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Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Hannei had looked up and blushed, a little embarassed that a boy who was of course, cute, had come to her rescue. There seemed to be a lot of people around and Hannei had pretty much humiliated herself infront of all of them. Red faced as Aina was pulled off of her she got into a sitting position. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever." She mumbled, not bothering to thank anyone.

Lots of people seemed concerned for Aina safety, like they usually were if they didn't know about her condition, so she saw fit to allieve them of their concerns.

"She does this all the time. She's a narcoleptic, and it always happens at the worst possible time. Like now, when we've been kidnapped." She chasisted and complained. Either Hannei was very adaptable and brave, or she was just a bit of an airhead, because she didn't quite seem to grasp the severity of the strange situation she ahd found herself in.

"Waaake up. Wake up." She rocked Aina back and forth by the shoulder, leaning over her. She pulled her completely onto her back, not seeming to care too much about a recovery position. "Wake up wake up wake up wake up-" Suddenly, the unconscious girl snorted and her eyes flew open. She erupted into a sitting position and headbutted her sister along the way.

"Oww!" Hannei whined falling back onto her butt and rubbing her head. Aina briefly rubbed her head before looking over concerned at her sister and began speaking in japanese, extending a hand concerned hand outward. Hannei slapped it away and huffed and said something back, pointing to everyone else in the group.

"English, huh?" Aina asked, glancing around at everyone in the group. Eclectic crowd. Mostly kids her age or younger. After a moment she brought her hand down to rub her reddened cheek. "Did you...were you slapping me?"

"No! Yes! Maybe. You were ontop of me you idiot!" Hannei crossed her arms and curled up into a frustrated ball. Aina narrowed her eyes and thought on this. Last thing she remembered was...being in the alley. Hannei had bumped her head here they were.

"So..." "Yeah, this is a-" "Forest? Is it-" "Magical? Maybe." "Is that-?" "My drone. So-" "We probably weren't kidnapped. Hey-" "Yeah my English is pretty good. See, I-" "Knew it would come in handy, huh?"

Aina smiled and got another good look at the group around her. "Uh. Hi."

"This is Aina." Hannei indicated, shoving her sister on the leg.

"And that's Hannei." Aina jerked a thumb towards her sisters general direction.

"We're twin sisters," The two said at the same time, indicating each other and themselves with their pointer fingers. The two helped eachother to their feet and looked around.

Okay, Aina thought. Weird turn of events. This felt like this still might be some kind of weird panic induced dream, but until she woke up there was nothing to do but go along with it. At least Hannei was here.
Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Hannei was laying face down in the dirt. Her eyes opened and her brown haired head poked up from the grass.

"Pffth, pfta. Phphah." She vocalized, spitting out the vegetation that had crept inbetween her parted lips while she slip. Her ponytail swished from side to side as she glanced around. Her eyebrows furrowed and she sneered. How did she get into the forest? Had she been kidnapped?

Hannei began speaking in frustrated, annoyed japanese. She glanced down into her hand and found it clutched around her RC drone, which was good. At least she still had that. So, maybe she wasn't kidnapped. As she tried to push herself up, though, there was a heavy weight on her back. Grunting, she turned.

It was Aina, fast asleep and snoring, draped across her face down like a blanket. The physically inept twin wasn't strong enough to get the more athletically built Aina off her back. She must have passed out. Again. Swearing, Hannei began slapping her sister lightly on the face with what little leverage she could get.

Suddenly, she realised she had been hearing voices. American voices, it sounded like. Speaking english. If she strained her neck she could see some of them behind her. It looked like she was partially hidden behind some bushes. Clicking her tongue in frustration she began to push her sisters face in an attempt to get her to wake up. Shove, shove, shove. Then she scrabbled her hands and feet in the dirt.

"Eeugh!" She groaned in frustration and disgust at the grass around her, the wet, sticky grass that clung to her perfect clothes. She began to slam and kick the ground with her fists.

"Heeelp! Help me! Help, help, help! Get her off me! Now!" She demanded of the strangers, kicking the rocks in time with her commas. She slapped her sister again, hard enough to make a noise this time. "Wake up! Baka!"

It wasn't a good look to be physically assaulting a narcoleptic, but Hannei was a particular type of person who had a particular relationship with both her sister, and the ground she was trapped against. As in, loved her sister, hated the dirt, and also sometimes really annoyed with her sister. Call it revenge for all the noogies.
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