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Early 20's lame lady. I like girls with guns or girls on the ground. Hit me up for 1x1's! Degenerate, first to be purged by authoritarian governments.

I also don't always do NSFW stuff. If I'm sending YOU a PM, that's probably because I'm looking for something less smutty! So, hooray, I guess.

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Alright I'll try to get a post up by the weekend if that's okay.
I was waiting for someone else to post but I guess I should go? Seems like not many people are still participating.
Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Hannei's eyes were wide as she weakly tried to help Aina escape. Her teeth were grit. "Come on!" Aina raised a trembling hand to her face as she desperately struggled against the condition that had plagued her since she was a child, feeling humiliated and stupid. Her legs continued to give out as cataplexy stole the control over her muscles that most people took for granted. She felt like she was trying to control a marionette puppet.

"Gaaah...kusho..." She swore so quietly no one could hear her.

Hannei guided her stumbling sister into the cave with the others, her eyes wide with panic. "Stupid! Stupid idiot! Why'd you go in the pond? Stupid!" Hannei seemed intent on chastising the other twin to death. She could hardly focus on anyone else other than her sister, Aina's arm draped over her shoulder. Hannei's adrenaline seemed to help, and with her legs no longer being submerged in scummy swamp water she could move at a decent enough pace. Aina's survival instinct was on overload, though every couple of seconds she dropped to her knees and Hannei had to pick her up, but she continued to kick forward anyway.

Brenton had let go, which upset Hannei even though he had to do other important things like guiding them all into the cave. The unathletic twin was breathing heavily, her face flushing red and her gasps ragged. Aina slammed a hand into her own head as hard as she could, trying to use pain to force herself awake. Normally not a healthy coping action, but she was desperate and death's equine chompers was only a few tens of feet away.
Ideally I'll have a reply today or tomorrow.
Okay, thank you
I think I might have misread the world post. I assumed that when Brenton slashed the horse with it's knife, the horse backed off. Like a 'whinny' where they rear their legs into the air? I realise that the intention might have been for Aina to get bit first or something, or have to avoid the bite.

Should I edit my post?
Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Aina's eyes widened in horror as the boy she was just a few feet away from transformed into a disgusting monster. But she came in to save him? Why would he trick her like this? There was a shot of adrenaline and fear and...Aina turned around, her eyes wide, but her knees buckled and she fell onto all fours with a splash. Her head was swimming and she was losing feelings in her limbs. The sudden shock had sent her into a cataplectic attack and she was no longer in full control of her body. "Uuhhsshh..." With her face drooping, she moaned hauntingly, the terror apparent in her dull eyes as she clumsily clambered through the water back to shore.

Hannei, for her part, began to shriek wildly. "AAAIIEEEEE! AAAAAAHHHH! AIINAAAAA! KUSOOOOO! SOMEBODY SAVE HER!" Hannei, for as thin and ineffectual as she was, the spindly girl not even able to climb out from underneath her sister, rushed into the water. "HELP MEEEEEEEE!" She cried. She attempted to loop her sister's arm over her shoulder but she ended up falling into the muck, spitting and coughing as she did so. Her heart was racing a million miles a minute and she was on fire with fear. The twins were in an immediately bad way.
Got my post up last night. Was a little tired so I messed up the text colors, my mistake. Hopefully I fixed them
Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Aina looked at Brenton and smiled. "Hey, Brenton. You're an American?" She asked quietly, listening to his voice with a tilt of her head.

Hannei, however, scoffed. "Of course it's a magical forest. I've never been in a forest my whole life, I live in Japan. I was in Japan and now I wake up in magical forest. Not that hard. Everyone here is a westerner, too, just like in all the magical forests. We've been taken away to a magical forest. Obviously." She explained condescendingly yet earnestly. She twiddled with the three wheeled drone in her hands, shoving the controller in her pocket. In her mind, there was no other explanation. To be honest, if anyone was going to get taken away to magical forest, it would be her. Some people were arrogant and dumb and thought it would be a prank or a kidnapping but they just don't want to see what was right infront of them.

Perhaps the two sisters had an "advantage" in coming to this realisation as the land they found themselves in was so utterly foreign to them. Green and blue, massive trees, forest as far as the eye could see. It was like they were on another world. If one woke up on Mars, would one not assume they were on Mars? This place was a textbook magical forest.

Aina frowned but then glanced up at the cat. "Why are you throwing rocks at cats?" She asked, offended on the feline's behalf.

Hannei and Aina stuck together, trailing behind the group.

"We need to find the magical portal out of here." She said nonchalantly, kicking at a nearby root.

"You seem to be making-" "No assumptions. Facts. That's the only way out. It's how we got here." "I saw you faint, and then I passed out-""Ontop of me! I fainted. That's your-" "My thing? Maybe this is all-" "-a dream? You wish. I-" "You can't tell when-" "-can tell when I'm dreaming. I'm a lucid dreamer." "Are not." "Are too." "Are not!" "Are too!" "Threepio." The girls giggled.

Aina and Hannei froze up when they heard a scream. A boy was pleading for help and being attacked by- "Goblins! Goblins! It's a magical forest I knew it! The goblins are going to eat that little boy! Then they're going to eat us!" Hannei pointed and frantically bounced up and down, with an almost excited tone of voice.

"Get away from him you freaks!" Aina shouted, following Freya into the action. She waded into into lake and reached out for the boy, a little grossed out by the mud. Her heart was racing. "We'll save you, take my hand! Quick, quick! Hurry hurry hurryhurryhurry!" Her voice was raised and her purple-tipped fingers reached out for the child asking for help.
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