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Current Dear Adsense: Stop advertising the cutest fucking dresses to me every time I come to the Guild. Thanks.
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Going back into RPGO after years was, I'll admit, pretty startling.
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The status bar is meant to encourage "engagement", to make the site look lively. This is what I was told when I pushed to delete it, and it made sense.
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Katakuri fucks.
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Canadian smut, huh? 'bout as hot as maple syrup.
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Unless you want to offer RP, I don't care, you're better off not sending it my way.

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Needs a game server.
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Uh, and I abstain from a time period vote.

Jean Grey
Location: House of M, Krakoa

Worried about my plans? Jean felt like she was smirking, but managed to keep the emotion locked away and away from her outward expression. That remained perilously blank as she watched the man who used to try to kill her on the regular when she was a teenager, and most girls were worried about parties and having a life and school. Life was a crazy thing, and Jean had to try to keep a lid on just how much she enjoyed it all.

It was fun. Even the bad parts. It was still life, sometimes so mundane and agonizing in pace, sometimes so filled with anxiety or fear, sometimes heartwarming and thrilling. Perspectives had a way of changing when you experienced what she had, alive and ‘dead.’ It never seemed to matter. What mattered was timing. She was painfully aware of the timing at play here, now, and his request.

Also, he was worried about her PLANS. It was cute, and she re-doubled her efforts at holding her expression. When he was done, she finally broke, letting a smile slip past to her pink lips, “Sometimes I have to remind myself it’s the body of a forty-year-old, but the mind of a ‘get-the-hell-off-my-lawn’ man that is far, far older.” The way he summoned her, welcomed her in, then just stood right up on that soapbox and gave her the classic earful.

“So last time I was here you threw me on that table over there,” she said, twisting at the waist to turn and literally point to the exact large dining table in the adjacent room of the palatial House of M, “and ripped my clothes off.” Turning back to him and settling her hands back in her lap her smile had grown larger but seemed the kind of sharp not even the Master of Magnetism could control.

“Council, huh?” She really did try not to let the laughter bubble up as she spoke, but it became impossible at the end. Jean Grey all but giggled at Magneto. She was having way too much, and it was finally time to lift the veil and show Erik she was gently messing with him. Mostly. “Yes, Erik, I will take the offered seat next to Storm. I worry about Charles, too,” the sigh was almost out of place on the woman’s face in that moment, but fears existed in times good and bad, not just bad.

All of this, as she juggled multiple lines of communication. The first, Emma had contacted her about Wanda, and Jean had begun to lend her strength to the telepathic dragnet over the island. At the mention of Magneto, Jean revealed she was with him now, about the Council seat. A very Emma congratulations followed, ominous as anything Jean had heard all day, as well as a request to inform the man. On the other end was Sage about unusual data points from various levels of surveillance on the island and its systems. She tagged Logan and Quire, who was likewise occupied with the telepathic dragnet.

“Anyway, Emma wants you to know we can’t find Wanda, and her kids are in the Green Lagoon, one with a mighty attitude. Go figure, with that bloodline. Sage is reporting some weirdness, so I guess we’ll see how much fine-tuning we need on security measures and how fast X-Force responds. Scott and I were talking Treehouse with Forge. Business before pleasure, apparently a common theme around here.”

Her way out was the way in, just a take off with a wave his way instead of a landing.

Emma Frost - NPC
Location: Green Lagoon, Krakoa

“Juvie? Lucky.” Her eyes bore into the face of the young man, an unfeeling and unflinching appearance to the young-looking blonde woman with black armor, spikes, and a giant sword. Her tone was apathy edged in the dangerous toxin of violence, and the kind of darkness that changes a person on levels they may never truly understand. When Magik stepped up, it was arms crossed next to Frost.

Emma gave a side-eye glance, but little else, as the War Captain spoke. Outside the slightest, slightest hint of an eyeroll, maybe. Emma’s blue eyes regarded Tommy the same way as her tone did: coldly, “If you require rehabilitation of character or spirit, Legion and Nightcrawler would be your best contact. If you think what I do is important only in the circles of idle gossip…you’re an idiot,” she said, shrugging, and moving on to Billy.

At him, she offered a polite smile, even if it were a bit tight at the corners of her frosted lips, “I believe your mother is on the island, although I admit I’m uncertain on details. We’re checking with our monitoring agents, as well as reaching out to your grandfather. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions. And of course,” her tone and demeanor remained, but the sound of it changed as she spoke the last bit in Krakoan, “welcome home, Billy.”
I am really, really interested in joining this. I love the Krakoa Era X-Men.

And if I may be so bold....could I try out for Cyclops?

Go for it.
Everyone is getting killed.

Thank God for mutant resurrection!
Just a quick post on what I kinda have on my mind in terms of plot.

Coming so soon posts are already being written:

Trial of Magneto for the murder of the Scarlet Witch.

Assassination of Charles Xavier.

Longer term:

X of Swords Tournament.

Alien Invasion/ZOMBIE MUTANTS!

The destination:

Avengers vs X-Men vs Eternals, Judgment Day for planet Earth.

Feel free to send me a message if you have something to add/edit/or just need more information so you can get involved.
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

That's true...

Damn, this is a tough one... might just have to take my chances.

I can't tell if bravery or foolishness...but either way, I'm impressed.
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