the matter.

No it's not.

Let alone the statement that the last one tanked and trying to use that as some justification.

There isn't even a last one. This was put on hold while we waited on Mahz. Mahz returns, does what he needs to do, we resumed but so much time had passed I decided to reshuffle the crew.

There. Now you might have a clue what you're talking about.

Yes perception is reality. We just care more about doing it right.
Welcome to the Guild!
Jedi/Sith guides.
Hank is seriously sick IRL.

I'll look at it when I get home.

WB Mike!
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